Smiling it Forward with Tylenol!


Tylenol is inviting moms across the country to take pictures of their children smiling and share them for a good cause!
Tylenol’s Smiling it Forward campaign is donating to Children’s Health Fund, an organization well-known for its mobile medical clinics that provide healthcare services to under served children throughout the U.S.  Now, until mid-January, moms across the country can join in by sharing their own smiles at, prompting TYLENOL® to make a $1 donation to Children’s Health Fund, up to $100,000, helping to ensure a doctor’s visit is always within reach for children in need.


ShutterBooth New Jersey had the pleasure of participating with Tylenol and the Smiling it Forward campaign!

We spent the afternoon with Tylenol at the beautiful Hudson Terrace in NYC.  We were joined by mom bloggers who are helping in spreading the word via social media of this great campaign. The women enjoyed our OPEN by ShutterBooth immensely! Showing off their silly side, they dressed up and shared lots of smiles with all of us and used our Shutter and Share to spread the fun to their Facebook pages!


You can view all of the photos at ShutterYou!

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Open by ShutterBooth and Customize!

With the “step and repeat” style photo booth, you can add excitement to your next event. We offer a gold and silver back drop that fits into any decor with lots of style and pizazz! Your guest step up and take a series of 4 different pictures, everyone can watch and enjoy in all the fun encouraging all the  posing! Open by Shutterbooth can turn an ordinary party into a Red Carpet Affair!




If that is not enough excitement for you and you want to add a touch of your very own personalization to the Open, you can customize a back drop anyway you like.


photo-23photo 2


photo 1


With ShutterBooth the possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing your next special event!



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OMG!Cancer Summit for Young Adults

OMG!2013 east/nyc Cancer Summit for Young Adults  on Saturday, September 28th 2013


We are proud to be a part of the northeast’s premiere regional conference and social networking event for the young adult cancer movement. An all day event with a special afterparty! That’s where we come in, sharing our photo booth capturing all the fun!

Stupid Cancer is a non-profit organization that empowers young adults affected by cancer through innovative and award-winning programs and services. They are the nation’s premier patient advocate for this underserved population and serve as a bullhorn for the young adult cancer movement. Their charter is to ensure that no one goes unaware of the age-appropriate support resources they are entitled to so they can get busy living.

We are also very proud to be a part of Wish Upon a Wedding!      WUW-logo-hi-res

Wish Upon a Wedding is the world’s first nonprofit that provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness and other serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation.

They celebrate the courage, determination and spirit of these couples by granting their dream wedding wishes. Our hope is that chosen recipients can inspire other couples facing similar situations to find hope and strength.

Together with them we are able to join in this special event for Stupid Cancer!




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Celebrate Life!

We recently brought  ShutterBooth New Jersey to a birthday party for a beautiful 70 year old woman who threw herself a birthday bash with her 3 daughters. Now, this woman was pretty extraordinary because she had 150 girlfriends invited to this party, and they all showed up! They traveled from all over to celebrate Maureen’s birthday with her  It was like one big girls night out!




They had dinner, drinks, dancing and hats! Yes, they had lots of hats, all of them prepared before hand by a “committee” to be passed out to the guests as they arrived. These hats were so incredible. They were made out of bags and decorated with feathers and flowers. Each hat was different from the other in a multitude of bright beautiful colors.  Just like the women wearing them. These women were so bright and beautiful, living life to the fullest.  Even though we only had met Maureen briefly, we were so impressed by her for bringing all of this inspiration to one place!


46453_170096009846095_1003656398_n 1000956_170095796512783_79635368_n

The Greate Bay Country Club in Somers Point, New Jersey  hosted this event and it was such a perfect place to do this at. Along with having our photo booth there, they had LaVinci Productions filming  the whole party!  The dance floor was occupied all night with music from all the decades. The evening was ended with Maureen surrounded by her friends on the dance floor dancing to the great song by Dionne Warrick “That’s what Friends are For”! We were moved with the feeling of great inspiration in the room all night long. We were there to service the party, but what we didn’t expect was to feel as inspired as we all did.

We have brought Shutterbooth New Jersey to plenty of parties and we love all of them, how could we not, people enjoying life is a wonderful thing to be a part of. Parties are filled with love and laughter. Weather it is new relationships or old relationships, we are there feeling the glow of it! We get to witness people loving, laughing and enjoying each other and it is really rewarding. We feel honored to be a part of so many memorable events. Life is a wonderful journey and stopping and taking time to celebrate it is really important. The years go by so fast, take the time to find ways to spend time with old and new friends, laughing and loving. You will be glad you did!



Check out the ShutterYou photos here!

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The Liberty House Restaurant a Room With a View!

Yes it is an amazing view of NYC and Lady Liberty herself. But the Liberty House Restaurant is so much more then its phenomenal views. Located in the heart of Liberty State Park in Jersey Ctiy. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating. The spectacular views are seen from any table. The food is amazing and the service impeccable. Every type of seafood is available along with a sushi made to order bar. The restaurant offers private affair rooms for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, baptisms, family dinners or entertaining important clients. But what they do above all of this is host the most beautiful weddings you can imagine.


Being that it is located in Liberty State Park makes Liberty House one of the most unique banquet facilities you can find. Water surrounds it on three sides so the views are picture perfect of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Whether it is a reception of 300 or 75, the Liberty House has what any couple would want to celebrate their most memorable day.

As far as your ceremony is concerned, the Liberty House offers an indoor and outdoor option. Both are unique with the views and tranquility of the beautiful Liberty State Park surrounded by the calming waters.


We at ShutterBooth New Jersey absolutely love being at the Liberty House to bring our added excitement to each of these exceptional events! We are always in awe of the breathtaking views and extraordinary service we see there.



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Make a Statement!

Who doesn’t love a themed event? When you want the WOW factor, it is easy to get from ShutterBooth! We can take our beautiful black ShutterBooth and turn it into an eye popping, get your attention ShutterBooth! Whether it is for your Sweet 16 or Corporate meeting, a branded ShutterBooth is a great choice!

Can you imagine how creative you can get with this idea?

We had the great pleasure of working with Kohl’s and the Candies brand to bring our always fun ShutterBooth to the store. We shared smiles with Candies customers! We had a blast and so did they! Carly Rae Jepsen, who is Candies spokesperson, entertained us all day with her great music playing from our monitors!  Kohl’s customers went home with a photo strip to remember the day by. Shopping is certainly fun on its own, but having a ShutterBooth there to pose in made it REALLY fun!



A kissing Booth? Not really, but isn’t this a cute idea for an employee party? We had a lot of fun coming up with this theme! Valentines Day is always a good time to share love and smiles. Our Shutterhosts have never looked cuter and had so much fun passing out photo strips to everyone. Go ahead and kiss in the booth, just don’t kiss our hosts!


Consider customizing your ShutterBooth with a ShutterSkin for your event and don’t be shy to get as creative as you like! The possibilities are endless!


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ShutterEssentials: Personalized Logos


Having a Shutterbooth at your special event ensures that your memories of that day will live on forever in a fun and tangible way. We all know that part, but lets say you stumble upon your photographic souvenir somewhere down the road. After you’ve been mocked for your retro hairstyle by your kids, you’ll look at your photo and say to yourself, “Where on earth was this taken?” A flood of memories will pour through your mind. Past weddings, birthdays, or even that one office party you attended when you had a little bit to much to drink and had way to much fun on the dance floor.

Okay, so maybe some memories are better left forgotten, but the point is, you can’t quite pinpoint that exact moment the camera snapped the photo you now clasp in your hands.

In comes Shutterbooth’s Personalized Logos option. Our in house Graphic Designer will assist you in creating the perfect Logo for your event. Your Logo will be a one-of-a-kind creation, specific to your needs. Choose your own font, design, and color scheme. Make it as simple or dramatic as your heart desires. The possibilities are endless. Through each step of the creation process you will have complete and creative control. When it is all finalized, your logo will be perfectly printed at the bottom of each and every photo-strip that is taken at your event.

Parties may end, and memories may fade, but photographs last forever. When your guests grab hold of the photo they took at your event, and gander down at the creative logo that you designed, they’ll instantly be taken back to the exact moment the Shutterbooth said “Cheese,” and back to all the fun they had that night.



Click here for more information on Personalized Logos, and other options offered by Shutterbooth.

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ShutterEssentials: Scrapbooks

What is Shutterbooth all about my fellow photoholics? Options, that’s what. We could be like any other photobooth company if we wanted. We could show up, set up, take your picture, and then send you on your way. However, that just isn’t the Shutterbooth way. What separates us as the premier photobooth company in the nation is that we give our guests a variety of options to ensure that your event can be the absolute best it can be.

So welcome friends to the next installment of “ShutterEssentials”.  Every week we will highlight a featured option that our guests can select from when choosing Shutterbooth to appear at their special event. So sit back, relax, and prepare to have your mind blown by some truly awesome stuff.

Now being that this is the first edition of a spectacular slew up upcoming articles, we believe we need to get out of the gate fast and start it off with a bang. So we’ve decided to start out with arguably our most popular option.

And that option is…drum roll please…Our Scrapbook Memory Books.


Scrapbook Memory Books are an incredible way to ensure that your special event will be remembered in a tangible way that you can hold and cherish forever.

So how does it work? Guests can choose from a plethora of beautiful page designs. From traditional black and white layouts, to more personalized color-booming pages that match the theme of your event. During the event, after your guests have taken their photo, our professional host will place your picture in your personalized scrapbook, where guests can then sign a personal message under their photo for you to see later on.

Pretty sweet right? We know, we know.

A big reason we believe this option is such a hit is for one mega-huge, gigantic reason. Many events have a professional photographer right? A photographer who will take breathtaking photos that truly capture the essence of your event. Except these photos need time to develop, and it may be weeks before you see a single frame from your party. With a Shutterbooth Scrapbook, however, you’ll get your album immediately after your event is done.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard a guest tell us that after they got married they spent all night in their hotel flipping through the pages and laughing themselves to sleep. Or how after a sweet 16, the birthday girl relived her night with her friends, admiring all the craziness that went down just hours before, over and over again.

The Scrapbook Memory Book allows your event to live on forever in a magnificently elegant way. Not to mention all the laughs you’ll have after when you read those outrageous messages your one crazy aunt or uncle decided to jot down after they’ve spent far to much time wetting the old whistle.


For more information on the Shutterbooth Scrapbook, as well as other awesome features, click here.

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