Barjoy Bash 2017

barjoy bash 2017


It’s that time of year! When the ghost ghouls and goblins roam the streets.  ShutterBooth was lucky enough to participate in the 17th annual (third time for us) Barjoy Bash.  The theme this year was “Circus Freak Show”, and the party goers did not disappoint!  From Siamese Twins, the bearded lady, to clowns, this party had it all!!  Here are a few of our favorites (and a cameo strip from my helpers in setting up).

2017. 2017. 2017.

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Fall Wedding Trends

Here at ShutterBooth, we love to see what new trends will come out each season, and Fall 2017 did not disappoint!  From jewel toned pallettes to long sleeved wedding gowns to building sky high centerpieces, we can’t wait to see what our brides have in store for us….as well as bringing the fun and magic of ShutterBooth to each and every reception!

download (3) download (4)

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Photo Scheme – Creative Photo Display


Each photo is a unique and memorable experience, so the presentation of them should consequently be just as exceptional.  Arranging your photos can be a chore, but we can help make it easy.  Shutterbooth Hampton Roads has some creative ways to display your photographs that will transform your home and office into a  creative photo display



Telling time has never had more appeal!  Transform your clock into a work of art. Lose yourself in time with some of your most precious memories as you tick-tock, around the clock!



Some say home is where the heart is. Bring your home to life with some of your most heartfelt memories and heartwarming photography. Give your home a pulse and show where your heart lies in the most tender way.


Sick of ugly hues and boring wallpaper? Transform your walls by making them your very own personal photo gallery! Immortalize the memory of a loved one, by adding them to your household decorum.


If wall size is too big, maybe take it down a couple notches with photo canvases. Photo canvassing is another great way to display your pictures because it gives your pictures a clean and professional look. Not to mention, it has a modern flair. Shutterbooth Hampton Roads allows you to take your favorite photos and presents you with an oversized canvas print that can wrap around a wooden frame. Check out our Shutter Essentials!


If you love these ideas, you’ll love these! Here are some More cool ideas for photo display!

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Southern Bride Says It All!

We found the following article by Southern Bride, and couldn’t agree more!

It is undeniable that today’s wedding is shaped by the ever-evolving world of technology. One of the coolest and still relatively new
trends that modern technology has brought us is the use of photo booths at weddings, which has taken off in the past few years. They are all the rage, and you have most likely experienced one at a wedding. But, you probably don’t realize how much the field has changed just recently, and how many new features are available with photo booth rental.

We spoke to Neal Zipser, who launched ShutterBooth’s Triangle/ Central/ Eastern NC division in 2008, about the future of photo booths in weddings.

“We brainstormed, we researched, we identified gaps in services and, of course, we spoke to brides,” Neal says, “We decided that being
a trend setter is better than being a trend follower.” Neal told us about a few ways ShutterBooth has predicted the needs of brides and incorporated technology to do stay fresh.

ShutterBooth identified a gap in spontaneous video, as well as personalized footage of guests other than the wedding party. They added ShutterVideo (still behind the curtain of the booth), where guests have the option to leave a taped message to the newlyweds.

Then, they looked at the affordability issue. Neal says, “While I believe a ShutterBooth is a ‘must have,’ the reality is that it typically is
something that brides want badly but sometimes can’t afford.” So, they created the revolutionary ShutterRegistry, which allows brides to register for a ShutterBooth, so their guests help pay for the service.

In our TMZ/celebrity world, they also found a desire for a “red carpet” experience.  So, ShutterBooth now offers the option of the booth without the curtain, so that spontaneous photos can be taken against branded backdrops. The creative possibilities here are endless.

And finally, while a photo booth provides instant gratification with on-the-spot photos, guests still want the availability to access their photos online as soon as possible. With the new Shutter and Share, guests sign up on a laptop at the wedding to have an email notification sent to them when the photos go live.

There is no question that the photo booth experience is one that guests are sure to enjoy and make a wedding event memorable. The photo strips are a wonderful keepsake for the guests and newlyweds alike. And now there are extra user-friendly options from organized help to acquire the booth in the first place, to fun new features and options once you book it. I’m sure the world of photo booths will only continue
to grow to fit brides’ needs, and we will be sure to report it!

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Congrats Harley & Troy!


ShutterBooth was happy and excited to celebrate Harley and Troys wedding at scenic Chippokes State Park.  Mother Nature held off and a beautiful ceremony in the gardens went off without a hitch.  The Harry Potter themed reception was punctuated by the groom and three of his groomsmen dancing to “In The Navy” by The Village People (they were all in their dress whites).  Thank you for your service, gentlemen!

Here are a few of our favorite decoration and ShutterBooth pics!

18222104_10155139649567696_4300099234702311185_n 18268379_10155139649522696_3037426133569354717_n 18268441_10155139649527696_4666574182675663114_n 18274958_10155139649487696_7899514153819989201_n

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14 Wedding Trends to Avoid, according to VOGUE

We couldn’t agree more!!!  Keep your wedding timeless and stylish….and of course, have a SHUTTERBOOTH!!image1wedding-trends-2016-2-010516mc-720x479 images (1)

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Chippokes Wedding Festival

Sunday was the PERFECT day for an outdoor wedding festival!  The Main Event by Emily put on their 2nd annual Wedding Festival at Chippokes state park.

Mother Nature provided the perfect sunny, warm, spring day for brides-to-be to wander the park and see all of the beautiful designs by Emily and her team.  ShutterBooth was able to hang out with our friends from Hampton Roads Winery and Bubba-N-Franks (best BBQ around!! ).

Here are a few of our fav pics!

image1 IMG_0936 2017.

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Casino Night!!!


ShutterBooth was happy to add to the entertainment put on by the City of Suffolk on Monday night.  The City hosted a Casino Night as part of a conference of city employees from all of Hampton Roads.  Among the entertainments were Black Jack, Craps, and KARAOKE by Garyoke!!!!

Here are a few of our Fav pics from the night!!!

2017. 2017. 2017.

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Sweetheart Dance 2017 <3


ShutterBooth was honored to be able to participate in the annual Sweetheart Ball, hosted by the City of Suffolk at the Whaleyville Community Center.  ShutterBooth brought out the ever popular fushia sequin backdrop and helped all of the guests capture their glamorous side!

Here are a few of our favorite pics!!

2017. 2017. 2017. 2017. 2017.

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Congrats Hillary and Jake!

This past weekend, ShutterBooth took a little trip to Petersburg, VA to the Country Club of Petersburg to participate in the union of Hillary and Jake Conner.

The winter themed wedding was complete with a green and blue candy bar (of which the rock candy didn’t stand a chance!), custom made cake topper, and beautiful memorial to those relatives watching from heaven.

ShutterBooth was busy the entire night taking fantastic pictures of all of the guests, even the brides 93 year old grandma got into the action!  Here are a few of our favorites:

2017. 2017. 2017. 2017.

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