Moving on to new and great things!

The Portsmouth Naval Hospital Dining Out event was held at the Sheraton Waterside on April 13th.  The graduating class got together that evening to celebrate together and bid farewell to those students that were moving on to new places or new divisions, etc.  The group had been through a lot together, as was evident by the closeness and the stories at the event.

The Sheraton did a marvelous job decorating and setting up the event.  There was a special table for some of the specific class members/ranks.  There was also a special table for the MIA/POW.  This table was set up to recognize those that could not be there due to being missing in action or a prisoner of war.  The centerpieces were red, white, and blue (patriotic theme).  The most interesting tradition at this event was the “Grog”.  A beverage made of many different, and some odd, ingredients.  It was a great event congratulating and honoring the hard work of these Portsmouth Naval Hospital medical students!

The photobooth was very popular before the main course and dinner began.  Many of the guests tried to get their spouses to get in so that they could show off their amazing gowns and suits.  The students/graduates were in their uniforms and the rest of the guests were in formal attire.  The props were enjoyed and used repeatedly.

Congratulations to the graduates and good luck in your future endeavors!