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ShutterBooth has created a simple and easy online Gift Registry system you can share with your friends and family if you want to register for the original ShutterBooth, VideoBooth, or any of the great products and services we offer to make your special event tremendous!

Your Guests: When you guest gives you a ShutterBooth gift, they will receive an email with a fun gift certificate they can put in a card to give you the day of your event so they don’t feel like they are bringing a gift! Online, your guests can watch you hit your goal as the photo strip builds to completion. (Don’t worry; we never put gift amounts online.)

Your Fun: You can customize your page and add whichever ShutterBooth products and services you’d like to your gift registry. You can watch the gifts come in via email. You’ll know who gave how much and when. Better yet, you can even customize your own page with a photo and special message to your donors! Just think, every dollar donated to your event means one more dollar toward other fun things!

Nonprofits, schools, churches and clubs also love the ShutterBooth Gift Registry – why not register and share the cost?