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Meet the Dallas/Ft. Worth ShutterBooth Team



Meet Jinine…

1. Hobbies/Interests: Playing softball/meeting new people.

2. Favorite Food: Any Mediterranean dish.

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

4. Funniest Moment at an Event: Having feathers literally coming out of my ears from the shedding boas.

5. Why I ShutterBooth: Because not all photo booths are created equal and it’s my mission in life to educate the world!



Meet Jeremy…

1. Hobbies/Interests:  skateboarding, playing music, long walks on the beach.

.2. Favorite Food: Phó.

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: Being kissed by the mother of a bride in front of everyone at the wedding.

4. Funniest Moment at an Event: Referring to the photo booth as a “selfie box” to a kid who had never heard of a photo booth.

5. Why I ShutterBooth: The look on peoples faces when they hear whats going on in the booth.



Meet Sara…

1. Hobbies/Interests:  Photography and scuba diving.

2. Favorite Food: Ribs!

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: Went to the restroom to freshen up just before the start of an event. As I was walking up to where the sinks were, I was watching myself in the mirror and checking my reflection while I was waiting on a couple of guests to finish washing their hands. I didn’t notice the hand dryer that was right in front of me and just happened to be about the same height as my head. The side of the dryer and my cheek got really friendly really quickly. Luckily the other two ladies were too caught up in their conversation to notice.

4. Funniest Moment at an Event: A group of girls were in the booth and a guy friend kept photo bombing them through their entire session; all in good fun. The guy and his group of friends were next in line so two of the girls waited for his session to start and they photo bombed their entire session as well, but they had perfect timing every time. As soon as one girl stuck her head in front of the camera, it snapped. It was almost like the camera was waiting for her.

5. Why I ShutterBooth:  I love making people smile and laugh. I love being a part of happy events and celebrations! At the end of the day when people tell me how much fun they had, it makes me feel good.



Meet Becky…

1. Hobbies/Interests: Making memories and living every day as it is my last!  I enjoy spending time with family and friends; I love comedy shows, and the Miami Heat! I love to bake and to make really yummy food!

2. Favorite Food: Country cooking: mashed potatoes, fried chicken, green beans, biscuits, and with a chocolate cake for dessert! YUM!

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: I was in an interview and I said the word twerk when I meant to say tweak. The whole panel of people who were interviewing me just started laughing and I thought for sure I didn’t get the job but I DID!!!!

4. Funniest experience at an event: At a wedding in Forth Worth when the groomsmen’s party was trying to take a picture in the photo booth and they could hardly fit in the booth but all you could hear were the guys laughing and being goofy in the booth, all I could do was laugh and be happy they were enjoying themselves!

5. Why I ShutterBooth: I get to be “me” and bring out my goofy/silly side, have a lot of fun entertaining people and making the event fun! I LOVE ShutterBooth and all the people I get to meet, as well as all memories I get to make with people!



Meet Jacque…

1. Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with my kids

2. Favorite Food: Steak and baked potato

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: Do you really think I would just tell you that?? Not a chance. haha

4. Funniest experience at an event: Let me get back to you on that…..

5. Why I ShutterBooth: Because it is so much fun and getting to be a part of making someones event really special will always be something to remember.











Meet Rebecca…

1. Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy reading, dance, sewing, running and weightlifting.

2. Favorite Food: PIZZA.

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: I can’t really think of any! I might have a selective memory when it comes to embarrassment.

4. Funniest experience at an event: I’ve been to so many events after two years that it’s hard to remember! One moment that stands out is when everybody was in the reception hall waiting for the bridal party to be introduced, and I was outside waiting with them. The bridesmaids and groomsmen asked to borrow my props to snazz up their entrance, and they really enjoyed rocking them as they danced their way into the room.  I made them all pinkie promise to bring the props back as soon as possible, and luckily they made good on that promise!

5. Why I ShutterBooth: I love interacting with people, and it’s a lot of fun to be a part of people’s special event or wedding day. I like that Shutterbooth provides an extra aspect of fun to every event, and it really loosens people up.


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Meet Courtney…

1. Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy sports (watching and playing), going to concerts, movies, and apple products.

2. Favorite Food: I love Mexican food (yay for Taco Tuesday!)

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: I walked into a tree when I went to SFA and scratched my cornea. I had to spend a whole spring break with an eyepatch.

4. Funniest experience at an event: The Groom’s dad photo bombed the Bride and Groom by lifting the back curtain and hopping in their picture.

5. Why I ShutterBooth: II get to take part in celebrations and because I get to be the most fun part at an event..













Meet Norberto:

1. Hobbies/Interests: I like spending time with my kids learning and doing new things. We explore the city, hiking trails, libraries and the occasional DIY project which brings lots of laughs.

2. Favorite Food: Seriously?!?! With all the food in this world I must pick only one? Well since I must chose, I vote for seafood. Shrimp and  Oysters if I must be specific… with a steak and potatoes J

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: Do you mean this week or ever in life. Embarrassing things happen to me all the time. Last week my daughter thought it was funny to tell a group of my friends that during a nap I took I scared her because I made noises from my butt.

4. Funniest experience at an event: Well I was at a wedding and the mother of the bride didn’t want to get in the booth. So after chatting with her and explaining how much fun it is she decided to give it a try. 10 sessions later she has the whole wedding party lined up and calling grown men “Sissies” for not taking pictures.

5. Why I ShutterBooth: Because YES!!! Are you kidding me. ShutterBooth is a great time. I get to help people make memories, raise the fun level and get people out of their box. There is nothing better than to have people coming to take pics all night long with different groups or different poses and colors. My favorite thing is when 4 or 5 people come up and ask if this is too many people and then once I tell them that my record of people in the booth is much higher than that they try to break the record. And they laugh and have a blast doing it!











Meet Jen:

1. Hobbies/Interests:  Working out, I love my dogs(most dogs really), Shooting guns, and I love doing anything outdoors & being active.

2. Favorite Food:  French fries and grilled shrimp ( not together)

3. Most Embarrassing Moment:  I’ll have to save myself being embarrassed again….haha, I’ll get back to you!

4. Funniest experience at an event:  A husband was trying to drag his wife into the booth saying, “what happens in the both stays in the booth”. She didn’t want to go, because she had a baby in her hands, but gave in…. Right when she did the baby tugged the top of her shirt down….which was very fitting for the “what happens in the booth stays in the booth” comment.

5. Why I ShutterBooth: I love being able to enjoy events and watch people have a blast in the booth. People always get excited when they walk in and see the booth, I love knowing that I will be the highlight of their night and that they will make awesome memories with Shutterbooth!












Meet Tim:

1. Hobbies/Interests: I love everything musical! Concerts, festivals, singing in the shower….there’s not much I don’t enjoy. I am also a veracious reader and like to be outdoors.

2. Favorite Food: It only comes once a year, but a good Thanksgiving meal cant be beaten! Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and the rest make me hungry just thinking about it!

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: in 1st grade I called my teacher Mom. Fortunately, the jokes subsided after a couple of days, but the cringe will never die 🙁

4. Funniest experience at an event: I really can’t decide….every event is a fun and hilarious adventure!

5. Why I ShutterBooth: Can you think of a job that is more fun than this??? I sure can’t. Not only do I get to meet new and exciting people, I get to help them make great memories that last a lifetime. I’ve never seen anyone leave the booth without a smile on their face!




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