What Makes a Great Photobooth?

People often ask us what makes for a great photobooth experience, and we thought we would write a few words here about that. A great PhotoBooth is that special ”something” that adds to the environment and atmosphere that you have created for your guests and it helps you to create a memorable and fun event! Shutterbooth is great at this for more than a couple of reasons!

Our photobooth has been specifically designed to blend in with any event decor- from elegant weddings to birthdays to reunions and more- we are able to join in and add a touch of class! In addition, we can customize every part of our booth to match your theme- we can add logos and “wrap” the booth with ShutterSkinz to really bring another dimension to your next party.

We also enable your guests to customize their own party favors- they will take these away and remember your event for years to come! In fact, our photos are archival quality, so they will last many years and be wonderful keepsakes decades into the future. Each time a guest walks away with a photo strip from ShutterBooth, they have a different gift to take home!


Our ShutterBooths also are designed to accomodate guests of all types and sizes! We don’t have a seat in the back, but this is by design! Having room in the photobooth allows us to fit entire families and large groups in. Our booths are also accessible by wheelchairs and walkers with no problem- this is great for Great-Grandma and Grandpa! 

Our many options allow you to be creative and customize the experience- we love designing logos, photo guest books, adding props and adding fun! We take pride in making beautiful keepsakes and great memories for our clients and their special guests.

Our elegant photo guest books are priceless and we know that 20, 30, and 40 years down the road people will enjoy and treasure these! We organize these books well in advance so that at the end of the event you can walk away with a completed book… and can enjoy it immediately!

Our technology and pursuit of perfection also make ShutterBooth an execeptional photobooth experience. Our equipment is top of the line and our options are always growing! Did you know that ShutterBooths can print in different colors and different formats with multiple prints at the same time?! It’s because we care about offering options to our clients, and being everything they could want in a photobooth!

Our photos are high resolution digital images, which allow us to do a lot of fun things with your pictures- give us a call to find out what our latest options are. We now offer enlargements to canvas, right from ShutterYou.com! We also have a unique touchscreen interface which makes the ShutterBooth Experience fun and easy for everyone.

Our hosts also make ShutterBooth an amazing photobooth choice- our hosts are professionally trained and love to entertain your guests! When you think about it, no one will interact with your guests one-on-one more than your photobooth host will- and we recognize the importance of this, which is why we are so selective in our hiring of the best! This is why they are “hosts” and not just “attendants”.

Well, we could go on… but we’ll let you make the call- we’re serious about photobooths, and we love what we do. We do not compromise by trying to deliver every service at a wedding. We exclusively specialize in photobooths, because we care. We know we only have one chance to get these photos and create fun for your big day!