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Why ShutterBooth?

ShutterBooth of Central California is the premier Photobooth company of the Central Coast, serving the counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Fresno and Bakersfield for over 7 years. As the local branch of a national company, our business focuses on exceptional events and quality experiences. We take pride in our work and really enjoy what we do. In addition to numerous awards, ShutterBooth has been chosen by “The Knot” as their national photobooth partner of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014!

As the largest photobooth franchise in the country we have high standards. Your event is only going to happen once and although we might be a small part of your day we are going to make that part perfect. We will work with you to take your ShutterBooth experience to the next level. We understand the importance of every event. This is why we have built a company that only settles for perfection for your special day. You can not take any chances with an event that happens on ly one time!

Shutterbooth has a full time event staff, graphic department, office/showroom, & dedicated client managers. Sure photo booths are fun but we take this business serious to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

Check out a short video: Why ShutterBooth – full length

How much does it cost?

Our services are not “one size fits all”, so we would like to find out a little bit about your event so that we can get you the best price possible on the options that you would like to have. However, certain dates and times are cheaper than others because of demand (this is true for most event services). For example, it is cheaper to book most services, including ours, on Monday-Thursday anytime of the day and early afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. The most expensive, of course, is Friday and Saturday night. Packages range from $895 to $1495 depending on the experience you want to provide and the time/day of your event. Contact us today to find out what kind of experience we can provide for you!

I found someone cheaper!

We are not the cheapest option, and that is why we have stayed in business for over 7 years. Shutterbooth is a photo booth business that is designed for elegant events and our only focus is on renting photobooths. If someone is offering you a cheap price it might mean they have sacrificed the quality of their ink, printers, their booth, and/or their staff. You simply cannot provide the same level of service in this business as we do, at the lowest price. Keep in mind that if you are booking an event months away… the cheapest guy on the block might not be around by then. We have bailed out many customers on the evening of their event because their vendor did not show up on the day of. If you are not sure about a Photobooth vendor then we recommend making an appointment to  see their office, see the actual booth (a cheap price could mean a poorly designed booth), and meet them in person before booking. For an event that is only going to happen once you want to hire a professional!


How many photos can we take?

Our photobooth service includes unlimited prints. This means you and your guests can go in the booth as often as you would like during your photo booth rental period. The strips only take around 30 seconds to print and the next group in line does not have to wait for them to finish, they will be taking their photos while the prior group is reaching down to grab their developed strips!

Are there limitations to the venue?

No, our booth is a modular photobooth and can be brought up stairs, can be set up outdoors, and only requires a basic power supply. So unless you want us to setup on the moon we should be able to accommodate.

What does the ShutterBooth look like?

Our ShutterBooths are elegantly designed to blend with any event decor. With soft velvet curtains, the booth is designed to be elegant, accomodating (large groups and wheelchairs can easily get in)

You can see an image of the Classic photobooth below with our optional red carpet and with ShutterSkinz:


Here is our OPEN PhotoBooth, great for large parties and rowdy folks:


What does the host do?

The photobooth host might be the only person who interacts with every one of your guests during your event. So we know it is important to select our booth hosts carefully. ShutterBooth doesn’t just send an attendant who is going to stand behind the booth and watch it run. We are going to send a “Host”,  someone who is part of the entertainment and will add value to your ShutterBooth experience. We take pride in our staff and know they are the face of our company.

What are the Photo Options?

A ShutterBooth allows you to choose either Color or Black & White or Sepia on the screen when you enter the booth. We don’t limit you to one or the other (although we can if you would like).

ShutterBooth offers the following layouts for your photostrips:

  • Strip w/ no logo
  • Strip w/logo
  • Grid Layout w/no logo
  • Grid Layout/w logo

What other options are there?

Depending on the experience you select, it will  include some of the favorite options like a VideoBooth, Guestbook, or a Themed Prop Box.

Come meet with us or call us to find out more about the unique options we offer that can help make your event exceptional!

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