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It's a Par-TEE with Kaytee!

We love our ShutterBooth family, that's no secret. But how could we keep this awesome group of people to ourselves? Especially when they love you guys just as much. In that spirit of good people, we've added another to our photo booth family. Meet, Kaytee! She's our wedding photographer, Piedmont-Park-loving personality coming to a booth near you. IMG_0044 "I decided to join the ShutterBooth team because it seemed like the perfect job for me," Kaytee remembered. "I thought it would be the most fun job ever ... and I was not wrong!" What makes her good at hosting? Kaytee is super friendly, so she is very interactive with the folks that are in the booth or waiting for the booth. "I help them feel a little bit more comfortable in front of the camera and encourage them to have fun," she said. 2015. 2015. Her favorite kind of crowd is always the people that have never seen or used a photo booth before. (Yes, they do exist!) "They are always so excited about it and so amazed at the whole process," Kaytee said. "These are the people that I have the most fun with!" But since Kaytee is no stranger to photo-boothing, we wonder who she wishes she could get her pose on with … "If I could have a photo strip with anyone hanging on my fridge, it would definitely be DJ Tanner," she said. "I think she is the coolest DJ around. Who wouldnt want a photo strip with DJ Tanner!?"

ShutterBooth Takes a VOW

Last month brought us back to AmericasMart in downtown Atlanta, this time as a part of the super chic, 3-day wedding event with VOW New World of Bridal. This intimate event gave brides-to-be an up-close-and-personal look at some of the hottest, most gorgeous bridal gowns that the market has to offer from one of the world's largest merchandisers. And we got to capture the afterglow. "It was an upbeat affair and everybody was in the best of spirits," said Dustin, our host for the event. "The crowd had a great time socializing, mingling and dancing to the music. Those who took photos would come through with their co-workers, new friends and future bridesmaids to snap a memory from the evening. They danced, played with the props and couldn’t stop smiling." What made this event extra cool for us in the booth was that we got to implement the ShutterPod. The ShutterPod is a small, sleek photobooth with a modern and contemporary look. It has a small footprint, so it matches the decor of any event! "It was the perfect fit for this event," Dustin said. "Its color scheme fit perfectly with the event, and the Mother of Pearl backdrop added a splash of wedding texture to the photos. The best part was that the guests had a souvenir for their trip home and you can be sure they’ll remember all of the beautiful dresses they saw that night." We would call that worth a trip down the runway.

It's a Race (Trac) to the PhotoBooth Finish Line

All of you loyal readers know we can't get enough weddings in our repertoire. We're suckers for a good (and fun!) love story. But we also have some of the best times to talk about after our corporate events! Such was the case with the awesome team from Racetrac. They invited us to be a part of their afternoon off, so we set up the booth and captured what happens when employees clock out. We met the group at Delta Community Bank, right across the street from their corporate office. Having the afternoon off, everyone was really nice and super laid back. Enter, the photo booth. "Having the booth at this event was definitely a good addition!" said our hostess Vera. "The employees had a health screening that day, so the photo booth was the perfect way to celebrate good reports all around." 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. We used two different backdrops for the employees to get their pose on in front of. And, the Racetrac-inspired props made for tons of creativity and laughs. "They were having so much fun letting loose and hanging out outside the office!" Vera added. "There were field-day inspired games, the photo booth of course, and they even had an ice cream truck!" 2015. 2015. 2015. We won't admit whether or not we indulged in a scoop - but we will say this was one of the most fun work events we've ever been a part of. Thank you Racetrac!

Have you seen the light? A New Photo Booth Feature!

Hold the phone - err - the photos … We've got exciting news to report on the photo booth front. Light painting is here! Ok, what the heck is light painting? Dustin, one of our tech-savvy hosts describes it as a form of long-exposure photography. "It allows light to be captured by the camera over the course of several seconds, which produces visible light trails, unique to every photo," Dustin explained. Still confused? Check these out! -M775_7x1OXy6H7OBENdqfrtC_BC4sDON6qSZrJGtZE r8Eoysq5FrDifhL66mzRlD7O0kmatxHVWQcuYgEhaAo XEyOQ6C3JeoeAn80_jI4-c1hQjUWkb8hFaHmUUIldJE "The light-painting service lets guests have a more interactive experience in the booth," Dustin said. "Each photo has a notably different look and feel from every other photo they take. We still love our standard backdrops, but light painting produces a new and exciting look every time." So, how does it work? Step-by-step, it's super easy! All you have to do is strike a pose and then hold that pose for a few seconds. Meanwhile, one of the Shutterbooth staff members will (very expertly, mind you) dance behind you with special flashlights to produce a unique design used in your finished photo. The coolest part of the light painting experience is seeing that final product. Even after taking dozens of photos, you never know what you’re going to get! In a world where photo booths are so popular, we think that's pretty awesome. LEHrd_N3ZdfyWcNCq3LsU9T5CsFTyLEjlD84h0EtLDI Hil1saBy5wAme1ktPQksWhaaUYG3Zxufyj5irOQYIho AN-2Xl_vhoAb9b2Z2L20Yt1DgxU7M20-775b3cqos7o _S8DRkCxWqEee9MuRckgWurDahooBbhwPUiTFy9IId4 "Everybody that has been a part of the experience so far has absolutely loved it!" Dustin said. "This is a service that most people have never seen, and the end result is mind-blowing!" In even better news, there are a ton of options available, whether you choose to incorporate fun props or to allow the your guests to post their photos on social media. ShutterBooth can take one photo per guest or we can take a ton. Plus, we can always work with companies to incorporate logos into the light design. Does that about sum it up? Book your lights experience now!

Seeing Outside the Spectrum | Spotlight on Spectrum Entertainment

When we met Matt and his team at Spectrum Entertainment, we were pumped to add such a well-rounded group of wedding vendors to our list of vendor friends. Then, we got to know them … And it got even better! These guys, including Lou Guzzo who runs their DJ and Sales divisions, are so much fu to work with. And together, on many a wedding, we've been able to complement each other so that the bride and groom seriously have the best night ever. From lighting to DJs, and other specialty equipment, they bring a whole lot to the table that not only makes us look good, but it makes the bride and groom feel great. In fact, our veteran boother Johnny said, "The guys at Spectrum are awesome to work with! They keep it professional and organized, and it works well because we have this unspoken, mutual respect for each other." "ShutterBooth has multiple systems and offers a variety of services, just like we do," said Spectrum Owner, Matt Osborne. "They are extremely friendly from front office to their event staff and always put customers first. Plus, they have always been available for us!" open booth booth peachtree club open It also helps that we really like each other. Our team of hosts reiterates how the DJs with Spectrum always have the best crowd reactions. In short, everyone is always on the dance floor, and everyone is always having a great time. 2015. 2015. 2015. Guzzo said, "Simply put, photo booths are a type of novelty entertainment with a personal keepsake. Who wouldn’t love getting inside one? It’s totally fun to be an adult kid with a simple excuse to show some personality." WIN_20141231_213510 "Our services go hand-in-hand with theirs," Johnny added. "The combination of our teams at any event is a serious homerun! Working with Lou, John, and/or Matt is super easy. All of their DJs are great at what they do and they always give us shoutouts throughout the night!" Now, only one thing left to do … round out a dynamite team for your own event and book them now!  

Marissa + Stephen Celebrate at Summerour

The crispness of fall in the air certainly makes us start thinking about cool nights on the patio, dimly lit by Edison bulbs and scored to the sounds of a crackling campfire. And the rustic ambiance at Summerour only adds to that warm and cozy feeling. Of course, they add some serious glam to it. Marissa and Stephen - one of the classiest couples around - celebrated their big day at Summerour last month. We love getting to the work with the Novare Events team over their, because the booth works so well in the space. And, since we work with them as much as we can, it's a familiar venue and the staff is always accommodating. These Emory grads booked the Memories Experience, which means they had the Open-Air ShutterBooth, Photo MemoryBook Service and (our world famous) Prop Box. "It was a very energetic crowd with an awesome live band," said Johnny, their host for the evening. "The guests weren't shy at all and the photo gallery proves it." Oh, and here's that proof! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

A Birthday Bash in the Booth

Some people call it, "Over the Hill." Based on this birthday bash, we call it, "over the top and supremely glamorous." And getting to celebrate the milestone with one of the industry's finest was pretty awesome, too. 2015. 2015. "I wanted a photo booth at my party, because I thought it would be a fun activity for guests to do while taking a break from the dance floor or socializing," said the guest of honor, Jan McBee. She owns La Fete Weddings and Events, so we knew she'd check off this birthday with a bang. "I wanted my guests to have a keepsake from the event that they could keep that was branded with the date and event name so they would always remember what they were doing." 2015. 2015. 2015. It was a tremendous success - Jan even said so herself. Everyone was in and out of the booth multiple times throughout the evening. Even a few of the more reserved guests couldn’t resist trying it out! Plus, we set up our popular open-air booth, so the atmosphere was super inviting and allowed for lots people to get in a photo at the same time. 2015. 2015. The ShutterBooth team is extremely professional and alway strive to make the photo booth experience a personalized and unique one for their clients," Jan added. "I refer this company to my own clients so I was excited to get to have a booth for my own party and new I could count on an awesome experience!!" We love Jan just as much … Here's to many more!  

Wedding Con | A Galaxy Close to Home

Once upon a time … in a galaxy far-far-away … Actually, scratch that. This galaxy was right here in town, at the fabulous Loew's Hotel. And the superheroes fighting for good? They were actually a bride and groom, saying "I do" in one of the most creative wedding day celebrations we've ever seen. "Most of the guests came dressed as a character from their favorite show or movie," said Rosie, our hostesses for the Star Trek/Star Wars themed wedding. "They had great props, including cardboard cutouts of Spock and several of the robots from Star Wars." With the use of a logo'd step-and-repeat instead of the traditional backdrop, this couple created a sense of being at their own Comic Con. A special thanks goes to Allison Mah Photography who captured some of these candid moments of the booth shown below. Check out our favorite shots from inside the booth we've added to the mix. 080815-loews-atlanta-hotel-wedding-jessica-tim_334 080815-loews-atlanta-hotel-wedding-jessica-tim_441 "Everyone got into documenting their costumes in the photo booth," Rosie explained. "My favorite part was seeing the groom with his brothers. They are huge Star Trek fans so it was fun to see their outfits and how excited they were to have pictures of it." 080815-loews-atlanta-hotel-wedding-jessica-tim_356 080815-loews-atlanta-hotel-wedding-jessica-tim_375 We can't speak for all of our readers, but after being a part of this big day, we can't definitely feel the force with us. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.  

Behind the Spotlight | Meet Amanda

It's that time again, photo booth fans! We've got another awesome gal on our team and we want to make sure you get to know her too! Meet Amanda! She joined our team in search of face-to-face contact with people she sees at work. What a better platform than standing at the helm of a camera!? "My college degree is in theatre arts and I don't really get to interact with guests. Now, I get to meet a ton of people!" IMG_1939 What makes her good at hosting, you ask? She's a Walt Disney World alum! "Working there has helped me a lot. When you work for Disney you are taught to keep a smile on your face and how to keep a situation calm and in control when everything is busy and rushed." What's your favorite kind of situation? "I love really awesome weddings! Some weddings crowds are just extra special and have great personalities! Don't get me wrong, I love working all weddings, but sometimes I get a great group that willingly take millions of great pictures and the bride and groom get involved too." IMG_1938 Other than brides and grooms, if you could have a photo strip with anyone on your fridge, who would it be with? Well, I have two! First it would be with Chris Pratt, because he is just too funny of a person!  Secondly, cheesy as it sounds, it would be my parents because they actually experienced their first wedding photo booth experience and their photos where hilarious! I want hilarious photo booth photos with my parents! Lucky Amanda, because this engaged lady will get her chance at her upcoming nuptials in October! Other than meeting, greeting and planning a wedding, this gal loves going out to different restaurants around town and trying new foods. She and her fiancé can be seen chowing down at the Vortex or Oriental Express. You could also spot Amanda working at Gwinnett Center as an theatrical electrician. Fancy!  

Baby Shower fun with Shutterbooth

ShutterBooth is used at all different types of events. Recently ShutterBooth helped bring fun and entertainment to Karen's Baby shower. The guests had a great time in the photo both taking pictures. 2015_opt(1)         They used baby shower props such as bibs and bottles. 2015_opt(2)         A custom Baby Vidal prop was made specifically for this event. 2015_opt(4)           There were even custom elephant props made to match the theme of the event. 2015_opt(3)         2015_opt(5)             Not only were the baby shower props made for the event but a custom logo was created for Karen's event as well and it matched perfectly with the props and the other decorations of the baby shower. BabyVidal-V1                 ShutterBooth is a way to add fun and entertainment to any event be it a wedding, birthday, corporate event or even a baby shower. Book ShutterBooth for a unique experience for your next event.