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How to pick a Photo Booth

photobooth kid People often ask us what makes for a great photobooth experience, and we thought we would write a few words here about that. A great PhotoBooth is that special ”something” that adds to the environment and atmosphere that you have created for your guests and it helps you to create a memorable and fun event! Shutterbooth is great at this for more than a couple of reasons! Our photobooth has been specifically designed to blend in with any event decor- from elegant weddings to birthdays to reunions and more- we are able to join in and add a touch of class! In addition, we can customize every part of our booth to match your theme- we can add logos and “wrap” the booth with ShutterSkinz to really bring another dimension to your next party. We also enable your guests to customize their own party favors- they will take these away and remember your event for years to come! In fact, our photos are archival quality, so they will last many years and be wonderful keepsakes decades into the future. Each time a guest walks away with a photo strip from ShutterBooth, they have a different gift to take home! Our ShutterBooths also are designed to accomodate guests of all types and sizes! We don’t have a seat in the back, but this is by design! Having room in the photobooth allows us to fit entire families and large groups in. Our booths are also accessible by wheelchairs and walkers with no problem- this is great for Great-Grandma and Grandpa! :) Fun in the PhotoboothOur many options allow you to be creative and customize the experience- we love designing logos, photo guest books, adding props and adding fun! We take pride in making beautiful keepsakes and great memories for our clients and their special guests. Our elegant photo guest books are priceless and we know that 20, 30, and 40 years down the road people will enjoy and treasure these! We organize these books well in advance so that at the end of the event you can walk away with a completed book… and can enjoy it immediately! Our technology and pursuit of perfection also make ShutterBooth an execeptional photobooth experience. Our equipment is top of the line and our options are always growing! Did you know that ShutterBooths can print in different colors and different formats with multiple prints at the same time?! It’s because we care about offering options to our clients, and being everything they could want in a photobooth! Our photos are high resolution digital images, which allow us to do a lot of fun things with your pictures- give us a call to find out what our latest options are. We now offer enlargements to canvas, right from! We also have a unique touchscreen interface which makes the ShutterBooth Experience fun and easy for everyone. Our hosts also make ShutterBooth an amazing photobooth choice- our hosts are professionally trained and love to entertain your guests! When you think about it, no one will interact with your guests one-on-one more than your photobooth host will- and we recognize the importance of this, which is why we are so selective in our hiring of the best! This is why they are “hosts” and not just “attendants”. Kiss in the photoboothWell, we could go on… but we’ll let you make the call- we’re serious about photobooths, and we love what we do. We do not compromise by trying to deliver every service at a wedding. We exclusively specialize in photobooths, because we care. We know we only have one chance to get these photos and create fun for your big day! If you’re planning an event in California, let us know! We would love to help you create a great experience for your guests! :) Reach us at: 831-917-0004 or Proudly serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz and all areas in between!

Introducing ShutterPod!

The wait is over! We are proud to introduce the newest addition to our ShutterBooth line. Meet ShutterPod—the small booth with a BIG personality! Check it out!


To Reserve a ShutterPod for your event email us at or call 813.600.3636

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ShutterBooth Tampa wins Wedding Wires Couples Choice Award

WeddingWire ShutterBooth Photo Booth & Video Booths Reviews, Best Wedding Event Rentals in Tampa - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.

Flappers and Photos- Shutterbooth Style

New Years Eve excitement flexed its muscles at the fabulous Onion Creek Country Club in South Austin last night.  From Flappers to Gatsby Gents, the party soared into the New Year and there were echoes in the halls of a returned age of Glory in 2015. Ahh yes, the Roaring 20's; I remember them like it was 40 years ago;  Banbeaus, Tommy Guns, and a true appreciate of a good smoke.  In the end the 20's were less about getting completely ripped and throwing caution to the wind as it was about romantic idealism.  On New Years Eve at Onion Creek Country Club that timeless spirit could be seen in the sparkle of every lover's eye.  Inhibition, laughter, and euphoria stole the night. Shutterbooth was there to capture the evening in a candid and beautiful way.  Call us for your next event. Onion Creek Club Check out Onion Creek and Shutterbooth by clicking the links below.  Call us to discuss your next event! Onion Creek Country Club website Shutterbooth Austin Website   "There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice" - F. Scott Fitzgerald

ShutterBooth Signs Off to Another Photogenic Year!

As 2014 winds down, we find ourselves raising a New Year's Eve glass to some of our most memorable events. Whether corporate events, cocktail parties, birthday celebrations or weddings, we've been honored to be there for our clients. We've seen some funny poses, pretty faces, rockin' smiles and a heck of a lot of variety when it came to using props, and that's the recipe for entertainment that keeps up loving our gig. Thanks to everyone who got in the booth this year and made it one of the best! We certainly wish we could post photos from all of the great occasions we were a part of, but for the sake of your browsers, we've narrowed it down and hope you enjoy a scroll through our fun year from behind the booth!

ShutterBooth's Spotlight on Sarah

Well, first off, we cannot believe it's almost the end of the year. It's been so much fun to introduce our lovely hosts and hostesses to you. Their personalities deliver an added element of spunky enthusiasm to the events they work, and we couldn't be more proud. So, as we wish everyone a happy holiday, we send cheery vibes your way with a hello from our hostess Sarah. She's been with us since the hot season, and we can't wait to see what the new year brings. Here's a glimpse into her world! What interested you about hosting in the beginning? I worked as an event planner in Mississippi for 10 years. When my family moved to Atlanta in January, I decided to stay home with our three girls for a year. But six months into staying home I missed the excitement of the event world. When I found out I could stay home during the week and work on the weekends with ShutterBooth, plus have the chance to be in the event field, I was sold! Now 4 months in, I love getting to be a part of people's most special days and help them create memories, all while having the opportunity to spend my weekdays loving on my babies! Shutterbooth-027 What's your favorite kind of crowd to have in the booth? I love families that ShutterBooth together. It's so fun to see mom and dad and their grown kids or young babies and grand babies all switching props, laughing and being silly together. Shutterbooth-010 What's the funniest or best memory you have as a host? I was at Chateau Élan (my favorite venue to date) working a military wedding. The groom's grandfather (a retired marine) got in the booth with our big gold chain and red oversized hat and began goofing off. He had me in stitches! What do people find you doing when you're not hosting? When I am not hosting I am at home teaching, playing and loving on my babies or cooking and entertaining friends. Shutterbooth-055 Top favorite thing to do since moving to Atlanta? Less than a year in I really enjoy exploring Atlanta. I will purposely get lost just to explore the area. Oh, and eating. I love to have all these amazing restaurants to test out and try!

Shutterbooth at Livestrong Event

This past week Shutterbooth Central Texas was proud to partner with the Livestrong foundation.  The Livestrong Foundation seeks solutions for the Cancer Community.  Check out there website for more details- The event was a blast and as always the pictures were memorable and filled with lots of smiles.  We look forward to being a part of many events in the future where the underlying cause is one of virtue and public service. Keep it real Austin Texas. -Shutterbooth Central Texas TeamLiveStrong_logo_BLK_noSwoosh

The City's Most Beautiful Pose Together

Peace signs, puckered lips and powerful men and women gathered at The Southern Gentleman last month for the annual Most Beautiful Meet + Greet with JEZEBEL Magazine. Not only do we love getting to join up with any of the Modern Luxury events, but we loved their option to upload black and white photos to the booth, making the logo pop and the people look even more flawless than they already are. Plus, nothing is more timeless than simple black and white photography. It makes a subtle statement, which is really what being beautiful is all about … in our book. Here's a glimpse at some of our favorites - but jump over to our Facebook page to see the entire album of pretty faces. 1004552_10152504732626964_5300623429038791481_n 10407327_10152504729216964_2141495841804449346_n 10383967_10152504728226964_6679893907164703533_n 10373991_10152504727351964_2744388099523409989_n 10628475_10152504725941964_7971449018559984564_n 10347418_10152504725511964_2076256057796038670_n 10690131_10152504724991964_1054265660889231205_n 10394468_10152504726176964_7190956924997352744_n

A Night on the Terrace | A Standout City Ballroom

In a moment where rustic and shabby chic are paired with the word elegant to describe a lot of brides and their wedding day style, there's something immeasurable about the spaces here in Atlanta that still embody enough of a presence to radiate with just one word. Call it classic, call it traditional, but either way, it's an unmatched elegance found in ballrooms like The Georgian Terrace that make a big day, something bold, beautiful and absolutely timeless.

Grand - britton emailable

That's what makes the historic downtown hotel one of our favorites, and one worth mentioning to all of the engaged ladies out there yet to nail down a dance floor.


Megan, who hosts at The Georgian Terrace often, said, "The space there is unique because it's downtown location is incredible and there are so many ways to use it. There's an adorable outside patio, a chapel room and a gorgeous ballroom for traditional receptions. In a planner's, or a bride's, eye, that makes for a easy transition when you're directing guests from one part of the event to the other." Across from the glittering Fox Theatre lights, in the middle of energetic bustle of Ponce de Leon and Peachtree Street and cherished by anyone who's stayed the night, jumped in the pool or had a drink at the bar, The Georgian Terrace remains one of our favorite ballrooms in the city.



Likewise, "ShutterBooth has a great presence in the Atlanta networking scene," says The Georgian Terrace's Catering Sales Manager, Hannah Barber. "Every bride that has used ShutterBooth has nothing but great things to say, including that they are a reliable, fun and great product." She continued, "We refer ShutterBooth because we trust the product. Our referrals are a reflection of the hotel and we want to give our clients the best experience possible during their event. In order to wow the clients, we need to partner with equally professional companies. We appreciate all you do to make and keep our clients happy!"



In fact, Hannah and her fellow TGT team have been known to strike a pose in the booth. "I always look forward to seeing you guys set up at networking events. I took a picture in front of the drop screen one time. I remember I had a big, paper flower and I didn’t know what to do with it – so logically I put it on my head as a hat." …Here's to many more memories!

Get Connected…And Share it with ShutterGram

There are plenty of ways to let the world (read: your loyal followers) know what you're up to. From what you ate for breakfast to your minute-by-minute mood and the sights and sounds of whatever concert you attended, you've got it all out there. Now, here's a way to share your best booth pics with your followers and friends. Appropriately dubbed ShutterGram, it's the latest way to interact with the ShutterBooth and show off your fun poses, status updates and more. Rebecca, one of our lovely hostesses explains it as, "Guests use their own phones to take pictures at the event where ShutterBooth is. Then, they upload their photos to either Twitter or Instagram using the event's custom hashtag. ShutterGram finds the photos as they're uploaded and prints them out into a custom template designed for the event." She added, "I think it's great for creating greater buzz on social media, because it encourages people to share their experience online and draw attention to the company." 1545682_10152412315931964_8628366635917498389_n 16760_10152412315156964_798860684774098799_n What makes it even better for event planners is that it's a great option for people who may not want to splurge on a ShutterBooth for their event, or who may not have the room for one, but still want to give their guests a fun souvenir to take home from the event. 10711052_10152404061401964_1903994599539622756_n 10628546_10152404061011964_7116315228818387242_n "I haven't seen it used at a wedding yet," Rebecca said. "But, it would be a lot of fun for the bride and groom to look through all of the hashtagged photos online after the wedding, and they might get to see moments from their wedding that they wouldn't have seen otherwise." Affordable, unique and super easy to implement, ShutterGram takes up very little space at an event, and has a pretty short set-up time, requiring little more than directional signs for your guests. In our opinion, that's picture worth a thousand words hashtags.