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"Step & Repeat" with an Open by ShutterBooth

Want to add some "hollywood" glam to your event? You can book an OPEN by ShutterBooth with a custom vinyl backdrop with star appeal for your next event. Step & repeats, as they are often called, are a must have for charity fundraisers and galas or high profile in-store events. Check out a few of the events we have been a part of and setup one of our open style ShutterBooth photobooths. Definitely not your traditional photo booth! The Chicago Sun-Times Halloween Ball 10153099_442730475872838_1324995989829154217_n                       12559577-52771e5097c26                 12559015-52771b50bc18a                 Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Booth at the BlogHer Conference 11407024-51f92e5ae33af                 10246599_442730405872845_5016434229165229480_n                       Smart Water Open Booth 1780980_442730552539497_6413367376421950795_o                 9848481-5151c9ff24a12               9848299-5151c32ea1d3e

Spotlight on a Crowd-Pleasing ShutterBooth Host | Why Everyone Loves Emily

She's the fan-favored host here at ShutterBooth Atlanta, and we want to know why. Well, scratch that - we know why… that's why we hired her - we want to tell you why. So, we sat down our girl Emily to quiz her on her run with us, why she does it, why she loves it and a bit about who she is, so you know why everyone loves her, too.
Why do you do it?
I love hosting with ShutterBooth. I love the excitement and diversity of every single event. I get to visit a multifarious of venues, meet all kinds of people and be a part of so many different celebrations. It gives me a dose of variety and feeds my spontaneous spirit.
What's the best part about it?
The absolute best part of ShutterBoothing is that everyone surrounding you is so happy. I can't lie, the copious amounts of laughter and smiles at every event is pretty awesome.
What's the best moment you've had since you started hosting?
There have been so, so, so many fantastic and memorable events that I've been honored to attend (so much so, you'd probably be jealous!), but I think the one that is dearest to my heart, and definitely a variant for ShutterBooth, was a "Celebration of Life" for a man who lost his battle to cancer. Truly unforgettable.
What can you tell amateur boothers?
Advice I hand out often is, the more posing, the better! Whether it's more props, more people, more creativity or just more smiles, let your hair down and let the fun shine through.
What's happening when you're not at the helm of the booth?
You can find me trying to keep up with my active son and all his extracurricular activities, spending time with my beautiful little nieces, working on my fitness or sitting chair-side to the dentist I've worked with for almost six years now.
…See that, fans? She really is a professional in smiles.

The Event Industry's Night to Shine | 2014 Allie Awards

Every year, the Allie Awards honor event professionals in the city who deserve that extra nod for the creative ingenuity and passion they've showcased on behalf of their brand. It's like The Oscars, but for behind-the-scenes-kind of people. We, no stranger to this group of talent, got to tag along and document the fun that happens when this group gets together for their own big night. And, we love it. Mostly, we love to help memorialize special moments. For anyone, yes, but especially the ones that acknowledge all of the hard work and dedication exhibited by our fellow industry friends and vendors throughout the year's event calendar. 21 years ago the first awards show took place, as the founder noted that the city of Atlanta was fast becoming one of the stars of the event industry. He wanted to create a platform for the local event industry to not only showcase their talents, but also drive them to produce events that could compete on national and even global levels. The Allie Awards are co-produced by ISES and NACE--the top organizations for event and catering professionals--every year. The Allies have grown into a huge production with 30+ awards and multiple charitable organizations made to Atlanta-area organizations. This year, at the city's classic venue The Tabernacle, we got the chance to showcase some of our own newest capabilities, including our new dual layout printing option. This year's theme was Alice in Wonderland, so we put on our graphic design hats on and came up with a couple of fun print layouts below. Which do you like better?





To see the entire gallery, click here!

ShutterBooth Atlanta celebrates Prom season with North Cobb High

Who doesn't love prom? With sparkly party dresses, sharp suits and every color of the rainbow represented on the dance floor, what more could a high school ask for? We've got an idea - pictures that will last longer than those fashion trends. And we're not talking about the kind of pictures where you awkwardly try and figure out where you should put your hands before smiling beneath a wilting indoor arbor… we're talking fun, personality-packed photos that let you relive that special night every time you pass it pinned up on the fridge. It's the kind of memories you'll take with you to college to show off a little bit of who you are (or were) when you still lived with your parents. Plus, it's a heck of a lot of fun. We got to jump in on the action with North Cobb High as their students streamed in and out of the photo booth, testing out different props, getting creative with their poses and ultimately, creating timeless ways to look back on this night with a laugh. Here are a few of our favorites - But, North Cobbers can see the whole gallery online here! 13521894-532747a099ed5 13520729-53273af9d9e92 13519393-53272e475cf43 13518686-532729dc01cfe 13515769-53271cb961ba8 13515682-5327199588af7 13515625-5327169c4be87 13515584-532713dd9a605 13515498-5327104bcc970 13521874-532747675c2e1

Photo Booths...a Mainstay | ShutterBooth Atlanta is Supreme

A picture is worth a thousand words… So, just think about the priceless gift you're sending guests home with from a party where they get four great shots. It's a cliche phrase, for sure. But when it comes to events, you have to ask yourself...what can I send my guests home with to remember my event...without breaking the budget.  You just can't beat personalized, timeless and fun. 13451444-531604bf60b59 13482304-531e1d4caa61f 13521874-532747675c2e1 Personalized | Choose from custom tag lines and  mottos. Pick your own layout and color scheme. Design a backdrop to enhance your celebration's theme.  Create custom props to send your message home with guests. Fun | The team at ShutterBooth is hired (and wired) for fun. They've got a personality to light a creative fire under the most dull picture-takers. With props, colors and the thrill of the booth's rapid-fire pose requirement, you'll never leave with an unentertaining strip. One former bride says, "Looking back through our photo booth scrapbook, we never knew there was a such a fun side to some of our friends and family. It's seriously one of the most fun ways to relive our big day." Timeless | Trends come in and out, but pictures are one of the oldest trades, gifts and memory keepers. Instead of the former, thank guests with gifts they can treasure for years to come. Plus you've got the option for a custom-designed scrapbook to take home - something you won't find with any other photo booth company.

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Another client admits, "We've done goodie bags, crafts and tons of other things to send guests home with from our events, but the photo booth brings a creative flair to that whole party favor idea - one that doubles as entertainment. We couldn't be happier with the experience." …Ready to personalize and ramp up your own special occasion? Contact us now!

Vendor We Love | StudioWed is a One-Stop Shop for Brides

We wouldn't want to keep good people to ourselves… That's why we have to tell all of brides out there about StudioWed. This modern, inspiring space is a one-stop shop for brides to plan their entire wedding under one roof. That means, no running around the city, fighting traffic to get to meetings… no guessing (and hoping) that the vendors you find will be trustworthy on the day of… no hours wasted online researching reviews and prices. StudioWed has compiled one, comprehensive team of major talent in this city's events industry. BridalTea-449 Why do we love them? Working with the city's top planners, photographers, DJs, caterers, venues, florists and more, we're able to make the referral process easy for our clients. Plus, we've worked with these team members for years, so the event planning, day-of logistics, and post-event coverage are easy, efficient and stress free for the bride. Here's a few of our favorite shots from StudioWed collaborations - Maybe we'll be working together on your event next… Onumonu-429 OwensPreview-83 PopStar-148 BridalTea-356 BridalTea-465    

Backdrops to Boast About | ShutterBooth's colorful options

You probably never gave much thought to what goes behind you in a picture... Especially, not since the day you smiled for your last yearbook portrait... Luckily, those days of pastel mosaics, tie-dyed spotlights and gradient drapery are long gone. Pinterest-inspired prints, sophisticated metallics and unique, 3D art have rolled in and replaced everything you thought you knew about backdrops, in a big, bold, colorful way. Here's a few of our favorites...


1978379_428640427281843_1669118278_o 1243740_10151627406981964_229702701_o 906848_607885275905866_256957593_o 397940_10151660321973408_2095166072_n


Black & Gold Chevron








TheWILLETTS_INSPIREDBRIDE-0128 Client Provided 1 Client Provided 2 ClientProvided3 ClientProvided4 Custom Backdrop 1 Custom Backdrop 3

So, how do you make it happen for your own social occasion? The backdrops are a simple upgrade to your photo booth package… and for those of you who want to get a hand in the design detail, we've got options upon options to help you customize your own! So, if you're ready to amp up the aesthetics - let's start scheming!    

Rebecca Ramps Up a Retro Tradition | Spotlight on a favorite ShutterBooth Host


Meet, Rebecca.
She's an all-star host, who's been inspiring smiles, funny faces and extravagant expressions inside ShutterBooth for the last 10 months. And while she wouldn't dare single out one favorite event-type...she loves hosting weddings.
She soaks up the emotions of the celebration--from the speeches, to the dance moves, to the way people find their funny bone once inside the booth. We got to sit down with Rebecca and find out just what makes her the way she is… and we guarantee, you'll love her just as much as we do!
Why do you like hosting?
Well, initially, I was just looking for a summer job. I'd been applying to a lot of waitressing jobs, but applied to ShutterBooth on a whim.  And, I'm so glad I did! I love getting to interact with happy people every weekend and I always look forward to going to work.
What's your favorite part about it?
Honestly, the fact that everybody always comes out smiling.
Why do you love working weddings so much?
I think it's because I get a little bit emotionally invested in every wedding I work.
What is the best advice you can give for posing in the booth?
Get weird.
Favorite indulgence?
Hawaiian pizza.
What about when you’re not hosting? Where can people find you?
Studying. I am a biomedical engineering major at Georgia Tech, so I am always assisting in a research lab at Emory. Other than that, I take dance classes regularly, love crafting, reading and playing with strangers' dogs at the dog park.

Shutterbooth Inspired Brides in Atlanta

We love being a part of bridal shows. We love it. Kinda makes us want to throw in a hashtag with the cheeky phrase ,"thatisall," to emphasize how much we love getting to meet new ladies, their buddies, their moms… and yeah, sometimes their grooms. And at this year's Inspired Bride, executed by the team at StudioWed Atlanta, was a show to beat all shows. …or at least give the best ones a real run for their money. The event was inspired (itself) by style icons of generations here and past - including Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Kate Spade and Coco Chanel. We put our own team to work, crafting a brand-new backdrop for the open booth carrying it's own trendy reputation amongst high-rolling haute couture. Here's a handful of our favorite faces from the booth - What do you guys think of the new backdrop? InspiredBride5 InspiredBride4 InspiredBride3 InspiredBride2 InspiredBride1

Open by ShutterBooth

Our Open ShutterBooth setups have become a huge hit in Chicago! Choosing an Open ShutterBooth allows you to customize your backdrop with something that's unique for your event. It allows you to have something different and "out of the box". Not the traditional ShutterBooth you have come to know and love! Our most popular backdrops are our sequin backdrops - they are currently available in silver, gold, navy, purple, fuschia, red, and royal blue. We have some more colors in the works and hope to make those available soon. We've also had some creative and DIY rocking brides create their own backdrop. Last fall one crafty bride made an entire backdrop out of paper flowers! If are looking for a more glam paparazzi feel, then our Open booth with a step & repeat backdrop is for you. We can use your custom logo or monogram to create a branded backdrop and finish it off with a red carpet and rope entry so every guest can feel like a star. Is your venue unique and does it offer a backdrop of it's own? Let us shoot that instead. A library, a cool brick wall, vintage furniture, a chalkboard wall - you name it. All make excellent backdrops for our Open booth. Here are some examples of our Open booth setups --

Gold Sequin

Gold Sequin Open Booth

Silver Sequin

Silver Sequin Open Booth

Hot Pink Sequin

Pink Sequin Open Booth

Vintage Damask

2013-02-02 10.11.22

The best part is our Open booths still look great with our traditional photostrips!