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Laying it Out - Shutterbooth's Strip Style

Everyone loves the idea of taking home a vintage-inspired photo strip of their silliest faces, or most endearing poses. It takes us back to simpler times, when capturing an expression on a whim was something new-fangled and awesome. Well, it's still awesome. And, it still looks great, plastered to our refrigerators or framed on our nightstands. The plus side to jumping in the booth now, in the 21st Century, is that you've got options. Lots of them. Shutterbooth offers an array of layout choices, so depending on what kind of backdrop you want to show off, what kind of message you want to frame your faces with and how intense of a design you want to send guests home with, there's something to meet those expectations. The Original This is our classic layout - it's the one you remember (or have seen in the movies) from ages past. It's still the most popular order today! "I love the photo strip layout!" said our host Megan. "It's nostalgic and I love the symmetry that it offers."

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The 4x6 Horizontal We introduced this layout a little over a year ago. It gave us more creative license with showing off big, fun pictures that were taken in the booth. Plus, it's a bit more artful in its layout. "Layout-wise, I don't really have a favorite, but I like this one for its size," host Johhny said. "It allows for more customization, like with text boxes, room for images and graphics, and, of course, its bigger." 15073384-53deaed77a7d7.jpg 15190183-53eccf98cb4cd 15243057-53f3bce14f07d.jpg The 4x6 Vertical This layout we mostly see for promotional reasons and corporate events, but that doesn't mean it's not up for grabs no matter the occasion. We like the portrait landscape and the space it gives our clients to play with individual image orientation and gives logos and special graphics more room to shine. Here is a handful of our favorite examples: 946922_10151555010891964_745111236_n 1239826_10151622259076964_1732952859_n 10171769_10152056380731964_165492469_n1374160_10151722393736964_1106344005_n So - do you have a favorite? Which one will you choose for your own event? Book your package, and design scheme today!

Something Blue spotted in the Booth

"Something blue" definitely seemed to be the theme for Kristin and Andrew's downtown wedding. In fact, they utilized the 4x6 print so they could customize the layout to be big, blue and include a cute graphic and logo for the happy new couple. We love seeing our brides and grooms get creative with their layouts - it makes it a fun gift to send your guests home with, and it helps everyone remember your big day for just how creative and stylish it really was. "I personally love the blue backdrop," said Alana, the couple's host for their big day. "It's my favorite. While it's more common to see the gold or silver backdrop in weddings, I think that if the backdrop matches the color of the wedding why not use it?" 15324461-53fdfc85673d4.jpg "This wedding was great!" Alana added. "It was a smaller, family-oriented wedding, but the ShutterBooth was a hit, and once the music started playing, the guests never left the dance floor!" While we love showing off the custom layout, there's was so much fun captured in the booth, that we had to highlight some of our favorite single pics. Enjoy! 15328219-53fe2e218e260 15328234-53fe2e64ba52c 15328259-53fe2ee0b9de0 15328298-53fe2f87a2544 15328386-53fe3121e3e98 15328483-53fe32db912b6  

Tylenol Gets Tweet Happy

Even if you've got a pounding headache, this blog post should bring you some relief. Why? Because it is all about the latest and greatest in pain relief! We got to party with the Tylenol brand as they invited the area's most followed healthcare, parenting and other related topic bloggers to discuss the brand's newest advancements, answer questions and share research. A crowd of mostly stay-at-home moms, the informal seminar gave them insider info on efficacy, research, safety, etc. when it comes to the trusted brand. "They had their own custom-branded backdrop, which was a great idea as it promoted their event" said host Alana. "The interactive social media kiosk was actually well received by the guests," she said. "I believe that this will be the next big thing for all events. People always ask if they can get access to a digital copy of their photo, so this way they are able to receive a print PLUS upload a digital copy to one of their social media platforms right there and then!" What made it awesome (in our humble opinion) was that these blogger moms got to dress up and let their hair down in the photo booth, for silly pictures they could take home and share with the kids, or if they so desired, maybe adopt new headshots or profile pics for Facebook … I mean, some of them were pretty great. "The props always seem to help them pose and have something to do or hold in the picture," Alana said. "I think that helps when taking a solo picture especially as they might be a bit more shy when in the booth alone." 15190183-53eccf98cb4cd 15190220-53ecd0008f660 15190235-53ecd02f15bfb 15190249-53ecd052a94f0 15190271-53ecd07f064fd 15190195-53eccfbae3150

Raha + Kyle | A Dapper Downtown Wedding

One of our favorite parts about hosting around our great city is the chance we have to be a part of celebration in some of Atlanta's oldest, most classic and historic buildings. Topping that list has to be downtown's The Georgian Terrace Hotel. With its rolling square feet of white marble, statuesque columns and mid-century style, it's an elegant, glitzy blank canvas for any special occasion. And, when you add a group of extremely fun people to that extremely gorgeous illustration, you know you've got a party for the history books as well. Such was the case with Raha and Kyle's wedding last month. We polled our lovely hosts and picked some of our favorite fun shots from the night - including several of the bride herself! "The wedding as a whole was memorable," said Michelle, one of our hosts for the night. "But I'd have to say the guests were the most memorable part. They were super fun to talk to and were having a blast which made it that much more memorable." She added, "Everyone interacted with the booth very well. Once they figured out how it was used, most of the guests came back for more … and more. Even the bride!" 15077050-53df14ba1fda2 15076954-53df0d62576fd 15076947-53df0ce19acda 15076871-53df0a00b203e 15077073-53df167ba4a8a 15077089-53df17bfa3c92 15077090-53df17d97cb26    

The Best Friend Photo Shoot at Luxe (Home of ShutterBooth Tampa)

If you haven't heard by now, ShutterBooth Tampa moved to Luxe Studio Space at 408 N. Howard St. Tampa, FL 33606.  When we are not entertaining Shutterbooth clients the space is used for a variety of events like Pop Up Shops, Workshops, Seminars and small event gatherings.  From Sept 8th-12th ShutterBooth Tampa is offering the #BestFriendPhotoShoot.  Grab your best buddies and head over to Luxe Studio Space for a fun photo session!  Read More about this special event below or CLICK HERE to register for a 1 hour session!~ bestfriendtinypic1 bestfriendtinypic2 For more information about Luxe Studio Space or to book Luxe Studio Space for your next event, visit call 813.600.3636 or email      

Hitting the Nay(lor) on the Head

Right in the heart of Roswell, Historic Naylor Hall reigns as one of the industry's favorite one-stop-shop venues. From its magnanimous estate that provides an elegant, classic backdrop for portraits, the top-notch service and ambiance and the quality connections the venue brings to its brides and special occasion clients, Naylor Hall battles for the top spot on our list for vendors we love to work with. Our host Megan said, "I love Naylor Hall because there is always a familiar face and it's location in the quaint city of Roswell!" In fact, being in Roswell gives brides an easy way to incorporate some of the city's other businesses - whether for a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, registry or wedding gown shopping. It's also a great way to make a day of wedding planning - Roswell has adorable walkability so you can brunch, lunch or shop your way through your appointment day! "There are lots of photo-booth companies in Atlanta, and I have worked with most of them," said Sunny Bailey of Naylor Hall. "Shutterbooth, is by far the best I have come across! The staff is always willing to work with you to accommodate your party, space needs and special requests from the bride, the host on-site is always a joy to work with, they want the guests to enjoy the experience and will go above and beyond to make sure that a fun time is had by all." Johnny said, "Sunny (the owner) and her staff are always accommodating. It's an intimate venue that can cater to any theme." We've seen some great themes at Naylor Hall over the years, but here's a few of our favorite characters from Amy and Jason's wedding this summer... 14417378-5395fa693ee94 14417185-5395f9a46e156 14419384-539602949a374 14421479-539608636b53d 14413993-5395eafc705a0 14415117-5395f192bf832

StudioWed's Blissful Bridal Tea

StudioWed is known city-wide for throwing the most elegant, detail-envy events for brides-to-be. This month was no different. Last Sunday, the team of creative experts combined to host Atlanta-area brides and their guests for an afternoon tea at Ventana's. The color scheme/theme was a myriad of cool shades, including fresh mints, breezy seafoams and gold that created a not-your-average bridal show. StudioWed's Bridal Tea was an interactive experience with our vendors for brides, with stations that invite brides to mingle with vendors over a fun, bridal-themed activity (think elevated bridal shower games). Our favorites were the "lips and lashes" booth by Scoobie West, the build-your-own mimosa bar, the lavender sachet station, and most of all For Goodness Cakes' cupcake station - where brides could decorate their own cupcakes with tiny sugar bows and flowers. "I really think that the participants enjoyed being able to be hands-on at each vendor's table. I liked the idea of having a mini-project for everyone to participate in and I think it made the overall experience a great one," said Alana, our hostess with the mosses, on site for the event. She also shared, "The custom-made props really added to the overall theme and colors of the event. They were truly a hit. Everyone insisted on using one of those props instead of the generic ones that I had brought, so I definitely think it was a GREAT idea! I especially loved the tea pot and gold flower that was made … beautiful!"   934800_10152329179861964_7333922913767794332_n 148729_10152329179266964_8465617498869533800_n 10616035_10152329178856964_3411954913957948734_n 10387318_10152329178631964_4272738449282384087_n 10384513_10152329177601964_2077221327869373601_n 10557201_10152329177376964_1040811934164034611_n 10592801_10152329176771964_5088160869851041995_n 10568893_10152329176166964_1427639718460299107_n "We love having Shutterbooth at our events," said Kelsey Hendrix, StudioWed's Studio Manager. "Everyone loves a photo booth! Guests get to pop in, make silly faces and use fun props. Plus, guests get to leave the event with their photos in hand which is a great way to remember the afternoon!"

Shutterbooth Loves Devin - Our second doctor-to-be!

When Devin started hosting for us about 6 months ago, it was as part of a perfect pair - Her roommate is fellow host, Alana. And just like her, Devin is a fun-loving soul who makes the photo booth fun something easy to attain, no matter what your event crowd is. "I loved the idea of what sounded like a simple, flexible schedule that could accommodate my school work. It's probably one of the best jobs I've had," Devin said. "It's still easy but way more fun than I thought and I love being able to travel around a bit and see new places and things I would have never gotten to experience otherwise." We polled her on a few other Shutterbooth-esque topics, and want you guys to get to know her as well! Enjoy meeting Devin. "I love the group, couple or even one person that just gets in the booth, has no idea what they're doing and laughs through the whole set. Those are some of the most genuine pictures you will find." "My best memory is getting to work Easter with my roomie! We got to play with animals at the petting zoo, see so many families and it was a bonus that we were right next to the popcorn maker. Plus getting to work with Alana is always better than being by myself!" "My favorite place to host is a tough call, because I love all the nice little cottages or places that you would never even suspect how beautiful they are until you step inside. But if I had to choose, I would probably say Lake Lanier. I've been able to go there a few times now and I love seeing different places, ideas and how people utilize a place that is so big in order to fit exactly what they want! Every time I go there I feel like I discover a new part I had never seen." Since I am currently in my 4th year of medical school, when I'm not hosting, you'll find me somewhere with a book open or doing various practice questions. And if not that then napping. I love a nice, short, refreshing nap!" "I love a lot of what Atlanta has to offer as far as the outdoors. Hiking, waterfalls, trails, festivals in the parks… all of it. There is something new every week and I wish I could have more time to experience it all but that's the life of a medical student I guess!"

Let's Make a Video

It's no secret we push the power of pictures. And we won't stop. We love pictures. They're worth way more than a thousand words. But, when you can say those words, deliver your message with more than a smile or a silly pose, well that's gotta be priceless, right? That's why we introduced the option to provide Video Messaging as part of your photo booth package. Instead of snapping a series of memorable moments, you can leave audible, personal and meaningful messages for the bride and groom, the birthday boy and/or girl or the guests of honor. Just be careful… once it's recorded, those words are forever! We've collected a few of our favorite messages, left over time, to share with you. If you want to add this to your photo booth package, contact us today!  

A Prescription for Photo Booth Perfection

Just when you thought you knew ShutterBooth like the back of your (prop-holding) hand, we've got another cool chic to introduce to our smiling, posing community. ShutterBooth fans, meet Alana. A lot of you have already seen her, said hi and even jumped behind the curtain with her. (We've seen the evidence). But we got a chance to meet the "real" Alana and are excited to formally show off that side to you, too. She's a medical student! "I am either studying all day or busy working at the local hospitals, so I wanted to find a job that I would enjoy and take my mind off the stresses of school. I love working as a host as it is a fun and interactive way to meet people, as well as, visit different venues and participate in the local events here in Atlanta. I enjoy putting a smile on others' faces. It's truly a job that is enjoyable!" 2014. She loves kid posers! "They pick up so quickly on how to use it and it doesn't take long for them to try out all the props. They are usually my repeats in the booth and each time they go in it's a new pose or goofy face! You can see their genuine excitement from the time that they realize that it is a ShutterBooth and it's really fun to watch!" 2014. Dynamics make her smile! "Things always start off formal at weddings, with family shots usually no using any props. By the end of the night however, everyone is piling into the booth, utilizing all of our props and really having a great time making silly faces in the booth. As the party gets going, the pictures usually get better! Some of the funniest moments are when the groomsmen at a wedding for example, all take off their shirts and pile into the ShutterBooth with the props. As I like to say, the more the merrier! 2014. Her favorite venue is the Biltmore Ballrooms! "The venue is so luxurious and picturesque. You can literally stand at one end and see all the way down to the other end and the design of the venue and ceiling specifically is just breath-taking!" 2014. She's a bookworm! "When I'm not hosting, you can find me buried behind a book studying, because I always have some exam that is coming up. This job is definitely a fun release for me on the weekends!" She's a local-stuff lover! "I love to try out the local restaurants and hot spots in Atlanta. I am from Miami, Florida originally, so getting a touch of what Atlanta has to offer is pretty exciting. I like acting like a tourist and visiting places like the Coca-Cola Factory, CNN building, and Stone Mountain."