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Meet Our New Mommy-Hostess with the Mostess

It's a new year at ShutterBooth Atlanta… which means we've got some fresh new faces working our booths! One of our favorite new favorites is Rosie - a friendly, fun face to help round out your fabulous photo booth experience. Here's a peek into our conversation, so you can get to know her too! Hello Rosie! And welcome to the team … How long have you been with us? I joined the ShutterBooth team in December. IMG_20150326_085746 Why did you decide to start hosting? A friend of mine also hosts for ShutterBooth and was always talking about what a fun and exciting job it is and that it is always a different adventure. When she told me that ShutterBooth was looking for some new hosts, I jumped at the opportunity! What do you like about working with the photo booth? I love all the different types of events you attend hosting for ShutterBooth. It is never the same thing or the same people twice. Just that fact makes it a super exciting job. IMG_20150326_090053 What's your favorite kind of guest to have in the booth? I love having groups that like to be silly together. Once you get them started they don't want to stop! What's your favorite "when-you're-not-hosting" thing to do in Atlanta? I love taking my kids to explore at the local parks. If I'm without the kids, I love to see musicals and dance performances at The Fox. IMG_20150326_085614 What's your full-time gig? My main job is being a stay-at-home mommy to my two crazy toddlers! My husband and I have a one year-old and a two year-old and two sweet dogs that keep us very busy. Hosting is my break from real life :) IMG_20150326_085654 Why would someone love having you as their host? I am outgoing and love talking to the people coming through. I am also great with kids and love having them in the booth.

It's All About the Boys… And Girls... at The Omni

With winter officially over, we're dedicating a throwback post to the colder months with an event that will warm your heart. Our team partnered with The Boys & Girls Clubs of Atlanta for their end of the year event at The Omni Hotel downtown. It was an afternoon of ridiculous smiles, a lot of fun and as many new friends as you can count on all of their hands, combined. "The kids were really wonderful and fun," remembered Brittany, our hostess on site for the event. "With adults, there always seems to be this initial hesitation with the photobooth, like maybe they shouldn't be having so much fun. But the kids just jump right in. They're fun and energetic and crazy from the start! They came up with some great poses, and managed to get some adults into the booth that likely wouldn't have otherwise. 16260559-546be28d04f1216259767-546bdbebb506516259442-546bd9d1bd1b8 The Omni is a space we love bringing the photobooth to. And this event was no different. We set up in one of their larger ballrooms, and the photobooth was in the open area where people could grab a seat and relax. "The open area has one entire wall made out of glass, so to have the vibrant, bustling city a few stories below and the setting sun reflecting off the high-rises, was a spectacular backdrop for the booth," Brittany added. 16257679-546bca16c5974 16257641-546bc982b2b84 16257355-546bc59a25941

It's Better to Gif than to Receive | ShutterBooth's newest upgrade


Jennifer & Jason Wedding

description at Roswell Mill Club 16813841-54e2ad27d290f 16813751-54e2aaf08ecff 16813390-54e2a178022d6 16813339-54e29ff34b6cc 16813317-54e29f500038e 16813291-54e29ea6d30d4 16813286-54e29e8580ec7  

Atlanta Had a Ball Outside the City | 2015 Governor's Ball

Last month, the wedding industry in Atlanta took a little trip outside the city. Miles beyond the twinkling lights of the skyscrapers and the dull roar of connector traffic, hundreds of the finest in planners, makeup artists, caterers, photographers, stationers and more rocked the dance floor at one of the coolest new venues for this year's Governor's Ball. "The Engine Room served as the perfect backdrop for Atlanta's event industry peeps to mix and mingle and celebrate the night," said Sarah, our hostesses. "The food was unique with a Southern flare. Rupert's orchestra kept the dance floor jiving and the guest flocked to the photo booth -shooting over 150 photos in just three hours. The black and white single shots gave a nod of glamour to the prints, capturing memories of the enchanting evening." "It was one of the most fun events I've been to," said Scoobie West, hair and makeup artist here in Atlanta. "I loved seeing the photos online the next morning - It reminded me how much fun we had!" Here's what reminds us how much fun everyone had. See the whole gallery on our Facebook page. 10991040_10152721061551964_7470648571578374630_n 1506621_10152721060696964_8613650124192007812_n 10959400_10152721060626964_3653379425788126765_n 10978700_10152721058566964_3522785854091959273_n 10991451_10152721057531964_4455333756636290358_n 10269355_10152721057001964_599404404094340279_n 10980737_10152721062686964_732318662935164324_n

A Fox-y Choice | ShutterBooth highlights Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club

Itching for a weekend outdoors now that it seems the warm weather is finally here to stay? We couldn't agree more. And, whether it's sporting clays, challenging your buddies to bocce, or picnicking on an open field, Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club is one of the most beautiful places to do it. And, lucky for our brides out there, they're also one of the city's best venues for tying the knot. 36a81f6b47714a186617717c38da315c5cecd679fb31cb2ab836ac029f52c260 "Foxhall is a great venue full of classic Southern charm," said Sarah, one of our ShutterBooth hostesses. She's talking about the gorgeous trees lining the acreage, rolling fields, professional and innovative events team and fun-loving guys and gals there to celebrate all kinds of special occasions. And, of course, we often get to bring our booth and get in on the party. "ShutterBooth Atlanta has a very professional and fun team," says Brooke Tolleson, Wedding Sales Executive at Foxhall. "They're so creative too. Because we're not your average venue, we need above average vendors who complement us. ShutterBooth Atlanta is definitely a great part of our team." bde218bf3d95ef9552a09440f9b0657d d88d595240f9dde3ceddbf1ce090d732fe5611ada7e24f8bc3fafafe946384f6 "Everyone loves the booth!" Tolleson added. "There are a lot of copycats out there, but none like this. They are a great way for every one to let loose and take goofy photos. Even the older crowd is in love with them! We all grew up with 'photo booths' but they have evolved to something greater and more people can get in the photo, along with the props and it immediately prints off a copy …  you can't get that any where else!" Can we say, "awww!!" Want to see it in action? Check out these gems from Lea and Adam's wedding last year. 15069509-53de84ab118d4 15069215-53de80a84ce1e 15069112-53de7f1f77b77

Bridal Showcase

dsbg logo   Bridal Showcase

Best of Day| Photo booth Austin, TX | Rent a PhotoBooth Central Texas

Try ShutterBooth and Experience WHY we Won Best of the Day!

h2015. Rent a Photo Booth from ShutterBooth Central Texas. We service weddings & corporate events  throughout the local area, including Austin, San Antonio, and Round Rock. ShutterBooth Central Texas is a professional wedding Photo Booth company in Austin. We also specialize in Photo Booth Rentals for Corporate Events, Galas, Weddings, Birthday Party, Quinceaneras, Anniversaries, Reunions, Baby Showers, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Christenings, Debutante Balls, Eco-Friendly Weddings, Green Weddings, Engagement Parties, Graduations, Holiday Parties, LGBTQ Weddings, LGBTQ Ceremonies, Memorials, Proms. If you have a reason to Celebrate so do we! ShutterBooth Central Texas 512-387-0899

What?! Half Off of an Austin PhotoBooth: Shelley and Thomas

A Cheap PhotoBooth vs. a Quality PhotoBooth

  Shutterbooth ventured out to  Onion Creek Golf Club in Austin, TX on March 7th for a fantastic wedding celebrating Shelley & her groom Thomas!  This lucky couple was one of our 1/2 Off Raffle winners from a Bridal Show they attended, and they certainly took advantage of their amazing savings!!

"We're not the cheapest photobooth, but we're not the most expensive either!"

This is now somewhat of a catch-phrase at our ShutterOffice :).  Photobooths in Austin are so huge now as an entertainment factor to parties (completely understandable.... they DO enhance the celebration!!), that there are tons of photobooth companies to pick from.  So then, why ShutterBooth...? If I may ;)... I want to paint you a picture!!  You are getting ready for your wedding & plans are all coming along smoothly.  You found a killer deal on Groupon or LivingSocial for a divine wedding cake!!  You decide to go for it because their pictures look beautiful, and hey! it's a killer deal!  All the plans are in order, and you have everything set for the big day.  On the day of your wedding, you and your new husband or/wife walk up to your cake to cut it, and the colors aren't what you wanted, the design is not quite right, and they designed it with purple pansies instead of peonies... But again, it was a great deal- so you can excuse all of those little "mishaps".  Then you take a bite..... And it literally tastes like cardboard!!  At this point you know your guests are only taking pieces to be "polite".  You sit and think... "I paid a couple hundred for this cake, and even though it was a "steal"- there is definitely a reason why!  The cakes that were quality is product, service, and decor were more expensive... but if I was going to shell out a couple hundred for a cake anyway- I might as well have shelled out a couple more in order to make sure it was worth the while!"

 Shelley & Thomas were able to have their cake & eat it TOO!

This worked out perfectly because our adorable ShutterCouple happened to have a beautiful cake that also tasted great and the service of the company was fantastic as well!  In life, you get what you pay for... and on a day as special as your wedding day... you don't want to risk eating cardboard cake! Our ShutterCouple was the lucky winner's of one of our half of raffles- however, the service, the quality, the professionalism, and the reliability of ShutterBooth is what makes us worth while and the trusted Austin photobooth company for all of our other brides & grooms who didn't win us for 1/2 off....  

Unlimited Photos from Your PhotoBooth (and MAN! Can ShutterBooth provide...)

These are only some of the great pictures of the evening :) there were so many to choose from! It was fantastic!  

Congratulations Shelley & Thomas! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!



The ShutterTeam

ShutterBooth Voted #1 Wedding Photo Booth in Asheville

We are thrilled to announce that we've been voted  #1 Wedding Photo Booth in Asheville by Borrowed & Blue!  See the link below for the full article.  It's so rewarding to see such appreciation for all of of our hard work - thank you for recognizing us in this category!