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Welcome the Dancing Queen | Our New Hostess Vera

We love introducing our fans to our ShutterBooth friends. And, in that spirit, we're excited to show off one of our newest members to the team - Vera. She's started hosting a couple of months ago, and we're loving the energy she's bringing to the booth. This mama and ex-pro cheerleader makes guests feel comfortable in behind the curtain - which has made for some really great memory books along the way. We've our short and sweet Q&A with the newest hostess below. Book her for your next party today! Hello Vera! Why did you decide to start hosting with ShutterBooth? Honestly, I started hosting to have an "excuse" to get dressed up, have some fun and interact with new people. I'm a social person, so I enjoy that environment. Getting paid to do that is an added bonus! Since you started, what has become your favorite part about it? I love interacting with the people who come into the booth. It's so fun to get them in and hear them laughing as they choose props and take photos. There are funny moments at every event, so it's never boring. Photo1 What's the most common advice you give posers?  The most common advice I give, is to 1. look at the camera [not the monitor!!] and 2. wait for the flash! Once they get those two things down, they are golden. I always encourage them to just have fun and to come back again before the party is over. Usually, I'll get a handful of people that come back a few times to choose different props or as the night goes on, get more silly. Why do you like photo booths? I love when a photo catches fleeting moments and memories. Plus, I love a reason to laugh. I also like the spontaneity of having just four seconds to choose the next pose! Photo2 When you're not hosting, what are you up to? The main thing I do when I'm not hosting is being a mom to my [almost] one year old daughter. She is my life and joy. My husband and I waited a long time for her, and she's everything we hoped she would be. I also dance and choreograph/teach private dance lessons in my spare time. I am a former collegiate dance team coach and pro cheerleader, so dance was (and still is!) a big part of my life.  

Creative Loafing lets out a "Raur!" (Fest)

If there was ever any doubt that the people here in Atlanta know how to party, Creative Loafing's Raur Fest clears it up. And lucky for us - we got to party with them. This year, the paper celebrated its music issue by teaming up with Atlanta's rising pop star, Raury for his second annual Raur Fest. It was at the Georgia Freight Depot - one of our faves - and attracted fans of Atlanta's finest young adult music fans ready to get creative making memories in the booth. "Tt was an extremely easy venue for the booth to load into," said hostess Hannah. "It worked well because it a large venue with a lot of open space. Plus, the Creative Loafing team was very generous and made sure we were taken care of. They had at least two people helping the flow of the booth and promoting the fest." To reiterate our first point, Hannah said that the most memorable thing about raur fest was how they could party!! "Everyone was so outgoing and had a good time in the booth - no encouragement needed!" she said. "They got right in the booth and seriously  worked it! They were great people to work with and had a hard time leaving the venue at the end of the night because of how much fun they still wanted to have. By the end of the close, people were begging to have another chance in the booth." At least here we can give the pictures they got to take another chance to be seen by all of our own fans. Enjoy, readers! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Getting Devious in the Booth

Nobody throws a party like a Lifetime television production team. Well, at least, that's what we're touting now that we've seen the results of Devious Maids' Season 3 wrap party. It went down at Terminal West - one of the hippest semi-new venues on the west side of the city. Built for concerts, but equipped (and stylish enough) for the coolest of crews to hang, it draws a pretty fun night to its four walls. 2015. 2015. 2015. "It was an extremely accommodating venue," said Hannah, our hostess for the evening. "It worked so well because it a large venue with a lot of open space. It was easy to get the equipment in and out." 2015. 2015. "The cast and crew of Devious Maids really knew how to party!!" Hannah remembered. "Everyone was very outgoing and had a good time in the booth - no encouragement was needed! They got right in and seriously worked it! In fact, a few of them had a hard time leaving the venue at the end of the night because of how much fun they still wanted to have." Hannah added it was certainly something she wouldn't forget … so here are a few more so you won't either! 2015. 2015. 2015.

Robyn + Magnus Wed by the River

There's certainly something to be said for the way twenty-somethings can own a photo booth. But what happens when you turn it up by a few years? Do the photos get less exciting? Robyn and Magnus - and their slew of wedding guests - will prove that the answer is absolutely not. In fact, we think these guys may have set the bar for everyone. Robyn + Magnus tied the knot last month at the beautiful Roswell River Landing. The booth found it's spot outside and invited guests to get extra silly in the booth after they ordered their drink at the bar. (We love that proximity). "These guys were so sweet and loving!" our host Amanda remembered. "Both had children from previous marriages and wanted to incorporated them in every aspect." In addition, the guests were also so nice and genuinely thankful for the fun they could get into at the booth. "They all loved the concept and being able to take home those memories meant a lot to them," Amanda added. The guests weren't the only ones who got to take home memories. The bride and groom opted for the Memory Book with their rental, and the guests loved helping to decorate the pages - and if need be, recreate pictures or do even sillier poses then the last photo they took. Talk about the perfect photo booth guests! Here's some of our favorites… 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Candi + Yusef Say I Do in Style

Candi and Yusef tied the knot last month at Summerour Studio in Atlanta. A sought-after venue, a hot couple and a rockin' group of friends made this one of the best nights in ShutterBooth history! Plus, a chic, glistening black backdrop gave the standard booth shot an edge on ordinary. We love the simplistic element of glam it brought to the pictures. 2015. 2015. One of the best elements of this wedding was that we got to work with one of our favorites in the biz - Scoobie West & Company. He's a beauty genius, but an awesome event planner as well. "They wanted to have fun at the reception, so they told me to make it fun," Scoobie said. In return, he brought in the booth! "They didn't know I was getting it for them, so it was a total surprise!! It worked well because of the ShutterBooth staff that was there. They invited people over to participate. They were friendly and active with the guests. In a few words, they were beyond phenomenal." 2015. 2015. We think the party itself was beyond phenomenal, so hat's off to Scoobie and a big "cheers" to a couple that's truly in love and proud to show it. In fact, we want to show even more of the fun that was had. Enjoy a few more of our favorites from the big night! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

It's Not Too Late!!

I know we are getting deep into the wedding "season", and I'm sure that a lot of you have considered a photo booth (hopefully ShutterBooth in particular!) for your occasion.  Unlike a lot of other vendors, i.e. photographer, DJ, florist, etc., we don't necessarily book up quite as early in the process.  As an awesome add-on, we get that budgets are important, and we can probably accommodate you.  If that little sound in your brain has been making you think we are a great option, well, listen to it!  Never hesitate to reach out with questions...I'm sure I can help you out...hope to hear from you soon!

A reunion is brewing with Pope HS

Hail to Class of '95! They may have said goodbye to the dog days of being off for the summers, but this group still knows how to have a  good time. We have proof … photo booth proof. As we said congratulations to the Pope High School Reunion at Sweetwater Brewery, they said "cheese" and a host of other words that culminated in this incredibly entertaining group of photos. Was it as much fun as a wedding? Our hostess, Amanda said, "The guests at a wedding are there to celebrate two people getting married and people are focused on making a perfect day for them to remember forever. At a non-wedding event, people are more laid back and everyone is the guest of honor. They all just want to have fun!" Here's a little more proof of that fun… 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Up on the Roof at Ventanas

One of the coolest aspects to our city is the sweet skyline it's evolution has made. Especially at night - when the buildings sparkle with lights and the highways buzz - it's a sight to see. It's also a sight to swoon over if you're a bride. With a backdrop like the one offered from the rooftop at Ventanas, any big day soiree is magazine (or frame and canvas) worthy. We love the venue because it offers something different than anywhere else in the city. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring that skyline into air conditioning (much appreciated this time of year), or the terrace lets wedding guests celebrate under moonlight (or, of course, against the city's night lights). Likewise, we love the team behind the scenes at Ventanas. And - aw, shucks - they like us too. "ShutterBooth always has a friendly staff working at our events," said Hannah Baber, Catering Sales Manager for Ventanas. "They are great with the guests and will engage them so they're going to have fun. Some people need more help with letting go. I’ve seen the ShutterBooth team making funny faces at the guests just to get a better picture." …Speaking of great pictures, take a look at some of the romantic, on point scapes that past brides have with the Ventanas team. purple estate table ventanas atlanta 3 Ventanas patio view - no logo Obviously, Ventanas offers a view to remember. Baber said it's because the space shows Atlanta at its finest! "If their love story started or continues in Atlanta, why not have the beautiful skyline as the backdrop to your perfect evening?" And every perfect evening (for guests at least) included the perfect take-home gift. "Photo booths are a great alternative to wedding favors," she added. "Plus, capturing a moment in time is always precious and having a picture with your friends, family, significant other is a gift to treasure. I think my favorite pictures are ones where everyone has a random prop and is doing something different (with a funny face, of course!)" Combine your perfect elements and draft a dream wedding like these today. And, as if you needed more coaxing, check out some of our favorite memories below. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.  


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A New Booth Dude - Say Hello to Dustin

Good news ShutterBooth fans - We've added to our incredibly fun group of hosts with a brand new crop of cool guys and gals. First up - We want you to meet Dustin. He joined us in the spring and brings good vibes and great enthusiasm to the booth. "Hosting is appealing to me because I enjoy providing people with a unique experience," he said. "I love that every job is a little different, and I love to see people enjoying their time in the booth. For example, once I worked a rehearsal dinner where a 7-year-old girl decided to help me pass out the prints. She loved when they printed out, and it made her smile every single time. It was cute, and it helped make my night way more fun!" 2015. Like a true boother, Dustin believes a photobooth is the perfect addition to any event. "It's not just entertaining for all ages, but it gives the guests a tangible keepsake to help remember the event." 2015. Who would he love to see step behind the curtain? "Paul McCartney!" he said, without even thinking about it. "I'm sure that guy would kill it in the booth!" unnamed-2 When Dustin isn't counting to four for party guests, he's an audio-visual engineer at a metro-Atlanta church. He hosts, shoots and edits a YouTube show, he's a freelance photographer, a writer and the co-host on a film review podcast. Clearly this guy's got the creativity flowing. In fact, a little known fact about him is that he's got a record-holding-worthy collection of BluRay/DVDs. In fact, he'd be at the move theatre all of the time if he could. 2015. When you see Dustin at your booth - just try to stump him with a movie quote. Welcome, Dustin!