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Smells Like American Spirit …And it Works

We do a lot of talking about venues. We can't help it - Atlanta has some of the best, coolest and most functional scenes around. But that doesn't mean they're done adding to the repertoire. The latest celebratory hot spot is on the scene, and it's also Atlanta's first distillery. American Spirit Works (a Novare property) hits the event circuit this wedding season, and started off things with a big shebang. They invited their future brides, party goers and the event industry out to sample, see and get a sneak peek at what the new venue boasts. We're in love and we're filled with anticipation as they complete the renovation process this summer. Some of you guys were there - we saw you! But if you missed it, check out these shots from the scene by The Decisive Moment. 150422ASW 150422ASW 150422ASW 150422ASW 150422ASW 150422ASW Their future brides are pretty excited too. One said, "I loved being able to bring memories home from the event with photo booth pictures, especially since my own big day is happening there this summer." Luckily, we also got to have fun being a part this party, so here are a few of the pictures we captured from the night, inside our swanky booth. Ready to get your whiskey on? 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Married at the Manor | Memories with Courtney + Alan

It's about time we showed off another wedding, don't you think? And what better than one packed with glittering back drops, cheery people and fun props? Courtney and Alan tied the knot at Glendalough Manor. Tucked away in Tyrone, Ga., it's the perfect indoor-outdoor venue that's off the beaten path, but certainly worth the journey. Our own Johanna says, "It was stunning!!" What we loved most about this wedding was that the guests really got into the booth and loved adding to the Memory Book. "It was the first time I've run out of room in a book because the guests were so eager to take pictures and leave messages," said Johanna. "Plus, Courtney and Alan chose to send guests home with their booth pics inside photo sleeves. That was a big hit with the guests. They loved the extra take away!" Here's a little something for you guys to take away too… take a look at our favorites from the night! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Getting Creative with College Students

What do you get when you combine a room full of Art students with ten seconds in a photo booth? We could describe it, but it's best just to show it off... 2015. 2015. 2015. Obviously these creative brains could use facial expressions, hand gestures, props and personality to make a memorable, fridge-owrthy photo. And we loved getting to tag along for SCAD's spring celebration with them. As SCAD students and members were recognized, we helped them celebrate with a blank-canvas booth, done step-and-repeat style. We're sharing a few of our favorites, but they hardly compare to the work these posers have on display (and are still creating) at the school. Where's your inner artist? And what pose (hey, what prop!?) would you use? 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Going down in History … In Decatur

With so many great places to celebrate in the city, we aren't surprised that we've found yet another top spot. The Decatur History Center is one of our new favorite places to meet brides and grooms on their big day. Nestled in the hipster neighborhood and something outside the glitzy, ballroom norm, this venue - located inside the Decatur Courthouse - is quickly becoming a sought-after scene. We got to meet Mallory Donaldson with the Courthouse and History Center, who showed us the beautiful grounds and all of the venue's capabilities. "We love working with ShutterBooth Atlanta," Mallory said. "They are professional, on-time, creative and modern."

Decatur courthouse wedding.10_7_11 DeKalb County Courthouse wedding_10_7_11PaigeBlake_Wedding-306

"All of our clients also say that ShutterBooth is easy to work with and super fun!" Mallory shared. And we think the same about them. If you are already drooling over those pictures, then you understand why. One of our own hostesses, Sarah, added that working with Mallory and her staff was such a pleasant experience. "They're all super sweet!" "I love photo booths," Mallory added. "People get silly in them, and that makes for great pictures!" …Speaking of great pictures… We hosted the Dekalb History Center's Silent Auction in March with an Open booth. Here are some of our favorites! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Ruby + Alex

2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Comcast Party

You've read all about the new Gif capability that we're bringing to the ShutterBooth party… You also know all about our green screens. Here, we got to combine both for some seemingly live-action fun. Guests got to choose their backdrop, their props and poses for a slew of great memories that we get to share. Which one is your favorite?

Partying like Kings | Shannon + Phil

If you live in Atlanta, or have friends in Atlanta, you've more than likely attended a party at the fabulous King Plow Arts Center. With its many venues, easy parking and rustic ambiance (not to mention their phenomenally talented group of vendors), it's been one of the most popular spots for saying I Do - or celebrating it - for the last several years. So, it's no surprise that's where Shannon and Phil booked their wedding day bash. "King Plow Arts Center is always a really unique location to get married in," seconded Rebecca, Shannon and Phil's hostess for the evening. "The art on the walls and the rustic look is really cool for any wedding." 2015. And a good spot means your guests are eager to make good - really good - memories. Rebecca told us that the guests were all extra friendly and keeping no secrets about having a great time ... especially on the dance floor. "I remember is this one guy who started dancing in the booth. He was really breaking it down, and getting a lot of people to join him," said Rebecca - one of just many funny and entertaining shots captured from behind the curtain. Or should we say, in front of the super glittery curtain. 2015. "The decor outside the booth was simple, but romantic," Rebecca said. "There were accents like tree branches, twinkle lights and soft lighting that added a really nice to the glitzy party happening in the photo booth." As always, we're happy to bring the sparkle. 2015. 2015.

A Wedding in Wine Country | Megan + Marco

Okay, maybe we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves calling the rolling estates of Chateau Elan an actual country, but we can't help it. It's so gorgeous that you sort of don't feel like you're in our humble acres of Metro Atlanta anymore. That's one of the reasons we were excited to jump on board for Megan and Marco's big day. The excuse to get outside the city and settle into the beautiful resort was more than enough reason to celebrate. "Chateau Elan is such a beautiful venue," added our hostess, Rosie. "Everyone knows what you're talking about when you mention it, so it was cool that this couple chose that venue." Plus, Rosie said everyone really enjoyed using the booth (duh). "It was a great addition to the festivities because they had a lot of out-of-town guests, so this created a great memory and keepsake for them to take home." The best part? "We had some especially fun grandparents that hopped into the booth several times and had a bast," Rosie said. "Even the bride and groom were a hoot with all of their crazy poses!" Here's a few of our favorites from the night - in full, strip form, because we couldn't pick just one - including our star grandparents and a few of those crazy poses. Enjoy! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Hello Johanna! | A New Face in the photo booth

Noticed a new face behind the booth these days? We're excited to officially introduce Johanna - one of the cutest new hostesses to join our team. She's got a lot of energy, she's happy to jump in with creative ideas for your posing posture and she's quickly becoming one of our clients' favorites. We snagged a few minutes of her time to get some quick quips to help introduce her to the rest of our readers. Book her for your party today! 2015. 2015. When did you join the ShutterBooth team? Just a few months ago! Why did you decide to start hosting? It sounded like a fun way to earn some extra cash, and my friend Sarah told me how much she enjoyed it. 2015. What is your favorite thing about the photo booth? Definitely, the people I meet. Of those people, who makes the best memories? My  favorite kind of guest has to be the brides! My own wedding was the best day of my life and it's such an honor to help make a bride's (…and a groom's) too.

What we do makes us smile...

Every Monday we browse through hundreds and hundreds of photos from the previous weekend's ShutterBooth weddings, corporate events, school events, private parties, etc, preparing to store and ship them out to our clients as part of their post-event fun...and each and every Monday we get to smile for hours while doing so.  At ShutterBooth we are so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to create smiles and memories for the thousands of people that we are blessed to call our clients.   We do our best to share all of our fabulous client/guest photos on our Photo of the Day (bottom right of page), but this one in particular from this past weekend, we decided to share via blog ... what we do makes us smile, and it all thanks to all of you.  (ShuterBooth photo booth picture from Gabrielle and Jeffrey - 04-11-15 - Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown)