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Up on the Roof at Ventanas

One of the coolest aspects to our city is the sweet skyline it's evolution has made. Especially at night - when the buildings sparkle with lights and the highways buzz - it's a sight to see. It's also a sight to swoon over if you're a bride. With a backdrop like the one offered from the rooftop at Ventanas, any big day soiree is magazine (or frame, blow-up, canvas-worthy). We love the venue because it offers something different than anywhere else in the city. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring that skyline into air conditioning (much appreciated this time of year), or the terrace lets wedding guests celebrate under moonlight (or, of course, against the city's night lights). Likewise, we love the team behind the scenes at Ventanas. And - aw, shucks - they like us too. "ShutterBooth always has a friendly staff working at our events," said Hannah Baber, Catering Sales Manager for Ventanas. "They are great with the guests and will engage them so they're going to have fun. Some people need more help with letting go. I’ve seen the ShutterBooth team making funny faces at the guests just to get a better picture." …Speaking of great pictures, take a look at some of the romantic, on point scapes that past brides have with the Ventanas team. purple estate table ventanas atlanta 3 Ventanas patio view - no logo Obviously, Ventanas offers a view to remember. Baber said it's because the space shows Atlanta at its finest! "If their love story started or continues in Atlanta, why not have the beautiful skyline as the backdrop to your perfect evening?" And every perfect evening (for guests at least) included the perfect take-home gift. "Photo booths are a great alternative to wedding favors," she added. "Plus, capturing a moment in time is always precious and having a picture with your friends, family, significant other is a gift to treasure. I think my favorite pictures are ones where everyone has a random prop and is doing something different (with a funny face, of course!)" Combine your perfect elements and draft a dream wedding like these today. And, as if you needed more coaxing, check out some of our favorite memories below.    

A New Booth Dude - Say Hello to Dustin

Good news ShutterBooth fans - We've added to our incredibly fun group of hosts with a brand new crop of cool guys and gals. First up - We want you to meet Dustin. He joined us in the spring and brings good vibes and great enthusiasm to the booth. "Hosting is appealing to me because I enjoy providing people with a unique experience," he said. "I love that every job is a little different, and I love to see people enjoying their time in the booth. For example, once I worked a rehearsal dinner where a 7-year-old girl decided to help me pass out the prints. She loved when they printed out, and it made her smile every single time. It was cute, and it helped make my night way more fun!" 2015. Like a true boother, Dustin believes a photobooth is the perfect addition to any event. "It's not just entertaining for all ages, but it gives the guests a tangible keepsake to help remember the event." 2015. Who would he love to see step behind the curtain? "Paul McCartney!" he said, without even thinking about it. "I'm sure that guy would kill it in the booth!" unnamed-2 When Dustin isn't counting to four for party guests, he's an audio-visual engineer at a metro-Atlanta church. He hosts, shoots and edits a YouTube show, he's a freelance photographer, a writer and the co-host on a film review podcast. Clearly this guy's got the creativity flowing. In fact, a little known fact about him is that he's got a record-holding-worthy collection of BluRay/DVDs. In fact, he'd be at the move theatre all of the time if he could. 2015. When you see Dustin at your booth - just try to stump him with a movie quote. Welcome, Dustin!

Ready… Set... Go Red!

Although weddings, birthday parties and graduation day are reasons to celebrate - sometimes, we get the chance to be a part of something even bigger. This season, we jumped on board with the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Campaign. Our girl Sarah was there with the photo booth and says, "It was a beautiful event at The Marriott Marquis and thanks to Northside Hospital's Heart and Vascular group, ShutterBooth got to be  part of it." The booth experience was named "Picture and a Promise," so pose-ready guests made a promise to do something that would improve their heart health. Here's a few of our favorite: 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. "We learned a lot while we were there," said Sarah. "And, we met tons of women who have overcome heart disease. The American Heart Association brings awareness to the community on just how serious heart disease is, especially for women. Even Sarah got in on the promise keeping herself. She made a promise to excersie 150 minutes per week. Go Sarah!

Here Comes the Bride…And the Fashion

Summer is here, for sure. And while that doesn't get too many people excited about long dresses and brightly-lit catwalks - it's totally our bread and butter. So, to celebrate warm weather wardrobe changes, we are sharing what a fashion-tastic time we had with the Anya Fashion Show this spring. Nothing says cool like white dress after white(ish) dress. Here's a peak at the night, documented by Up & Up Weddings. We joined the party thrown by Modern Luxury Brides Atlanta at the Anya Bridal warehouse in downtown Atlanta. Literally, thousands of dresses line their square feet, offering brides of all sizes, shapes, colors and personalities the chance to find their dream dress. The event brought out almost the same number of elite Atlanta wedding vendors (okay, maybe not a thousand), including some of our proud partners - Visit Up & Up's page to see who all was a part of this party. In the meantime, see how they all partied here, in our booth. Can't wait to see some of these faces again! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

A Rockstar Wedding for Ruby and Alex

We love when we get the chance to meet a bride right from the beginning - Not only because then we can totally say we're friends, but because it's a whole lot of fun to plan what's in store before the creative process even starts. We can make sure that what the booth brings to the table is right on the money. That's how our friendship with Ruby began. Our lovely Sarah met her at the South Asian bridal show where she was looking for a photobooth. "I was so excited because we had seriously one more booth available for her wedding date," said Sarah. "She is insanely organized, so she had my heart from the beginning. We worked together over the next few months preparing for her big day." 2015. 2015. Because Ruby and her groom, Alex, are both graphic designers, they created their own photo booth logo to match their invites and programs. 2015. Paired with the super cool gold and black chevron backdrop, the take-home for their guests was chic and fun. (Plus, it's cool to look at here on our blog!) 2015. "Rain was in the forecast for the outside wedding," said Sarah, remembering the big day. "No worries, though. Of course, Ruby had a plan b and we all shifted inside for a fun night filled with amazing music and food." One of the coolest parts to this celebration was the fact that they used ShutterShare to have their photos posted to Twitter and Facebook. So, while rockstar bride Ruby snagged the mic on stage, her guests were making memories as well - and everyone could see them. It was one pretty amazing evening. …See? We are totally friends. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Smells Like American Spirit …And it Works

We do a lot of talking about venues. We can't help it - Atlanta has some of the best, coolest and most functional scenes around. But that doesn't mean they're done adding to the repertoire. The latest celebratory hot spot is on the scene, and it's also Atlanta's first distillery. American Spirit Works (a Novare property) hits the event circuit this wedding season, and started off things with a big shebang. They invited their future brides, party goers and the event industry out to sample, see and get a sneak peek at what the new venue boasts. We're in love and we're filled with anticipation as they complete the renovation process this summer. Some of you guys were there - we saw you! But if you missed it, check out these shots from the scene by The Decisive Moment. 150422ASW 150422ASW 150422ASW 150422ASW 150422ASW 150422ASW Their future brides are pretty excited too. One said, "I loved being able to bring memories home from the event with photo booth pictures, especially since my own big day is happening there this summer." Luckily, we also got to have fun being a part this party, so here are a few of the pictures we captured from the night, inside our swanky booth. Ready to get your whiskey on? 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Married at the Manor | Memories with Courtney + Alan

It's about time we showed off another wedding, don't you think? And what better than one packed with glittering back drops, cheery people and fun props? Courtney and Alan tied the knot at Glendalough Manor. Tucked away in Tyrone, Ga., it's the perfect indoor-outdoor venue that's off the beaten path, but certainly worth the journey. Our own Johanna says, "It was stunning!!" What we loved most about this wedding was that the guests really got into the booth and loved adding to the Memory Book. "It was the first time I've run out of room in a book because the guests were so eager to take pictures and leave messages," said Johanna. "Plus, Courtney and Alan chose to send guests home with their booth pics inside photo sleeves. That was a big hit with the guests. They loved the extra take away!" Here's a little something for you guys to take away too… take a look at our favorites from the night! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Getting Creative with College Students

What do you get when you combine a room full of Art students with ten seconds in a photo booth? We could describe it, but it's best just to show it off... 2015. 2015. 2015. Obviously these creative brains could use facial expressions, hand gestures, props and personality to make a memorable, fridge-owrthy photo. And we loved getting to tag along for SCAD's spring celebration with them. As SCAD students and members were recognized, we helped them celebrate with a blank-canvas booth, done step-and-repeat style. We're sharing a few of our favorites, but they hardly compare to the work these posers have on display (and are still creating) at the school. Where's your inner artist? And what pose (hey, what prop!?) would you use? 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Going down in History … In Decatur

With so many great places to celebrate in the city, we aren't surprised that we've found yet another top spot. The Decatur History Center is one of our new favorite places to meet brides and grooms on their big day. Nestled in the hipster neighborhood and something outside the glitzy, ballroom norm, this venue - located inside the Decatur Courthouse - is quickly becoming a sought-after scene. We got to meet Mallory Donaldson with the Courthouse and History Center, who showed us the beautiful grounds and all of the venue's capabilities. "We love working with ShutterBooth Atlanta," Mallory said. "They are professional, on-time, creative and modern."

Decatur courthouse wedding.10_7_11 DeKalb County Courthouse wedding_10_7_11PaigeBlake_Wedding-306

"All of our clients also say that ShutterBooth is easy to work with and super fun!" Mallory shared. And we think the same about them. If you are already drooling over those pictures, then you understand why. One of our own hostesses, Sarah, added that working with Mallory and her staff was such a pleasant experience. "They're all super sweet!" "I love photo booths," Mallory added. "People get silly in them, and that makes for great pictures!" …Speaking of great pictures… We hosted the Dekalb History Center's Silent Auction in March with an Open booth. Here are some of our favorites! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.