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Wedding Con | A Galaxy Close to Home

Once upon a time … in a galaxy far-far-away … Actually, scratch that. This galaxy was right here in town, at the fabulous Loew's Hotel. And the superheroes fighting for good? They were actually a bride and groom, saying "I do" in one of the most creative wedding day celebrations we've ever seen. "Most of the guests came dressed as a character from their favorite show or movie," said Rosie, our hostesses for the Star Trek/Star Wars themed wedding. "They had great props, including cardboard cutouts of Spock and several of the robots from Star Wars." With the use of a logo'd step-and-repeat instead of the traditional backdrop, this couple created a sense of being at their own Comic Con. A special thanks goes to Allison Mah Photography who captured some of these candid moments of the booth shown below. Check out our favorite shots from inside the booth we've added to the mix. 080815-loews-atlanta-hotel-wedding-jessica-tim_334 080815-loews-atlanta-hotel-wedding-jessica-tim_441 "Everyone got into documenting their costumes in the photo booth," Rosie explained. "My favorite part was seeing the groom with his brothers. They are huge Star Trek fans so it was fun to see their outfits and how excited they were to have pictures of it." 080815-loews-atlanta-hotel-wedding-jessica-tim_356 080815-loews-atlanta-hotel-wedding-jessica-tim_375 We can't speak for all of our readers, but after being a part of this big day, we can't definitely feel the force with us. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.  

Seeing Outside the Spectrum | Spotlight on Spectrum Entertainment

When we met Matt and his team at Spectrum Entertainment, we were pumped to add such a well-rounded group of wedding vendors to our list of vendor friends. Then, we got to know them … And it got even better! These guys, including Lou Guzzo who runs their DJ and Sales divisions, are so much fu to work with. And together, on many a wedding, we've been able to complement each other so that the bride and groom seriously have the best night ever. From lighting to DJs, and other specialty equipment, they bring a whole lot to the table that not only makes us look good, but it makes the bride and groom feel great. In fact, our veteran boother Johnny said, "The guys at Spectrum are awesome to work with! They keep it professional and organized, and it works well because we have this unspoken, mutual respect for each other." "ShutterBooth has multiple systems and offers a variety of services, just like we do," said Spectrum Owner, Matt Osborne. "They are extremely friendly from front office to their event staff and always put customers first. Plus, they have always been available for us!" open booth booth peachtree club open It also helps that we really like each other. Our team of hosts reiterates how the DJs with Spectrum always have the best crowd reactions. In short, everyone is always on the dance floor, and everyone is always having a great time. Guzzo said, "Simply put, photo booths are a type of novelty entertainment with a personal keepsake. Who wouldn’t love getting inside one? It’s totally fun to be an adult kid with a simple excuse to show some personality." WIN_20141231_213510 "Our services go hand-in-hand with theirs," Johnny added. "The combination of our teams at any event is a serious homerun! Working with Lou, John, and/or Matt is super easy. All of their DJs are great at what they do and they always give us shoutouts throughout the night!" Now, only one thing left to do … round out a dynamite team for your own event and book them now!  

Behind the Spotlight | Meet Amanda

It's that time again, photo booth fans! We've got another awesome gal on our team and we want to make sure you get to know her too! Meet Amanda! She joined our team in search of face-to-face contact with people she sees at work. What a better platform than standing at the helm of a camera!? "My college degree is in theatre arts and I don't really get to interact with guests. Now, I get to meet a ton of people!" IMG_1939 What makes her good at hosting, you ask? She's a Walt Disney World alum! "Working there has helped me a lot. When you work for Disney you are taught to keep a smile on your face and how to keep a situation calm and in control when everything is busy and rushed." What's your favorite kind of situation? "I love really awesome weddings! Some weddings crowds are just extra special and have great personalities! Don't get me wrong, I love working all weddings, but sometimes I get a great group that willingly take millions of great pictures and the bride and groom get involved too." IMG_1938 Other than brides and grooms, if you could have a photo strip with anyone on your fridge, who would it be with? Well, I have two! First it would be with Chris Pratt, because he is just too funny of a person!  Secondly, cheesy as it sounds, it would be my parents because they actually experienced their first wedding photo booth experience and their photos where hilarious! I want hilarious photo booth photos with my parents! Lucky Amanda, because this engaged lady will get her chance at her upcoming nuptials in October! Other than meeting, greeting and planning a wedding, this gal loves going out to different restaurants around town and trying new foods. She and her fiancé can be seen chowing down at the Vortex or Oriental Express. You could also spot Amanda working at Gwinnett Center as an theatrical electrician. Fancy!  

Baby Shower fun with Shutterbooth

ShutterBooth is used at all different types of events. Recently ShutterBooth helped bring fun and entertainment to Karen's Baby shower. The guests had a great time in the photo both taking pictures. 2015_opt(1)         They used baby shower props such as bibs and bottles. 2015_opt(2)         A custom Baby Vidal prop was made specifically for this event. 2015_opt(4)           There were even custom elephant props made to match the theme of the event. 2015_opt(3)         2015_opt(5)             Not only were the baby shower props made for the event but a custom logo was created for Karen's event as well and it matched perfectly with the props and the other decorations of the baby shower. BabyVidal-V1                 ShutterBooth is a way to add fun and entertainment to any event be it a wedding, birthday, corporate event or even a baby shower. Book ShutterBooth for a unique experience for your next event.

Glad to be an Americana | Coca-Cola

We love an excuse to head over to the Sweetwater Brewery. Especially when it involves our other favorite fizzy drink  - Coca Cola! We partnered with the two brands (and Local Three Kitchen and Bar) for A Taste of Americana, a culinary adventure to celebrate and taste different types of food from different areas of the U.S. "The crowd was a fun mix of international folk!" said Kaytee, our hostess for the evening. "Everyone was excited and enthusiastic - especially about jumping into the booth." In fact, they LOVED the booth! (Hey, it shows.) "They really loved getting a ton of people into the frame and interacting with the location they were able to choose for the green screen!" Kaytee said. Guests could photogenically transport themselves to The Big Apple, Las Vegas, The Liberty Bell, Hollywood, the Statue of Liberty or The White House. "I loved seeing them so excited!" Kaytee said. "They were so amused and people were so silly - they cracked up at each others' flubs and silliness!" Here's a glimpse into the green screen gregariousness! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Which ShutterBooth Style will you choose?

With Wedding Season in FULL SWING the array of options from the wedding industry are limitless!  Did you know ShutterBooth offers/will offer Four (4) distinct photo booth setups for all events styles and budgets ? Which will you choose ? ShutterBooth-Experience---OrangeShutterGram - Also known as The Selfie Station Booth is perfect for those on a budget looking to have a photo memories at their event.  The guests are the photographers and take pics with their cell phones.  They will then upload them to Instagram with a unique hashtag like #TimandTina2015  The guests would then be able to head over to the ShutterGram station to instantly print their photos! Traditional - The Traditional Photo Booth has been around for years and offers a classic look for any style of wedding.  They say "What goes on behind the curtain of a ShutterBooth Stay's behind the curtain of a ShutterBooth".  Don't forget to ask us when you reserve your booth for some of the funniest photos we've seen behind the ShutterBooth Curtain Open Air - This fairly new concept in Photo Booths offers more of a Step & Repeat feel with a glamours backdrop which you can choose from our inventory to perfectly compliment your event! Guests stand in front of the curtain and take photos! ShutterPod - The newest addition to the ShutterBooth Photo Booth Tampa family.  ShutterPod offers a quick, easy setup, and a larger monitor.  ShutterPod may be used a stand alone product or combined with one of our unique backdrops! To reserve one our ShutterBooths for your event contact us today 813.770.9132 or email  

Saying I Do with Marcus + Amber

Last month, we traveled the perimeter to one of our new favorite places - Heritage Green - in Sandy Springs. A lush, sprawling amphitheater, 4-acre green space and historical museum preserving all things Sandy Springs, it's a stellar spot to say, I Do. And that's exactly what we witnessed with Marcus and Amber. This adorable couple said their vows amidst an energetic group of family and friends, who not only had a good time on the dance floor and in between sets, but completely rocked out the photo booth. In fact, the couple started things off right by choosing one of our brand-new backdrops - the glistening Mother of Pearl option. (Ask Sarah for a list of options when you book your own booth!) "This was a really fun crowd!" said Johnny, veteran host. "At first, I was worried because we were set up outside the main ballroom, but in fact, I stayed busy for the entire night!" Johnny said it was a big group from in and out of state, so he got to chat it up with all of them. His favorite memory from the night? This money shot of the happy couple and the adorable one of the bridesmaids. AM02 AM01   Here's a look into a few more of our favorites, too! 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

Rocking the Runway with Terani

Ready for your close-up? ShutterBooth was! And we helped everyone feeling the fashion vibe at Americas Mart get there too. …In the booth of course. Whether models in between walks on the catwalk, to passersby capturing their day on film - not to mention the rest of the thousands of people who walked the aisles - this was an awesome time. "The crowd at this event was fun and eager to shop for all the latest fashion trends," said Dustin, our host on site. "The vibe was elegant but affable, and everyone was excited to make the event memorable." Our booth was a great fit because it gave people a keepsake to help them remember the show. That worked well for Terani - the event's host - because it gave them a first-glance spot on everyone's fridge once they got home. …And hopefully a return visit! "The most memorable photo wasn't a model," Dustin remembered. "It was a group of visitors dressed in bright colors and carrying vibrant umbrellas. They took a couple photos with the Terani employees and went on their way. They had so much fun and the bright colors really made their photos pop!" Here's a sneak peek at some of the runway-inspired money shots. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.  

Prime-rica Time in the booth

This summer, we really got to flex our picture-snapping muscles. That is, we boothed it up times four! With Primerica - a financial services company - we welcomed thousands of guests as a part of their millennial party for young employees. "It was a fun, club-scene party," said Sarah, one of the four hosts there that night. "My favorite memory was debuting our new slow motion video booth. "We had multiple booths to accommodate that amount of people," explained host Amanda. "They were all different though, because they all had different backdrops and one was specifically for gifs." Secret fact about the gif booth? Aside from the slow-mo feature, the booth had a crazy amount of confetti. Incorporating that gave guests a variety to chose from, sparkles and everyone's favorite pattern, chevron. "The last photo I got to take at the event was super fun!!!" Amanda remembered. "The guest had walked up right as we were closing. I had just turned the application off, so I turned it back on and had them get ready for their photos. They asked if they could take one more and I told them they had to make it good because they were the last photo of the night! All I will say is, I just remember laughing so hard!" Who says corporate events are some of the best ever? See more for yourself… 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015. 2015.

A Star-Studded Event with Nikki + Ben

It's time to raise the roof, ShutterBooth fans! We know the phrase may be old school, but it's the best way to describe the awesome party celebrating Nikki and Ben last month. At one of our favorite venues (and one of the only rooftops in the city), Ventannas, this couple can best be described as a real-life Barbie and Ken. And, with beautiful people, comes a pretty beautiful party. "It had a very international-meets-Ralph-Lauren-models vibe," Emily, hostess with the mosses, remembered. "Guests were from all over, inlcuding the U.K., Australia, Ireland and Germany. Plus there were a few celebrities, like Matt Stafford, the Detroit Lion's QB and UGA alum." The best part about such a cool party was the idea of the more the merrier. "They would get as many people in the booth with as many props as possible (and take as many sets as possible!)," said Emily. "It was definitely a hit of the night!" We love being the hit of the party - here's some of our favorite takes: