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Rhymes with Jelly, but They're the Jam | EllyB Events

There are so many great vendors in Atlanta. They all make your event the most unique, the most fun and something you'll be talking about for years and years to come. So, what makes one stand out over another? We think it's chemistry. And with the team at EllyB Events, we're cooking up some crazy-good stuff. So we asked our host Megan - a big fan of EllyB - to dish on what makes this group of event planning extraordinaires so great to work with. "I like working with EllyB because she never misses anything," said Megan. "I love her team!" " My most memorable event with EllyB would be a wedding at 200 Peachtree for an NFL player and his bride," she added . "The flowers, colors, decoration and the guests were amazing!" Here are some of our other faves… Kristilyn's big day at Biltmore Ballrooms 10646843_10152375201731964_3339793019201277171_n Lulu and Rahul's wedding at Sugarloaf Country Club 14198641-538347c9a6d91 Raha and Kyle's big day at The Georgian Terrace (see the recap here) 15076947-53df0ce19acda Charmaine and Tarrio's wedding at The Foundry at Puritan Mill 15073068-53deac7a44ed8 Nakeemia and Michael's wedding at Piedmont Estate and Gardens 14294486-538c9e09c88f4_1 "Her style is full of glam and no detail is overlooked," Megan said. "Our brand aligns with EllyB because we both want whats best for the client and do everything to make their event unforgettable." We polled the team over at EllyB, and were so excited to hear the feeling was mutual, that we couldn't help but share. "ShutterBooth is the BEST!!!," says Khadine Springer of EllyB Events. "ShutterBooth's employees are awesome. They go above and beyond before, during and after an event to assist us and our clients. All of our clients are impressed with their work. They absolutely love the book filled with memories." And, as if timing couldn't be more appropriate, she also cites one of her favorite memories working with ShutterBooth as  last month's feature, Raha and Kyle's wedding at The Georgian Terrace. Cheers to good times, all around.

Let's Make a Video with ShutterBooth Atlanta

It's no secret we push the power of pictures. And we won't stop. We love pictures. They're worth way more than a thousand words. But, when you can say those words, deliver your message with more than a smile or a silly pose, well that's gotta be priceless, right? That's why we introduced the option to provide Video Messaging as part of your photo booth package. Instead of (or in addition to) snapping a series of memorable moments, you can leave audible, personal and meaningful messages for the bride and groom, the birthday boy and/or girl or the guests of honor. "Video Messaging is like a live guest book!" said Megan, one of our ShutterBooth hosts. "Guests can leave little messages to the couple via video, which is so perfect for the couple who is inviting a lot of family and friends that they don't get to see much." "it's also super simple, and us hosts can help guests record exactly what they want to say," Megan said. "What I've noticed is that guests love the option of singing, dancing or just leaving a sweet message. The funniest thing I've seen is  a group of friends of the bride who planned and executed a song. They dressed up in props and had choreographed dance moves!" Just be careful… your bride and groom could enter said singing and dancing into the next reality show competition! Add this to your photo booth package... contact us today!

Ladies Night in Atlanta with Chelsea and Jen

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of being at home. I mean, it's where the heart is, after all. And as cliche as that sounds, it's on par for the celebration of love we got to be a part of with Chelsea and Jen last month. Their home is tucked into a quaint and quiet neighborhood in Atlanta, one that says hello to each other on the street and even welcomes yard parking - a coveted trait on special event days like this. The home was perfect for their party, with a big backyard and a sprawling deck. We planted the booth on that deck, where we could see the all the action on the dance floor. 15592057-541b2f1e87527 "I was a bit skeptical about the idea of a house wedding," Alana says, Chelsea and Jen's host for the evening. "But this wedding surely changed my mind. The rustic decor and set up outside was gorgeous. Chelsea and Jen really added their special touches to it. They had homemade food and sangria (red and white), a vodka bar, snack bar, cookies, cupcakes and a unique sign or display (such as in wooden crates and buckets) for each station." 15592046-541b2ecbc2d64 "I absolutely LOVED this event," she adds. "Everyone knew each other and from the very beginning, everything felt so connected." 15572134-5419bdf362c5f Details to dote over: The ladies had homemade honey jars as their take-home gifts, scented candles that gave off a feeling of being in the outdoors, their wedding cake sat on a tree stump and they had a sparklers and a fireworks show to end out the evening 15592206-541b3413d8bbf 15592230-541b35a245ab8 What made this event even more special in our eyes (no bias, of course), is the fact that these ladies brought the booth to the next level with their own props. They made cut-out signs, frames and had fun hats as well. They even provided their very own backdrop - a faux tree trunk print - which added to their outside/rustic them. They even provided fans on that hot day to cool people off in the booth, which made the pictures even more fun as people utilized the "hair blowing in the wind effect!"

Setting the Standard in Athens

Our loyal readers know we're not just about the weddings and the corporate events. We can still get down with a non-special event party. We can still hang with the cool, college crowd. And this party proves it. We took the Shutterbooth bus to Athens to party at the swanky and posh UGA student residence, The Standard. We invited infinity pool plungers into our open-air photo booth had plenty of social media action via ShutterGram. Here's what we captured. 10660334_10152404061481964_4091254499608022771_n "Guests loved getting prints of their photos they had posted on Twitter or Instagram," host Megan said. "It was a fun little surprise that some weren't expecting at first!" She adds, "Having the booth outdoors kept the event relaxed and easy going." 10672115_10152404061196964_6464249903887171235_n 1013288_10152404061191964_8237105214301694047_n 10628546_10152404061011964_7116315228818387242_n 10711052_10152404061401964_1903994599539622756_n Want to see more? We don't blame you. Check out the full gallery on our Facebook Page now!

Pretty in Pink Party at The Foundry

It's girly, it's glitzy and it's downright glamorous, in our opinion. Pink, that is. And Rosa and Will made sure to show it off at their wedding day fete at The Foundry at Puritan Mill. The couple divided the rustic, exposed beam-style venue into three sections, so that they could focus their utmost to each individual event within their big day celebration. The ceremony kicked things off in the center of the room, and a seated party rounded out a beautiful evening on one side. But the real party - ahem, the one where Shutterbooth was - happened on the other side. With yummy apps and a creative bar setup, the cocktail hour carried a sophisticated, fun vibe with couches and high top tables that made it comfy while they waited their turn to get behind the curtain. As host Sarah puts it, "The guests had a full hour of Shutterbooth love." 15441122-540caaa478f7a She adds, "The guests at this wedding were beautiful and outgoing. The pink sequin backdrop added to the glamour of The Foundry, and even though no props were used, they got very creative with their poses." In fact, at the end of the night, the bride, her groom and their friends took over the booth, and that's where Sarah pulled her favorites memories from the night. 15441131-540caaca8f1df her co-hostess with the mostess for the evening was our lovely lady, Michelle, who seconds a love for the glamorous backdrop that The Foundry delivers. "Load in and break down was very easy," she says. "We also had lots of room so the crowd could let loose and have a great time." She remembers several of the guests coming back for more photos, keeping these girls busy for the majority of the night. 15441487-540cb2c7661a7 15441640-540cb6a38bedb 15441958-540cbcf8e5a66

Shutterbooth Loves Devin - Our second doctor-to-be!

When Devin started hosting for us about 6 months ago, it was as part of a perfect pair - Her roommate is fellow host, Alana. And just like her, Devin is a fun-loving soul who makes the photo booth fun something easy to attain, no matter what your event crowd is. "I loved the idea of what sounded like a simple, flexible schedule that could accommodate my school work. It's probably one of the best jobs I've had," Devin said. "It's still easy but way more fun than I thought and I love being able to travel around a bit and see new places and things I would have never gotten to experience otherwise." 2014. We polled her on a few other Shutterbooth-esque topics, and want you guys to get to know her as well! Enjoy meeting Devin. "I love the group, couple or even one person that just gets in the booth, has no idea what they're doing and laughs through the whole set. Those are some of the most genuine pictures you will find." 2014. "My best memory is getting to work Easter with my roomie! We got to play with animals at the petting zoo, see so many families and it was a bonus that we were right next to the popcorn maker. Plus getting to work with Alana is always better than being by myself!" 2014. "My favorite place to host is a tough call, because I love all the nice little cottages or places that you would never even suspect how beautiful they are until you step inside. But if I had to choose, I would probably say Lake Lanier. I've been able to go there a few times now and I love seeing different places, ideas and how people utilize a place that is so big in order to fit exactly what they want! Every time I go there I feel like I discover a new part I had never seen." 2014. Since I am currently in my 4th year of medical school, when I'm not hosting, you'll find me somewhere with a book open or doing various practice questions. And if not that then napping. I love a nice, short, refreshing nap!" 2014. "I love a lot of what Atlanta has to offer as far as the outdoors. Hiking, waterfalls, trails, festivals in the parks… all of it. There is something new every week and I wish I could have more time to experience it all but that's the life of a medical student I guess!"

Summerour, in the City

Off the beaten path isn't usually what brides-to-be are looking for when it comes to their dream wedding venue. They want something tried, true and that makes a statement. Fortunately, we know a place that has the time-and-event tested reputation, but is off the radar from Atlanta's busiest streets. Summerour sits on Bishop Street, safely tucked away from nearby Atlantic Station, IKEA and buzzing highways. A refurbished warehouse, vintage windows, wooden floors and exposed rafter ceilings make it a unique canvas for your big day (or special event), plus as a member of the Novare Events group, it comes with a flawless event plan and connections to some of the coolest design factors. And we love them. In fact, host Megan said, "There are lots of reasons to love Summerour, but on top of the list is definitely the staff and the relaxed atmosphere!" Johnny said, "It's one of my favorites. It's a large venue for a great celebration. Every event I've done here has been lively with plenty of room to move around and dance. Logistically, loading in is easy." Here are some of our best memories from the gorgeous Westside Atlanta venue - an indoor/outdoor space with breathtaking views of the city skyline, with a private, intimate address. 13023755-52b465567ccb2 13023514-52b463ec596d3 14846689-53c410d2a8983.jpg 14845418-53c40bc146cbc.jpg 15442041-540cbe5be9caf 15441864-540cbb99e77ba

Smiling it Forward with Tylenol!

Tylenol is inviting moms across the country to take pictures of their children smiling and share them for a good cause!
Tylenol's Smiling it Forward campaign is donating to Children's Health Fund, an organization well-known for its mobile medical clinics that provide healthcare services to under served children throughout the U.S.  Now, until mid-January, moms across the country can join in by sharing their own smiles at, prompting TYLENOL® to make a $1 donation to Children's Health Fund, up to $100,000, helping to ensure a doctor's visit is always within reach for children in need.


ShutterBooth New Jersey had the pleasure of participating with Tylenol and the Smiling it Forward campaign!

We spent the afternoon with Tylenol at the beautiful Hudson Terrace in NYC.  We were joined by mom bloggers who are helping in spreading the word via social media of this great campaign. The women enjoyed our OPEN by ShutterBooth immensely! Showing off their silly side, they dressed up and shared lots of smiles with all of us and used our Shutter and Share to spread the fun to their Facebook pages!

h2014. You can view all of the photos at ShutterYou!

Laying it Out - Shutterbooth's Strip Style

Everyone loves the idea of taking home a vintage-inspired photo strip of their silliest faces, or most endearing poses. It takes us back to simpler times, when capturing an expression on a whim was something new-fangled and awesome. Well, it's still awesome. And, it still looks great, plastered to our refrigerators or framed on our nightstands. The plus side to jumping in the booth now, in the 21st Century, is that you've got options. Lots of them. Shutterbooth offers an array of layout choices, so depending on what kind of backdrop you want to show off, what kind of message you want to frame your faces with and how intense of a design you want to send guests home with, there's something to meet those expectations. The Original This is our classic layout - it's the one you remember (or have seen in the movies) from ages past. It's still the most popular order today! "I love the photo strip layout!" said our host Megan. "It's nostalgic and I love the symmetry that it offers."

15241605-53f3ae7cc6c25.jpg 15242194-53f3b4bd788eb_1

The 4x6 Horizontal We introduced this layout a little over a year ago. It gave us more creative license with showing off big, fun pictures that were taken in the booth. Plus, it's a bit more artful in its layout. "Layout-wise, I don't really have a favorite, but I like this one for its size," host Johhny said. "It allows for more customization, like with text boxes, room for images and graphics, and, of course, its bigger." 15073384-53deaed77a7d7.jpg 15190183-53eccf98cb4cd 15243057-53f3bce14f07d.jpg The 4x6 Vertical This layout we mostly see for promotional reasons and corporate events, but that doesn't mean it's not up for grabs no matter the occasion. We like the portrait landscape and the space it gives our clients to play with individual image orientation and gives logos and special graphics more room to shine. Here is a handful of our favorite examples: 946922_10151555010891964_745111236_n 1239826_10151622259076964_1732952859_n 10171769_10152056380731964_165492469_n1374160_10151722393736964_1106344005_n So - do you have a favorite? Which one will you choose for your own event? Book your package, and design scheme today!

Something Blue spotted in the Booth

"Something blue" definitely seemed to be the theme for Kristin and Andrew's downtown wedding. In fact, they utilized the 4x6 print so they could customize the layout to be big, blue and include a cute graphic and logo for the happy new couple. We love seeing our brides and grooms get creative with their layouts - it makes it a fun gift to send your guests home with, and it helps everyone remember your big day for just how creative and stylish it really was. "I personally love the blue backdrop," said Alana, the couple's host for their big day. "It's my favorite. While it's more common to see the gold or silver backdrop in weddings, I think that if the backdrop matches the color of the wedding why not use it?" 15324461-53fdfc85673d4.jpg "This wedding was great!" Alana added. "It was a smaller, family-oriented wedding, but the ShutterBooth was a hit, and once the music started playing, the guests never left the dance floor!" While we love showing off the custom layout, there's was so much fun captured in the booth, that we had to highlight some of our favorite single pics. Enjoy! 15328219-53fe2e218e260 15328234-53fe2e64ba52c 15328259-53fe2ee0b9de0 15328298-53fe2f87a2544 15328386-53fe3121e3e98 15328483-53fe32db912b6