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Q: Does the ShutterBooth service period have to be continuous, or can there be one or more breaks during the service period?

A:You can have the ShutterBooth open during any hours that you prefer, and in any sequence. For each hour of downtime, you will be assessed an “idle hour” fee.

Q: What time will ShutterBooth setup?

A: Your ShutterHost will arrive for set-up two (2) hours prior to the start of your ShutterBooth service.

Q: Is there a host on-site the for entire ShutterBooth service period?

A: Yes – We have a ShutterHost on-site the entire time operating the ShutterBooth, and meeting, greeting, and assisting your guests.  If your package includes a Scrapbook, your ShutterHost will even assemble the guestbook on-site and ask your guests to sign. If your package includes props, your ShutterHost will keep the props well-organized and ready for use. They even inspire guests to Strike-A-Pose!

Q: If a group of guests enter the ShutterBooth, do they each get a copy of the photo strip?

A: Yes!  At ShutterBooth, we offer REPRINTS!  That means that if a group of 4 guests enter the booth — and they each want a copy — all they have to do is request that your ShutterHost print additional photo strips for each of them to take home.  Your ShutterHost will print them on-site at no extra cost!

Q: If my package includes a Scrapbook, will my guests receive a copy of the photo strips?

A: Yes – Our host will print one strip for the guests, and one strip for the guestbook.

Q: What is included in the prop box?

A: Our prop box comes with all sorts of crazy hats, boas, over-sized sunglasses, masks, inflatable instruments, swords, wands, etc.  The list goes on! Each of our prop boxes comes with different things but you are guaranteed a very large amount of options, and a ton of FUN!

Q: Is there a delivery fee?

A: If the event venue is located within a 50-mile radius of the City of Austin, there will be no delivery fee.  There will be a charge for each mile outside the 50-mile radius at a rate of $0.65 per mile.



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