A Vibrant Soiree for Nishi + Vishal

In the spirit of This event summer’s first week underway, we decided to show off a beautiful event to rival the season’s vibrant colors. Nishi and Vishal tied the knot in Norcross with indescribable details, sweet friends and family and memories to cherish. Lucky for us, we (well, our fabulous hostess Rosie) were there for it!

“The thing I loved most about this wedding was how colorful it was,” remembered Rosie. “I love the traditional Indian weddings for how intricate the clothing is. Everyone had on some kind of bright and colorful dress or outfit and shoes to match.”

2016. 2016. 2016.

Other high points? The groom is led into the ceremony with loud drums and tinkling bells. How’s that for making an entrance?

“The photo booth is always a hit at any event,” said Rosie. “At Nishi and Vishal’s party, some people wanted to take “serious” pictures, but most got silly with it and incorporated props and funny faces. The bride and groom even got into it with their own props mixed in!”

2016. 2016.

This was certainly not a party to be missed – Congrats to Nishi and Vishal, and thanks for letting us add to the memories!

2016. 2016.