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Video Booth

Is it time for ShutterVideo? 

If you are looking for ways to make your event the talk of the town? Or maybe you want to be remembered for throwing the best event of the year. ShutterVideo might be the way to do it. Due to short videos being the best way to get your message shared on social media, it is a great way to spread the word about your event.

Do you want a video booth?  

ShutterVideo is an innovative and fun way to capture your party’s memories by recording a video with a personalized message to you. Something heartfelt and sweet, something off the wall and funny and, if your ears can handle it, guests can sing to you. The high-quality audio equipment used by ShutterBooth will pick up every last note. We’ll even compile all the videos on a DVD for you and post on-line for easy downloading. If you can’t decide between the photos or the video, do both. ShutterVideo can be combined with the classic ShutterBooth photo experience.


ShutterVideo Booth


Add another dimension to your video recordings with our Advanced Video recording options!

Whether you are looking for a fun and cheery message or serious there is no better way than a video! You can choose to speed it up or slow it down to keep everyone’s attention. You can add music or maybe even your company slogan!

Multi-Speed Video


Green Screen – SloMo Video with Music

These videos can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes in length depending on what you want your guests to do at your event. We are here to help you plan the best experience for your guests so if you have any ideas let us know and we can help you get exactly what you want.