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Many Coordinated Green Screen photo booth overlays to choose from


ShutterBooth’s seamless green screen experience takes the photo booth to places it has never been before! The ability to select from a variety of backgrounds just by selecting the photo on the screen can transform any event. Just like the photo shows you can go from summer to winter in the same picture. 


Choose one overlay for all your photos, or coordinate one overlay for each background! Overlays will enhance your green screen experience by further integrating your guests with your green screen backgrounds. This not only lets you have a winter background with snowflakes falling but you can brand your event so your guests will never forget your amazing event!

GREEN SCREEN GUEST CHOICESelect your Green Screen photo booth background from many options

Set one background for all your guests to use or let them choose from limitless options! Your green screen backgrounds are 100% customizable and may include any images of your choice. These options are great for weddings, grand openings, sporting events, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras and many more!

Golf Course Green Screen Photo Booth in Albuquerque, NM

Here is a great photo showing how much fun you can have on a Golf Course when it is made on ShutterBooth’s Green Screen! This is an example of a Fundraising idea so you can recognize your event sponsor by having a photo of the great Golf Course in the background of all the photos!

Green Screen Photo Booths for Marketing

Due to the customization of the green screen options, they are a great tool for Marketing or Branding your business. Here are some examples from an Open House from FreeRange Organic Co-working Space.

Green Screen Photo customized booth backdrop

This is 1 of the 4 green screen backdrops with logos and Name of the Business that was used for the Open House. This is a great way for businesses to Brand their events and spread their name in the community.

Green Screen Photo Booth with branding

Co-owners of the great new business FreeRange Organic Coworking Spaces.

Branded Green Screen Photo Booth backdrop