With The Times: 2017 Photo Booth Trends

With The Times: 2017 Photo Booth Trends

It is another exciting year for Shutterbooth Albuquerque! Moving with the times to give you a photo experience unlike any other, we are keeping up with 2017 photo booth trends. What are the latest photo trends that everyone is talking about? What new photo technology is making photo booths all the rage?

2017 Photo Booth Trends

Boomerang Video

Animated Power Of GIF and Boomerang Videos

Confetti Booths, Animated Gifs, and Boomerang Videos allow you to relive fun-filled moments over and over again! This interactive loop video personalizes your experience in a whole new way! It is also a great way to record and share your memories for everyone to see.

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth can make your photo experience interactive with our Animated, Gifs, Boomerang Gifs, and Seamless Green Screen! We also have Slomo Video and Video Booths to give you the best interactive photo experience!

Social Media Compatibility 

Social media is a critical component to photo booth. It is not only a business necessity for branding exposure but also make it easier for you to share your events with friends and family!

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers ShutterShare which gives your guests a seamless photo sharing experience. ShutterShare is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Our ShutterShare is also email, printer, and text friendly!

Take a gander at our Lip Syncing Animated Green Screen!

Photo Trendy

Check out more popular photo booth trendsDiscover what fabulous services we have to offer with our latest technology, we can make your photo experience unlike any other! 












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To Prop or Not To Prop: Proper Photo Fun


Proper Photo

Prop or Not To To Prop: Proper Photo Fun

Props are the life blood of Shutterbooth Photo Booth photography. Being essential to the element of fun within our photography, Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth prides ourselves in high-quality photography. How does it work? How do we get the proper use out of props in our photos? Here are some helpful tips on how to use your props for some proper photo fun with dazzling results!

Props With Meaning Or Purpose

Props that are highly personal, even customized, are most likely to yield some of the most remarkable reactions on film. Because each event is unique the application of props is achieved when they mark the occasion. Weddings, birthdays, proms are all about theme. Consequently, props make themes come alive with a little coordination.

Add Some Color

Solid black backgrounds probably gives the impression that photography is a great, black hole. Similar to a vacuum this kind of experience may seem to suck the fun out of a perfect photo op. Liven things up with some colorful hats, flowers, as well as shades to make your photos stand out!

More Propositions For Amazing Prop Use

Want to use props in your next photo shoot, here are some more helpful tips!

How To Use Props For Good

How To Use Props For Amazing Photography

Photography Prop Must Haves

To give your pictures a unique edge and some personality be sure to throw in some fun props. You cannot go wrong with some trendy hats, hot shades, or some stylish backdrops!

Top 3 Props Must Haves

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers several options that can make your photos come alive! Choose from our wide selection of backgrounds, slo-mo booth, and animated gifs!

Plan your Shuttersperience today with Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth!


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ABQ 1st Annual Social Media Conference

ABQ 1st Annual Social Media Conference

ABQ 1st Annual Social Media Conference

Albuquerque is celebrating the power and innovation of social media. National social media day is June 30th! Therefore this year marks the 8th annual global recognition of Social Media Day.  As a result, Albuquerque also will recognize this rapidly growing tradition by holding the ABQ 1st annual Social Media Conference!

Albuquerque Connects 

Come listen to 15 expert speakers reflect upon the power of social media. Attend with over 100 other innovative minds and be empowered by successful marketing strategists of our time! Since ABQ Social Media Conference is going to be powered by none other than award-winning strategist and speaker, Patty Farmer, this is one conference you cannot afford to miss! This probably will be one of the most beneficial investment opportunities you can make for your business to learn, grow, and connect.

Who: Business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and agencies 

When: June 29th and June 30th

Where: Isleta Casino & Resort, 11000 Broadway Boulevard Southeast Albuquerque, NM 87105

Tickets: $149 – All tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  Too pricey, think again! Most relevant to the event, the cost includes 4 pre-event workshops along with a Media Mixer.

Follow:  Because this social media event simply cannot be a social media event without a little media connection be sure to follow as well as hashtag!

Follow this event @SocialMediaABQ and do not forget to hashtag #SocialMediaABQ! 

Learn more about  ABQ 1st Annual Social Media Conference – Event Brite ABQ Social Media Conference

Logo ShutterBooth-Albuquerque-Photo-Booth-Rental-Company-Events-Green-Screen

Connect With ABQ Shutterbooth Photo Booth! 

Last but not least, Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth will be connecting with Albuquerque’s innovative minds! Grow with us and connect with us! We team up with local businesses and we are great for corporate events! Ask us about our custom logos as well as templates!

Discover Albuquerque Shutterbooth today – What Is Shutterbooth?



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Into Focus: Amazing Group Photography Tips

Amazing Group Photography Tips

Into Focus: Amazing Group Photography Tips 

All eyes on the camera, getting high-quality group photographs is possible.  Weddings, prom, graduation, reunions, birthdays, to family affairs taking group photos is no laughing matter. Whether it is chatting friends, children eager to play, or tired grandparents it can be hard to get flawless results.  Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth captures breathtaking pictures and with these amazing group photography tips, you can too!

1. Take Photos From Different Positions 

Stand tall, sit, or turn at an angle for some excellent shots. Striking a pose, while not always strongly encouraged, can sometimes make for some truly memorable moments!

2. Be Creative

Take multiple photos and give everyone a chance to be captured in a different way.

3. Let’s Get Together

Get in close! The more the merrier will surely apply when everyone is all smiles and heads remain uncropped. The closer you get the more details that are bound to be captured!

4. Simplicity 

Everyone has their own unique style. Various colors and patterns can clash with complicated backgrounds. Keeping it simple can avoid a real photo disaster!

5. Have Fun

The most important thing to do in any photography session is to make sure you and your group are at ease. Sour moods can make for some sour faces, so smile and crack a joke or two in order to ease some unwanted tension.

Make Sure You Smile!!!

For more group photography tips visit the links below:

8 Simple Tips For Great Group Photos

7 Tips For Photographing Groups 

How To Take Good Group Photos

Did You Know?

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booths can incorporate up to 10 to 15 people in each and every photograph! Using the latest technology we can provide you the proper lighting, backgrounds, and more.

Discover Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth today!


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Shutter Essentials: Quality Prints

Shutter Essentials Quality Prints

Shutter Essentials Offering Top Notch High-Quality Prints

One of the key points of the Shutterbooth photo booth experience is the high-quality prints. Customizable keepsakes from your events allow you and your guests to relive your most heartfelt moments over and over again. Shutter essentials quality prints are so much more than photographs, Albuquerque Shutterbooth photo booth offers a variety of options:

  • Print Types
  • Scrapbooks
  • Personalized Logos
  • Custom Templates
  • External Display
  • Premium Props
  • Save The Dates

And More!

Shutter Essentials Quality Prints

Print Types

Personalize your photos with selections of color! We offer prints in color, sepia, as well as traditional black and white. The fun does not stop there! We also provide some size options. If making up your mind presents a challenge, ask us about Dual Formating!

The Gift In Shutter Essentials

Whether it is to say “Thank You,” “Save The Date,” or “I Love You”the message cannot be conveyed more clearly than through the use of some of Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth’s Shutter Essentials. Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers photo strip frames, collages,  bookmarks, and more. We have a little bit of something for everyone and virtually any occasion!

Custom Templates

4×6’s,  5×7’s, as well as all the numbers in between are possible with Shutterbooth! Whether you desire logos, multiple logos, or simplicity the specifications are yours to make and ours to develop on film!

Experience Shutterbooth Essentials Quality Prints

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers you a photo booth experience that is unlike any other.

Discover Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth Shutter Essentials today! 

Learn more about Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth


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Standing Out: How To Shine At A Vending Event

Standing Out: How To Shine At A Vending Event

Getting others to notice you at a vending event can present a challenge. How do you make yourself stand out from the other booths? How do you compete with other vendors? There are several ways you can make yourself approachable.

1. Do Not Be Too Aggressive

Confidence is key in any business, but it can also be an Achille’s heel. Keep interactions polite, friendly, as well as exciting. Never press too hard on potential clients, give it a little too much and your efforts can leave you with an empty booth!

2. Promote The Event And Your Business Ahead Of Time

Social Media, flyers, and brochures are a great way to get both current, as well as prospective new clients, pumped up for the event. This is also an amazing way to give quality insight on what you have to offer. Albuquerque Shutterbooth photo booth is involved in a number of local activities. Follow us on facebook to see the memories we are making today!

Vending Event

3. Bring A Photo Booth

The camera may not be so commonplace anymore, but selfies are a growing trend. Candid photos have never looked so clear, and photo taking has not been more fun! Break the ice and draw people in with fun props and catchy hashtags that they can use on social media sites they can use when uploading their pictures. Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth is not your typical photo booth, we pride ourselves in photographed fun as well as quality pictures that you will love a lifetime!

Discover Shutterbooth Albuquerque Photo Booth today!

More Useful Tips 

Check out more useful tips you can use in your preparation for your next trade show or vending event!

Trade Show Tips: Standing Out and Getting Results

Trade Show Display Ideas



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Self-Presentation: Social Media For Business

Social Media

Self-Presentation: Social Media For Business

You have started your own business, that is great, now how do you go about presenting it? Today, a majority of businesses find they thrive as a result of promoting them through social media. In order to create a successful business, you will need to know how to utilize social networks that will compliment your company and services.

Use these tips and watch your business grow! Social Media

1. Brand Your Business and Facebook Business Pages

Stand out with customized photos featuring your business logo!  Promote your brand with Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth’s customized logos where your business can be visualized! Our green screen can be a great marketing tool! Enhance your business through visual aids by applying your customized logo to your Facebook Cover as well as your pages.

2.  Choose Your Target Audience 

Who do you want to offer your business to? Who do you see making up your clientele? Most importantly who do you think will want what you have to offer? Knowing your target audience enables you to better plan your approach.

3.  Offer Unique Content, Products, or Experience

A dime a dozen, run of the mill kind of business is not going to stand out. Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers a photo experience unlike any other! We can provide top notch photography while incorporating the element of fun for some stunningly captured moments that will last a lifetime! Be your own success story by providing unique, quality services!

More Tips On Using Social Media To Build Business Sucess

Feeling motivated, maybe even inspired? Here are some more excellent tips to help get your business out there!

Social Media For Business

10 Things You Should Be Doing On Social Media To Grow Your Business

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Businesses



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Cinco De Mayo Business Networking Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo Business Networking Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo Business Networking Fiesta

Come celebrate and connect with some of Albuquerque’s business leaders! Build lasting personal as well as professional relationships! Expand your business at Albuquerque’s 2nds Annual Cinco De Mayo Business Networking Fiesta! Grow with us!

Who Should Go?  – Business owners and Marketers are welcome.

When Is The Event? –  The event is Thursday, May 4th at  5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

Where Is It? –  This fiesta is at Embassy Suites by Hilton in Albuquerque.

For More About This Event Visit – 2nd Annual Cinco De Mayo Business Networking Fiesta

Networking With Albuquerque Shutterbooth 

We love doing business with your business! Albuquerque Shutterbooth takes tremendous pride in our commitment to our community. We also pride ourselves in building lasting relationships along with memories that will last a lifetime. Albuquerque Shutterbooth has worked alongside various companies. We support some worthy causes too!


This spring, we teamed up with the Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter of Central New Mexico to show some support for the children of the Albuquerque area.  We put on our tricorns and got all hands on deck for this amazing Treasure Bowl! A couple of our sailors brought their parrots too!

We had a pampering good time with the ladies of the Albuquerque area during the Ronald McDonald House’s annual indulgence event this April. This charity brings many smiles as it enables women 21 and older to pamper themselves for a cause. This cause being the Ronald McDonald House Charities who provides programs as well as services to families with ill children.


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Are You In Or Out: Choosing A Bridal Party

 Bridal Party

Are You In Or Out?

Choosing your support group in your wedding planning does not have to be a matter of walking on egg shells or saving face. Here are some amazing ideas to help you in your selection of your bridal party.

Choosing A Bridal Party

Set Real Expectations – When you consider the responsibilities of the roles, you need to ask yourself:

  •  How important is it that they help you with the process of wedding planning?
  • Will it be enough for them to simply support you and be there for your on your special day?
  • Do they live close enough and have the availability to be as involved as I would like them to be?

Get The Family In On It – There are no ties quite like those of brotherhood or sisterhood. Not close to your siblings or family? Do not let that stop you! After all it is usually family who is there for you come thick or thin! 

Consider The Wedding Size – The bigger the party numbers, the large the bridal party size! There is no need to be shy, if you are expecting 100 or more guests, you can allot yourself some room for an extra bridesmaid or two. 

Call Him the Man of Honor and Her The Best Woman – There is nothing wrong with the bride placing her confidence in a him instead of a her. It is not out of the ordinary for a groom to have a leading lady who is more like a sister. As the bride and groom, you make the shots! 

Still Feeling Conflicted?

Having some doubts or second thoughts? Visit these sites for more strategies in your selection of your Bridal Party.

The Knot’s Top Tips In Choosing Your Bridal Party

Bride’s 5 Rules For Choosing Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen




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Girls Night 2017

Girls Night 2017 April 28 at Isleta Casino, pampering, treats, Mark Pardo Salon & Spa, Memories for a lifetime

Who needs Girls Night 2017? 

Does the Spring semester have your college student in a funk? Are you, a friend, or a co-worker who needing a little relaxation? Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to spend time with your mother, aunt, sister, grandma?Friday, April 28th is Girls Night Out 2017! This April ladies will be able to shop, pamper, and treat themselves at The Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico shopping and indulgence event.

Don’t forget to stop by ShutteBooth and take your picture!

You can be part of the Facebook Event Group and follow the different sponsors and special announcements by clicking HERE.

When: Friday, April 28th, 2017

Time: 6 PM to 10 PM

Where: Isleta Resort & Casino, 11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105

Order Your Tickets on-line: –> Girls Night Out 2017 Tickets

Hurry! Registration Ends April 27th!

Indulge Yourself

Treat yourself to something special at this 21 and up night of pampering! A number of businesses will provide free beauty and tasty indulgences. Girl’s Night Out 2017 also includes fashion, pampering, as well as entertainment that will sooth your mind, body, and soul.

For more information about the event: Girls Night Out 2017

Mark Pardo Salon & Spa will be having a reveal from the Mommy Makeovers

they did April 9th, 2017!

Find them on Facebook HERE

The Ronald McDonald House 

Helping families stay close to their child, this is the Ronald McDonald House mission. Valuing compassion, enthusiasm, respect, commitment, and integrity the Ronald McDonald House provides numerous needs for families who are working through a health crisis.

Some of their services include:

  • RMDH Bridge Access To Pediatric Healthcare
  • Help Families Stay With or Be Near Hospitalized Child
  • Afford Supportive Temporary Family Housing In Albuquerque
  • Return For Pediatric Follow Ups
  • Survive Your Child’s Health Crisis

Learn more about The Ronald McDonald House at: Ronald McDonald House

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Eggcellent Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs!

Eggcellent eggs

Eggcellent Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs!

There is one egg-citing way to get everyone ready for Easter. Decorating your eggs for this festive Spring time holiday does not have to be just the dipping of eggs into pickled smelling water. This life celebrating holiday is the perfect opportunity to get creative! Here are some egg-cellent ways to bring spring color to your eggs!

Easter Eggs

Disco Ball Eggs

Get your hands dirty with some sticky fun! Dab your egg in some glue, then take your egg for a dive in some glitter to give it some spectacular edge!

Nail Polish Marble

There is only one way to obtain perfect marble painted eggs.  Put some nail polish on them! Mix some of your favorite nail polish into water. From there it is all in the dipping, so get your pedicure after the coloring.


Give your Easter eggs some personality! Paint some spring themed silhouettes on your eggs by placing stickers on them before you dye them.

Easter Eggs

Assorted Metallic

If you want more lustrous eggs for Easter all you need is a little spray paint. A little chalk pen designs can give these metallic beauties a personal touch.

Temporary Tattoos 

Tired of scrubbing temporary tattoos off your children’s skin? Apply some of those fun as well as pretty temporary tattoos onto your eggs this Easter!

Washi Tape Cut or Geometric Eggs

Symmetry, geometric shapes can have your Easter Eggs looking sharp.  A little washi tape adhered to your eggs will give them a phenomenal look!

More traditional white vinegar and nail polish remover remove dye from your skin!

For More Eggcellent Egg Decorating Ideas 

75+ Best Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

16 Of The Coolest Egg Decorating Ideas



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Treasure Bowl For Kid’s Sake Fundraiser

Kid's Sake Fundraiser

Treasure Bowl For Kid’s Sake Fundraiser

Arrr me hearty! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico be hostin’ a Treasure Bowl For Kid’s Sake Fundraiser! Be a part o’ Big Brothers Big Sisters’ biggest national fundraiser and help ‘t Albuquerque Chapter raise treasure fer ‘t sake o’ t’ wee minnows in our community.

Set Yer Compass

T’ 34th annual Bowl For Kid’s Sake be comin’ on fast! Get some wind in yer sails ‘n step lively land lubbers! This be an adventure ye won’t want ‘t miss! Thar be a bit ‘o fun fer everyone! Nearly 600 bowlers be in on ‘t fun, so be sure to hoist yer colors ‘n bring a burly crew fer gatherin’ treasure ‘n feastin’!

Date: April 1, 2017

Time:  T’ fun begins at 9 a.m. n’ goes on till 9 p.m. 

Where: Isleta Fun Connection (next ‘t Isleta Resort & Casino) 11000 Broadway SE 
Albuquerque, NM 87105

Features: Thar be much ‘t do as we fools gather ‘t raise some gold! This event entails…

  • Bowling
  • Face Painting
  • Arcade Games
  • Laser Tag
  • Rock Wall

No need ‘t fret fer all yer coin goes ‘t supportin’ ‘t minnows of Central New Mexico!

What Is Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is all about building futures for the next generation. Making meaningful connections between adult mentors and children, Big Brothers Big Sisters strives to provide positive influences as well as powerful role models for youth today.

Learn more about BBBS and the Bowl For Kid’s Sake Fundraisers by following the links below:

Fool’s Gold Bowl For Kid’s Sake BBBS of Central New Mexico

Bowl For Kid’s Sake 2017

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico

About Big Brothers Big Sisters

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Live A Little: Springtime Party Themes

Live A Little- Srpingtime Party Themes

Live A Little: Springtime Party Themes

Spring is a season filled with color and life. What more reason is there for you to party than these?  Baby showers, birthdays, weddings, spring is the perfect season for any occasion! Liven things up a bit with some of these Springtime Party Themes!

Springtime Party Themes


Welcome warmer days with a beautiful element of nature that highlights the loveliness of Spring. Butterflies are perfect for her sweet 16, baby showers, as well as bridal bliss! They also come in a variety of colors!

Party Animal Theme

Animal lovers can let their inner party animal out with this adorable theme! Foxes, raccoons, bunny rabbits, or birds Spring is the perfect season to let your inhibitions go and let your inner party animal loose!

Springtime Party Themes

Take Me Out To The Ball Game: Sports Theme

Basketball, baseball, soccer, celebrate your favorite Springtime sport with a little show of sportsmanship! Incorporate everything from sports balls, jerseys, teams, to some enjoyed concessions to take you and your friends back out to the ball game!

Let’s Go Fly A Kite Theme

Sunshine, cool breeze, and clear skies make for gorgeous spring days! Why not take the opportunity to enjoy an age old tradition? Celebrate the beauty of nature and warm Spring days with a Kite themed party!


Time For Tea Theme

Tea, cakes, and finger sandwiches make for some scrumptious fun for all ages! This celebration is one that can embrace both elements from the in and outdoors. Host a tea party on your front lawn or patio for some Springtime flare with some bold colors from your own flower bed!

More Springtime Fanfare

Looking for more fabulous ways to get over Spring Fever? Check out some of these Springtime Party Theme ideas!

10 Fun Spring Time Party Themes

Top 10 Springtime Party Themes


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Love In Full Bloom: Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Wedding

Love In Full Bloom: Outdoor Wedding Planning

Spring and Summer wedding seasons are almost here, for a number of brides this means the potential of a breathtaking outdoor wedding.  So whether you are looking for something that is down to earth, rustic, or that romantic garden vibe here are some things to consider when planning your Big Day:

  1. Keep the Bugs At Bay – To keep those pesky pests away see to it that your space is sprayed by a professional. Burning some citronella candles may also help.
  2. Make Sure There Is Plenty of Shade –  Trees, barns, as well as gazebos give some protection from UV rays. If all else fails large wedding programs make for great fans!
  3. Set Up Camp –  Who says tents have no appeal? Tents can be the perfect set up for any outdoor venue.
  4. Stay Hydrated – Beat the heat and offer your guests a courtesy. Offer water and non-alcoholic refreshments for your guests. If possible, have them offered prior to the ceremony.
  5. Illuminate the Scene – Lanterns, candles, along with luminaries are more than lovely decoration. They bring light to some rather dark places. Placing these along pathways, roadsides, and various areas throughout will make getting around easier for your guests as well as staff.
  6. Create a Relaxing Space – Make the best use of your space by designating an area to let lose. The application of lounge furniture and some pillows can make an outdoor setting more inviting!

For some more fabulous tips to help you in your planning for your outdoor wedding visit:

Outdoor Wedding Planning Guide

20 Ingenious Tips For Throwing An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

The Great Outdoors Of Albuquerque

Here are some great local venues that have a knack for the great outdoors!

Sandia Golf Club

Sandia Casino and Resort

Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town



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Sweet Aroma: Selecting Your Wedding Bouquets

 Wedding Bouquets

Sweet Aroma: Selecting Your Wedding Bouquets

One of the most dazzling aspects of a wedding ceremony, other than the dress, is the flowers. Selecting the most sensational flowers involves more than the incorporation of your favorite blooms. Shutterbooth Albuquerque has some Do’s and Don’ts to practice in your search for the most fantastic floral arrangements.

The Blooms, The Do’s…

When it comes to picking those delightful stems, here are some good practices.

  • Set a budget – Putting a price point on your buds will determine the blooms you can get for your big day. The bigger the budget, the more elaborate the flower arrangements can be.
  • Embrace your season – When choosing your blossoms be sure to consider those that grace the season. Tulips are tantalizing in Spring! Sunflowers are super in Summer! Dahlias are delightful in fall! Not to mention, Poinsettias are perfect for Winter!
  • Use your color scheme – Draw some inspiration from your color scheme! As only a select amount of flowers come in various colors your color palette can be a great source of inspiration for some truly unique arrangements!


Wedding Bouquets

Pulling The Weeds: The Don’ts In Flower Selection

Here are some flower picking mistakes to avoid:

  • Not reusing the ceremony arrangements – Those spectacular blooms you walk down the aisle with can also make for some stunning centerpieces!
  • Taking on too much Do It Yourself (DIY) – Assembling flower arrangements by hand can be very time consuming and taxing.

Preening: More Do’s and Don’ts 

For more do’s and don’t in your selection of wedding bouquets visit these links!

15 Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

The Knot’s Top Wedding Flower Tips

Wedding Wire How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers


Here are some great local vendors!

Signature Flowers and Sweets

Shannon Loves Flowers

People’s Flowers


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Dream Dress: Finding The Perfect Wedding Gown

7Dream Dress

Dream Dress: Finding The Perfect Wedding Gown

There is no greater strain placed on a bride than the task of finding the perfect gown. In fact, looking for your dream dress can be a total nightmare, but it does not have to be.  Here are some pointers to help you discover that dress of your dreams:

  1. Begin the search early on. – If there is one detail you want to make a statement, it’s your dress! Start looking as early as nine months prior to the big day to allow time for alterations.
  2. Set a budget and stick with it. – Set a price mark for you to stay under, and do NOT go above it. There is no bigger heartbreak than falling in love with a dress you cannot buy. Know your limitations and find something within your price range.
  3. Be comfortable with your body type and the idea of flattering your silhouette. – Do not get swallowed up in the idea of following a trend. Select a gown that will flatter you. Dream Dress
  4. Put a number on your dress entourage. – While it is not a crime to have a large number of friends, choosing a dress can be tasking with too many voices inside your head.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress

12 Steps To Finding The Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

Dream Dress

Alfred Angelo of Downtown Albuquerque is just one of many great options in your quest for the perfect dress!

Where To Look

Now that you know how to find that dream dress, the only question that remains is where to look? Do not worry your pretty head! Here are some local vendors that can make your vision become a eye popping reality!

Bridal Elegance By Darlene

Alfred Angelo Albuquerque

Ann Matthews Bridal Albuquerque

Brides By Demetrios Albuquerque

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Wedding Planning: To Do’s Before The “I Do’s”

Wedding Planning To Do's

Wedding Planning: To Do’s Before The “I Do’s”

Every woman envisions the perfect wedding, Albuquerque Shutterbooth will help you bring that image to life with some wedding day to do’s. Prioritize, organize, and do not miss a tiny detail! Dot those i’s and cross those t’s with your very own wedding day checklist!

12 or More Months…

Congratulations, you are engaged! You are going to tie the knot and are getting ready to plan your big day. As you begin wedding planning, do not forget to start with some of these wedding day essentials!

  • Choose your wedding date
  • Budget your wedding expenses
  • Start your guest list
  • Select your wedding party
  • Create and order your Save The Dates

Wedding Day Checklist

9 to 11 Months…

  • Book ceremony and reception venues
  • Purchase bridal gown and veil
  • Get officiant
  • Mail Save The Dates
  • Finalize Guest List

6 to 8 Months…

  • Meet officiant and coordinate ceremony
  • Buy your wedding bands
  • Start planning the honeymoon
  • Purchase Groom’s and Groomsmen’s attire

4 to 6 Months…

  • Order the wedding invitations
  • Finalize wedding cake flavors, size, theme, etc. and order cake
  • Schedule dress fittings and make final wedding gown alterations
  • Order wedding favors

Final 1 to 3 Months…

  • Buy wedding decorations
  • Mail wedding invitations
  • Go to final dress fitting
  • Apply for and get your marriage license

If you are looking for some more must do’s before the “I do’s” visit the following links:

50 Things Not To Forget At Your Wedding (Checklist)

Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Head Over Heels Wedding Planning Checklist

A Helping Hand 

Brides do not have to do the planning alone! Albuquerque Shutterbooth knows one or two that can lend a bride a helping hand in crossing things off their wedding planning checklist!

Alena Swanson at Alena Swanson Wedding and Event Planning

Just Lovely Wedding & Event Planning at Just Lovely Wedding & Event Planning


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Love That Will Last: Tips For A Lasting Marriage

Lasting Marriage

Love That Will Last: Tips For A Lasting Marriage

Newly weds dream of happily ever afters, white picket fences, kids, the works. It is a life built on dreams, until reality sets in. What is the secret to a healthy, happy, lasting marriage? Albuquerque Shutterbooth divulges some of the best advice for newly weds from those who have tied the knot and are still madly in love years after the “I dos.”

1. Compromise when you can, but do not make one you cannot live with later.

Meeting half way is a healthy practice in any relationship. However, the one thing you never want to do is make a compromise that has time limits within your marriage. If it is not something you can commit to for the foreseeable future, or the ‘long haul’, odds are it is not a commitment you need to be making.

2. Keep your love alive by making time for a date every week.

Time grows exceedingly precious in the course of a marriage.  Do not let lack of funds keep you from keeping your love alive.  Walks in the park or along the beach are just as meaningful as a candlelit dinner for two!

3. Do not take your partner for granted.

Take a minute every day to appreciate your husband or wife. Be sure to let him or her know just how lucky you are to have him or her by your side! Never stop thanking taking time to appreciate your partner and always say “I love you.”

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Be Mine: Valentine’s Day Wedding Trends

Romantic Valentine's Day Wedding Trends

Be Mine: Valentine’s Day Wedding Trends

Demonstrate your love with a Valentine’s Day wedding! Capture the spirit of love this Valentine’s day! Express your love by setting the mood, say be mine with some romantic Valentine’s Day wedding trends.

Splashes of Pink and Red

Pink and red are a class act for this sweet holiday. However, these sweet shades do not need to take center stage. You can still have that romantic feeling with the application of black or white.  Hints of luscious reds along with rosy pinks  in the floral, favors, party attire, as well as decorum can still capture the mood.

Give Them Some Sugar

Spread the love by giving your guests some sugar. Candy bars dripping with chocolate fondue to tasty, sugar coated love notes can make for a sweet treat that they are sure to love.  Of course, sugar does not have to be of the sweet tasting variety. Handwritten notes with expressions of your heartfelt appreciation can make for some tender wedding favors.

Serenade Them

Set the mood with some classic, fun, romantic love songs. If you want to add a little touch of something sentimental, allot certain hours of time for song requests. You could even incorporate some of their tender memories by requesting them to write the name of the song that made up their first dance, or perhaps a song that represents their view of love to make for some heart warming song selections!


Sentimental Moments

Add some lovable, endearing aspects to your big day.  Say kissable, with props like a kissing booth for a perfect Valentine’s Day photo opp!

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Be Mine: Romantic Valentine’s Proposals

Romantic Valentine's Proposals

Romantic Valentine’s Proposals 

Tell him or her that you love them with more than chocolates.  Have your heart set on a special someone, pop the big question with some of these romantic Valentine’s proposals!

Romantic Valentine Proposals

Be Mine: Classic Valentine 

Teddy bears, roses, chocolates, and candy have all the sweetness of romance along with Valentine flare. Give these traditional gifts a new spin with some expressions of your deep devotion.

  • Give your honey some sugar –  A path of sugary heart shaped treats can lead your beloved to some ‘beary’ tender moments. The application of traditional candy, teddy bears, ring, and a single question can end in your happily ever after.
  • Shower your beloved with affection with the presentation of some heartfelt words of love in Valentines.
  • Say it with roses – A trail of petals to the placement of a breathtaking bouquet can render your honey speechless. 
  • Sweeten the moment by the placement of the ring inside a box of  chocolates. 

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Open the door to your life, home, and heart with some of these heartfelt expressions of your undying love.

  • Memory lane – Photographs, songs, and other mementos can transform your home into a walk down memory lane. The final destination, of course, being the jaw dropping question!
  • Private dinner for two –  Nothing quite says “I love you” like a candlelit dinner for two.
  • Picture The Future – A customized puzzle or picture frame with two words: Marry Me can get you a teary eyed yes to a picture perfect future! 

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