Stunning Wedding Trends To Anticipate In 2018

Stunning Wedding Trends

Stunning Wedding Trends To Anticipate In 2018

With Autumn practically here, the fashion world is preparing for Hot Wedding Trends of 2018.  Whether you’re a practical, whimsical, romantic, or modern bride one thing is certain, there will be a little something for everyone with these Stunning Wedding Trends!

Ruffling Feathers

If millennial hues don’t have the bride tickled pink, then feathers sure will! Heavy plumage lined skirts and feathered corsets might make for a fairytale look.

Stunning Wedding Trends

Goodbye Blushing Bride, Hello Millenial Bride!

Blush pink and soft baby blues give brides an angelic and lively air. Next year the new thing will take the term “think pink” to a whole new level.  Step back sweet pastels and romantic blush pink, and welcome millennial pink for the millennial bride!


Saying “I do,” has become a practice where anything goes. Traditional gowns are transforming. It’s becoming more commonplace for separates. Sauntering down the aisle in separates is a bridal revelation for modern brides of 2018. Not the dressy type, saunter down the aisle in a classy designer jumpsuit.

Stunning Wedding Trends

Paint It, Black

Going full out black might be too big of a step for a traditional bride.  Painting your gown with a touch of black adds a touch of flair any modern bride can appreciate.

The XL Ball Gown Is Back

Bridezillas, Queen Bees, and brides who desire a more royal look will love this 2018 Wedding Trend! XL Ball Gowns are reviving. This timeless look is making a comeback in a big way!

More Fabulous Trends for 2018

Next year has a lot to offer brides, here are some of the Prettiest Wedding Dresses 0f 2018


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Fall Photo Magic: Autumn Inspiration

Autumn Inspiration

Fall Photo Magic: Autumn Inspiration

Fall marks the end of summer, the beginning of school, shorter days, and colder nights. It’s also a season that motivates with some Autumn Inspiration. Fall is a colorful season filled with some photogenic hues of red, brown, gold, purple, and orange. As the bright greens and pastels of Spring fade away, the cold autumn days gives these colors a chance to shine.

Autumn Inspiration

Fall Leaves

Green while it’s a vibrant color, steals our attention and focus during the warmer seasons. As the days grow colder and shorter, the hues that Spring and Summer deny us come alive. The first hints of bright orange leaves set a festive scene for fall colors and festivities. Those bright fall colors make for some amazing fall photos!

Majestic Evergreens

Fall brings with it the first hints of the bitter cold of winter. With the crisp, chilly weather we watch the spring and summer flowers die. Need not despair though, evergreens remain. Their beauty is great for fall and winter photo ops.

Autumn Inspiration


Birds fly in numbers, migrating to warmer areas for the cold months. Their roosting or flight are ideal for some breathtaking photographs.


October and November are notorious for harvests. Fall harvests, the vibrant hues, and fresh crop make for some great photos! They can also make for wonderful backdrops for your Halloween photo shoots!

Fall Beauty

Autumn is but another beautiful season. It’s merely a matter of perspective and perhaps knowing where to look. Here are some more fabulous photo inspiration ideas for fall!


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ShutterBooth Services: What We Offer

ShutterBooth Services

ShutterBooth Services: What We Offer

ShutterBoothABQ as a lot to offer. We provide so much more than photography. At the only New Mexico ShutterBooth, we give you a one of a kind experience! ShutterBooth Services include photo overlay, boomerang video, social media sharing, and more! 

Photo Overlay

Maximize your business potential with our Photo Overlays! We can help you promote your brand. Photo Overlays include your logo, design images, and branding message. These photos will make a lasting impression! Advertising your business has never been so easy!

2 hours – $5o

Boomerang Video

Relive some of your most precious moments over and over again with our Boomerang Video add on.

Add on for your event $149

Surveys and Data Collection

Put an end to your worries! Our Surveys and Data Collection enables you to ask your guests questions before the photo fun begins!

2 hours for $150

Social Media Sharing

Share your experience with your friends and family! We are social media compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text!


Green Screen Booth

ShutterBoothABQ installs solid colored backdrops of your choice. When your guests take their photos in front of our fabulous green screen, on the screen it will be replaced with any backdrop images of your choosing! Make it look like you are in Paris, on a beach, on top of a mountain, in a field of flowers, or at a baseball game the possibilities are endless!

The experience doesn’t get any more personalized than this especially when we can add your personalized hashtag!



Cherish your memories by preserving them in one of our scrapbooks! Add to your memories with one of our Premium Scrapbooks which features your ShutterBooth photos and will have room enough for messages and well wishes from your guests. This will be the photo album you look at for years to come.


Slomotion Video 

We provide it all! The props, live monitors, 2 SloMo Creators, and instant sharing stations are all a part of our SloMo experience!

Starts at $1400 for 3 hours

Experience What We Have To Offer

ShutterBooth Albuquerque provides you with a unique photo booth experience that you are not likely to forget! Check out what we have to offer today!




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Perfect Wedding Guide Bride’s Select Awards 2017

Perfect Wedding Guide Bride's Select Awards 2017

Perfect Wedding Guide Bride’s Select Awards 2017 

It is time for  Perfect Wedding Guide Bride’s Select Awards 2017! Each year The Perfect Wedding Guide receives feedback from New Mexico brides, grooms, and newlyweds. Did a vendor or venue make your Big Day memorable? Put your favorite vendors up for nomination for this year’s Perfect Wedding Guide Bride Select Awards 2017!

Vote For Your Local Vendors

Support your favorite local wedding vendors by nominating them for this prestigious reward!  Nominate the best of the best New Mexico offers in food, venues, decorum, formal wear, relaxation, and photography. This prestigious award is not only a great honor but also allows future brides to know the best of the best for their future selections.

Categories receiving votes include the best in:

In addition to Best Photo Booth Rental…

The voting is already underway and will draw to a close sooner than you think! So lock in your votes for some of the best New Mexico has to offer!

  Cast your vote today! 

Perfect Wedding Guide Bride's Select Awards 2017

Best Photo Booth Bride Select Awards 2016

 A Real Honor 

Last year, Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth had the honor of being nominated for Perfect Wedding Guide’s 2016’s Bride Select Awards. We got nominated for New Mexico’s Best Photo Booth rental!  This would not have been possible without all the love and support from the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas. Making memories you will cherish is something we take great pride in. 













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Photo Scheme: Creative Photo Display

Creative Photo Display

Photo Scheme: Creative Photo Display

Each photo is a unique and memorable experience, so the presentation of them should consequently be just as exceptional.  Arranging your photos can be a chore, but we can help make it easy. Albuquerque Shutterbooth has some creative ways to display your photographs that will transform your home and office into a  creative photo display

Photo Clock

Telling time has never had more appeal!  Transform your clock into a work of art. Lose yourself in time with some of your most precious memories as you tick-tock, around the clock!

creative photo display

Family Photo Heart Display

Some say home is where the heart is. Bring your home to life with some of your most heartfelt memories and heartwarming photography. Give your home a pulse and show where your heart lies in the most tender way.

Photo Wall

Sick of ugly hues and boring wallpaper? Transform your walls by making them your very own personal photo gallery! Immortalize the memory of a loved one, by adding them to your household decorum.

Photo Canvas

If wall size is too big, maybe take it down a couple notches with photo canvases. Photo canvassing is another great way to display your pictures because it gives your pictures a clean and professional look. Not to mention, it has a modern flair. Albuquerque Shutterbooth allows you to take your favorite photos and presents you with an oversized canvas print that can wrap around a wooden frame. Check out our Shutter Essentials!

More Photo Display Fun

If you love these ideas, you’ll love these! Here are some More cool ideas for photo display!





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School Pictures: Photo Rules

School Picture Day Photo Rules

School Picture Day Photo Rules

Going back to those good old fashioned rule days, one complicated day to prepare for is picture day. How do you dress for school pictures? What are some good photo rules to know when dressing for school pictures? Albuquerque Shutterbooth has awesome school picture day photo rules.  From the question of what are The Best Colors To Wear to the What Is Good To Wearwe have some photo advice that will help make picture day less tedious.

Plaided Polka Dots

Loud patterns, while expressive can add some unwanted noise to your photos. These bold patterns can draw attention away from smiling faces. So when considering what to wear for picture day, it is advisable you do not wear your favorite plaid shirt or polka dot skirt.

Black Or White?

White is classic and no doubt, classy. But, it has its down side. White absorbs light. It is for this reason that black tends to be the better choice as it is flatter. Though gray or charcoal are also acceptable choices.

Brights Or Pastels?

Pastels, although light and attractive will be a total washout in your school photos. This is why bright colors of hot pink, cobalt blue, and tangerine make for a better photo op. They pop in pictures. Not to mention, they bring out your face!

Graphic Tees, Shorts, Pants, and Skirts

Hello Kitty, emojis, to favorite heroes and cartoon characters are a bit too loud to wear for picture day.  Popular as they might be, they are more likely to steal the photo op than to add to it.

More Picturesque Advice 

Still worried about your student’s photo results? Here are some Ways To Avoid Dressing For A Phototastic Picture Day to ensure some great school photos! 


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Albuquerque Summer Wedding Expo

Albuquerque Summer Wedding Expo

Albuquerque Summer Wedding Expo

Albuquerque Summer Wedding Expo is less than two weeks away. So if you’re planning for your “I do’s,” finish up the “must do’s” at the biggest bridal event of the summer!

Pros At The Show

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it as a number of Albuquerque’s best local vendors will be in attendance. Are you still needing a cake, venue, photographer? Say no more, Albuquerque Summer Wedding Expo has a little bit of everything you’ll need for your big day!

Some Albuquerque Pros at the Show that are sure to show are:

  • Mary Kary
  • Bliss Spa & Salon
  • Tony & Guy Salon
  • David’s Bridal
  • ABC Cakes
  • Tully’s Italian Deli
  • AA Tents & Events
  • Albuquerque Florists
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Dream Factory

Of course, Albuquerque’s very own Shutterbooth and more!

Logo ShutterBooth-Albuquerque-Photo-Booth-Rental-Company-Events-Green-Screen

Join Us!

Join Albuquerque Shutterbooth at the Summer Wedding Expo! We will be more than happy to be a part of your big day. We can also point you in the right direction for some amazing local vendors!

When: August 20th, 2017 from 12 PM to 5 PM (MDT)

Where: Marriot Pyramid North at 5151 San Francisco Road Northeast, Albuquerque New Mexico, 87109

Register For The Albuquerque Summer Wedding Expo Here!

Bridal Goodies

Each attending bride will receive a $200 gift certificate to a personalized wedding gift, either a photo or a decorative item.  If you sign up, brides will get a year’s subscription to Bride’s Magazine and a discount e-book!

There will also be some fabulous prizes:

  • stays on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Champagne basket and glasses, value of $100
  • tux rentals
  • $100 gift certificates

As well as other bridal delights!

Learn more about Albuquerque Summer Wedding Expo Here!




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Hot Summer Photography Ideas

Summer Photo Bucket List

Hot Summer Photography Ideas

Summer is a great time for fantastic photo ops. As the season will soon draw to a close, there is no better time to get some pictures in for your Summer Photography Bucket List. So, get creative with some of these Hot Summer Photography Ideas!

Summer Hot Spots

Pool Parties: Cool off and make some memories with some lasting memories by the pool side.

Outdoor Concerts: Capture your friends, family, and yourself with some of your favorite music icons.

Beaches:  There is no better time to get sand between your toes! Turtles, sand dollars, and sea shells make for some amazing photo props!

Sailing: Capture the ocean depths as you set sail. Take photos of the docks, and sea life.  Don’t forget to catch the tide with some stunning shots of the vessel!

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth brings you picturesque summer setting with our seamless green screen!

Hot Summer Photography Ideas

 Photography Spectacular, Fun In The Sun Moments

Sunrise and Sunsets: Summer has some of the most breathtaking sunsets. The sky also tends to have some colors an artist can appreciate in these early morning and evening hours. 

Summa Surfing: Fill up some film with local talent. The waves in motion make for some spectacular shots!

Dive In: Let loose with some summer action, and dive into a cool body of water. Be sure to make sure you are making safe jumps first! A swan dive from the high dive can make for a breathtaking shot!

Summa Things

Refreshments: Cocktails and summer drinks are not only a great way to cool off, but to bring some vibrant hues into your summer photography portfolio. 

Ice Cream: The ‘must have’ treat for hot summer days, capture the bright colors of an ice cream cone or a sundae for some cool, summer fun!








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Photography 101: Photo Terminology

Photography 101: Photo Terminology

Photography 101: Photo Terminology

Photography has been a part of our world since the 19th century. Sometimes we struggle to understand  Basic Photography concepts and Photography Terms. Brush up on your photo jargon with photography 101: Photo Terminology from ABQ ShutterBooth!

Some Of The Basics

Here are terms you are likely to see in camera manuals, photography magazines, and beginner tutorials.

Bracketing:  Taking a series of images at different exposures.

Exposure: The amount of light reaching the camera’s digital sensor. 

Aperture:  The opening in the lens that light shines through when a taking a photo.

Autofocus:  A system that lets the camera’s sensors detect the distance of a subject and adjust the focus.

Photography Jargon

Here are more advanced terms and some made up jargon photographers use.

Gobo: Something used to block, cover, or remove the unwanted stray light from falling on the subject of your photos.

Shutter Lag: The slight delay from the time you press the shutter button to the time it fires and opens.

Panning: Using a slow shutter speed and moving the camera in the same direction as a moving subject during exposure to create a blurred background.

Photog:  Photographers

Golden Hour: Time of day also referred to as the “Magic Hour,” the hour right before sunset or right after sunrise.

Lighting and Portrait Photography Terms

Reflector: A device used to reflect light generally back toward the subject.

Soft Light: Diffused light such as that of an overcast sky or a studio softbox.

Hard Light: Harsh or undiffused light such as that of bright sunlight or a camera’s on-speed flash.

Edge Transfer: Where light turns into shadow

At Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth we set the bar high and offer top-notch photography!



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Sunny Day Photography Tips

Sunny Day Photography Tips

Sunny Day Photography Tips

Summer vacation is a great time to make memories, and the one thing no one wants is a picture perfect moment with a glare. Sunlight can also be the guilty party when it comes to shadowed heads, and closed or squinted eyes. Here are five Sunny Day Photography Tips that will make Shooting On Bright Sunny Days breeze!

1. Chill Out

Take the frown off your face and do away with dark shadows by chillin’ in a cool spot for your summer photo shoot. Be sure to let a little light in. Umbrellas make for a fun prop and can be a great way to beat the heat!

2. Reflect

Reflectors come in handy when you need to bring in a little illumination.  A white light or surface can also do the trick as they are excellent ways to help you achieve the perfect lighting.

3. Fill-A-Flish Flash

The is harshest when at its peak, with that same dazzling brilliance comes the darkest shadows. A Fill Flash can fix all that as it casts light on those shadowed areas. Not to mention, it adds a luster to the eyes.  So, it makes those baby blues, warm browns, memorizing greens, and bedazzling hazels sparkle!

4. Overexposure

Sunscreen protects your skin preventing blistering sunburns, two simple changes to your camera do the same for your pictures. Protect your shots from being overexposed by increasing the shutter speed or decreasing the aperture.

5. Nature

Finally, be sure to capture the natural beauty around you. While there is something magical about capturing smiles on film, there is nothing more breathtaking than open fields, flora, or rushing water.  There is also no better time to work on a photo bucket list!

Trouble Shooting Portraits In Bright Sunshine will be a thing of the past!


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Slice of Time: Bullet Time Photography

Bullet Time Photography

Slice of Time: Bullet Time Photography

Transform time with an out of this world, mind blowing photography experience using Albuquerque ShutterBooth Photo Booth Camera Array Bullet Time PhotographyCapture your most precious moments with top-notch photography that takes your photo experience to the next level! 

Stop time, Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth allows you to live in the moment!  In addition, you can share, print, overlay, as well as watermark these time alerting memories. We provide 180º and 360º Camera Array options!

Create your own time defying moments with us today!

What Is Bullet Time Photography? 

Do you want to live it up? Do you want to feel like you are being featured in an epic motion picture film? Bullet Time, otherwise known as Camera Array enables photographers to take gravity-defying shots looking like something right out of The Matrix.

Camera Array photography takes more than one lens. In fact, it requires the use of several cameras taking a perfectly timed shot. The experience may probably sound like another motion picture, Mission Impossible, but it is not only possible these photos appear to stop time altogether. So you can also find yourself being captured from all angles adding to the magic of the effect!

How It Works

  • Setting Up of Multiple Cameras
  • Aligning the Cameras
  • Photo Shoot
  • PlayBack

 Learn more about  The Bullet Time Effect

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, because this Shutterbooth experience is out of this world! 

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5 Photogenic Locations For Photo Ops

Photogenic Locations

Albuquerque New Mexico

5 Photogenic Locations For Photo Ops

Albuquerque has some of the most amazing locations for a great photo op! Albuquerque Shutterbooth PhotoBooth shares 5 Photogenic Locations for photo ops that you simply have to stop to strike a pose!

1. The Sandia Mountains

The majestic Sandia Mountains make up the Eastern border of Albuquerque. These rocky slopes are ideal for hiking. In addition to exploring these fir tree lined ridges and ancient lava flows, there is no beauty quite so magical as an Albuquerque sunset which can be caught on film on board the Sandia Peak Aerial Tram!

5 Photogenic Locations

2. Old Town Plaza 

A must see for history lovers is Old Town Plaza! The rustic charm of this beautiful adobe structure provides the perfect backdrop for a nighttime photo shoot.

3. ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden

From the rugged attraction of the Desert Conservatory, the exotic beauty of the Japanese Gardens, to the rural touch of the Heritage Farm there no place more lively than the Albuquerque BioPark Botanic Garden!

5 Photogenic Locations

4. Shady Lakes 

Known for its fishing, this alluring area near the Rio Grande also serves as a breathtaking location for a fabulous photography experience!

5. Casa Rondena Winery

Taste the sweet culture that is Casa Rondena Winery. Besides acting as a wonderful venue for weddings, picnics, as well as tastings the winery is great for events.  You are sure to lose yourself in the castle-like air of its vintage atmosphere!

More Albuquerque Photo Hot Spots

Whether you are looking for something new, old, rustic, natural, or romantic it can be found here in Albuquerque New Mexico. So, if you want an ideal place for some Mind Blowing Places To Take Photos In Albuquerque or Popular Locations For Engagement Photos in Albuquerque you will know where to focus your lense!


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Christmas In July

Albuquerque Gives Back July Christmas Event

Albuquerque Gives Back July Christmas Event

Join the Albuquerque Gives Back July Christmas Event!  Get into the holiday spirit this summer with Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth as we spread some cheer!


 Spread Holiday Cheer

Get into the spirit with some of Albuquerque’s local businesses and spread some Christmas cheer as we make summer look cool!

Who: Free Range is hosting this event and it is open to the general public

What: Connect with A.R.T. local businesses and help them through  construction season

When: July 19th, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where:  Free Range, 1700 Central Avenue SE Albuquerque NM 87106

This event is free!

The Free Range’s Christmas In July A.R.T Benefit aims to connect local businesses with grants and resources to get through construction season. Many Albuquerque businesses are going to be there!  We will be joining Flying Star Cafe, Blunt Bros. Coffee, Q’s Cakes and Sweets Boutique, Satellite Coffee, and many others!

Enjoy food and drink samples, shopping discounts and performances at this festive event! Let us know if we can expect to see you by joining us on Free Range’s Christmas In July Event Page!

Albuquerque Shutterbooth can customize logos to help promote your business!

ShutterBooth Cheer

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth is all about putting smiles on people’s faces and creating lasting memories. Come and see us! We will be more than happy to help alleviate the stress of your next event! Planning a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or wedding does not have to be stressful. We can gladly point you towards some great venues and catering too!

We do custom logos that can help brand your business as well!




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With The Times: 2017 Photo Booth Trends

With The Times: 2017 Photo Booth Trends

It is another exciting year for Shutterbooth Albuquerque! Moving with the times to give you a photo experience unlike any other, we are keeping up with 2017 photo booth trends. What are the latest photo trends that everyone is talking about? What new photo technology is making photo booths all the rage?

2017 Photo Booth Trends

Boomerang Video

Animated Power Of GIF and Boomerang Videos

Confetti Booths, Animated Gifs, and Boomerang Videos allow you to relive fun-filled moments over and over again! This interactive loop video personalizes your experience in a whole new way! It is also a great way to record and share your memories for everyone to see.

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth can make your photo experience interactive with our Animated, Gifs, Boomerang Gifs, and Seamless Green Screen! We also have Slomo Video and Video Booths to give you the best interactive photo experience!

Social Media Compatibility 

Social media is a critical component to photo booth. It is not only a business necessity for branding exposure but also make it easier for you to share your events with friends and family!

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers ShutterShare which gives your guests a seamless photo sharing experience. ShutterShare is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Our ShutterShare is also email, printer, and text friendly!

Take a gander at our Lip Syncing Animated Green Screen!

Photo Trendy

Check out more popular photo booth trendsDiscover what fabulous services we have to offer with our latest technology, we can make your photo experience unlike any other! 












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To Prop or Not To Prop: Proper Photo Fun


Proper Photo

Prop or Not To To Prop: Proper Photo Fun

Props are the life blood of Shutterbooth Photo Booth photography. Being essential to the element of fun within our photography, Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth prides ourselves in high-quality photography. How does it work? How do we get the proper use out of props in our photos? Here are some helpful tips on how to use your props for some proper photo fun with dazzling results!

Props With Meaning Or Purpose

Props that are highly personal, even customized, are most likely to yield some of the most remarkable reactions on film. Because each event is unique the application of props is achieved when they mark the occasion. Weddings, birthdays, proms are all about theme. Consequently, props make themes come alive with a little coordination.

Add Some Color

Solid black backgrounds probably gives the impression that photography is a great, black hole. Similar to a vacuum this kind of experience may seem to suck the fun out of a perfect photo op. Liven things up with some colorful hats, flowers, as well as shades to make your photos stand out!

More Propositions For Amazing Prop Use

Want to use props in your next photo shoot, here are some more helpful tips!

How To Use Props For Good

How To Use Props For Amazing Photography

Photography Prop Must Haves

To give your pictures a unique edge and some personality be sure to throw in some fun props. You cannot go wrong with some trendy hats, hot shades, or some stylish backdrops!

Top 3 Props Must Haves

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers several options that can make your photos come alive! Choose from our wide selection of backgrounds, slo-mo booth, and animated gifs!

Plan your Shuttersperience today with Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth!


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ABQ 1st Annual Social Media Conference

ABQ 1st Annual Social Media Conference

ABQ 1st Annual Social Media Conference

Albuquerque is celebrating the power and innovation of social media. National social media day is June 30th! Therefore this year marks the 8th annual global recognition of Social Media Day.  As a result, Albuquerque also will recognize this rapidly growing tradition by holding the ABQ 1st annual Social Media Conference!

Albuquerque Connects 

Come listen to 15 expert speakers reflect upon the power of social media. Attend with over 100 other innovative minds and be empowered by successful marketing strategists of our time! Since ABQ Social Media Conference is going to be powered by none other than award-winning strategist and speaker, Patty Farmer, this is one conference you cannot afford to miss! This probably will be one of the most beneficial investment opportunities you can make for your business to learn, grow, and connect.

Who: Business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and agencies 

When: June 29th and June 30th

Where: Isleta Casino & Resort, 11000 Broadway Boulevard Southeast Albuquerque, NM 87105

Tickets: $149 – All tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  Too pricey, think again! Most relevant to the event, the cost includes 4 pre-event workshops along with a Media Mixer.

Follow:  Because this social media event simply cannot be a social media event without a little media connection be sure to follow as well as hashtag!

Follow this event @SocialMediaABQ and do not forget to hashtag #SocialMediaABQ! 

Learn more about  ABQ 1st Annual Social Media Conference – Event Brite ABQ Social Media Conference

Logo ShutterBooth-Albuquerque-Photo-Booth-Rental-Company-Events-Green-Screen

Connect With ABQ Shutterbooth Photo Booth! 

Last but not least, Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth will be connecting with Albuquerque’s innovative minds! Grow with us and connect with us! We team up with local businesses and we are great for corporate events! Ask us about our custom logos as well as templates!

Discover Albuquerque Shutterbooth today – What Is Shutterbooth?



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Into Focus: Amazing Group Photography Tips

Amazing Group Photography Tips

Into Focus: Amazing Group Photography Tips 

All eyes on the camera, getting high-quality group photographs is possible.  Weddings, prom, graduation, reunions, birthdays, to family affairs taking group photos is no laughing matter. Whether it is chatting friends, children eager to play, or tired grandparents it can be hard to get flawless results.  Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth captures breathtaking pictures and with these amazing group photography tips, you can too!

1. Take Photos From Different Positions 

Stand tall, sit, or turn at an angle for some excellent shots. Striking a pose, while not always strongly encouraged, can sometimes make for some truly memorable moments!

2. Be Creative

Take multiple photos and give everyone a chance to be captured in a different way.

3. Let’s Get Together

Get in close! The more the merrier will surely apply when everyone is all smiles and heads remain uncropped. The closer you get the more details that are bound to be captured!

4. Simplicity 

Everyone has their own unique style. Various colors and patterns can clash with complicated backgrounds. Keeping it simple can avoid a real photo disaster!

5. Have Fun

The most important thing to do in any photography session is to make sure you and your group are at ease. Sour moods can make for some sour faces, so smile and crack a joke or two in order to ease some unwanted tension.

Make Sure You Smile!!!

For more group photography tips visit the links below:

8 Simple Tips For Great Group Photos

7 Tips For Photographing Groups 

How To Take Good Group Photos

Did You Know?

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booths can incorporate up to 10 to 15 people in each and every photograph! Using the latest technology we can provide you the proper lighting, backgrounds, and more.

Discover Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth today!


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Shutter Essentials: Quality Prints

Shutter Essentials Quality Prints

Shutter Essentials Offering Top Notch High-Quality Prints

One of the key points of the Shutterbooth photo booth experience is the high-quality prints. Customizable keepsakes from your events allow you and your guests to relive your most heartfelt moments over and over again. Shutter essentials quality prints are so much more than photographs, Albuquerque Shutterbooth photo booth offers a variety of options:

  • Print Types
  • Scrapbooks
  • Personalized Logos
  • Custom Templates
  • External Display
  • Premium Props
  • Save The Dates

And More!

Shutter Essentials Quality Prints

Print Types

Personalize your photos with selections of color! We offer prints in color, sepia, as well as traditional black and white. The fun does not stop there! We also provide some size options. If making up your mind presents a challenge, ask us about Dual Formating!

The Gift In Shutter Essentials

Whether it is to say “Thank You,” “Save The Date,” or “I Love You”the message cannot be conveyed more clearly than through the use of some of Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth’s Shutter Essentials. Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers photo strip frames, collages,  bookmarks, and more. We have a little bit of something for everyone and virtually any occasion!

Custom Templates

4×6’s,  5×7’s, as well as all the numbers in between are possible with Shutterbooth! Whether you desire logos, multiple logos, or simplicity the specifications are yours to make and ours to develop on film!

Experience Shutterbooth Essentials Quality Prints

Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers you a photo booth experience that is unlike any other.

Discover Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth Shutter Essentials today! 

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Standing Out: How To Shine At A Vending Event

Standing Out: How To Shine At A Vending Event

Getting others to notice you at a vending event can present a challenge. How do you make yourself stand out from the other booths? How do you compete with other vendors? There are several ways you can make yourself approachable.

1. Do Not Be Too Aggressive

Confidence is key in any business, but it can also be an Achille’s heel. Keep interactions polite, friendly, as well as exciting. Never press too hard on potential clients, give it a little too much and your efforts can leave you with an empty booth!

2. Promote The Event And Your Business Ahead Of Time

Social Media, flyers, and brochures are a great way to get both current, as well as prospective new clients, pumped up for the event. This is also an amazing way to give quality insight on what you have to offer. Albuquerque Shutterbooth photo booth is involved in a number of local activities. Follow us on facebook to see the memories we are making today!

Vending Event

3. Bring A Photo Booth

The camera may not be so commonplace anymore, but selfies are a growing trend. Candid photos have never looked so clear, and photo taking has not been more fun! Break the ice and draw people in with fun props and catchy hashtags that they can use on social media sites they can use when uploading their pictures. Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth is not your typical photo booth, we pride ourselves in photographed fun as well as quality pictures that you will love a lifetime!

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More Useful Tips 

Check out more useful tips you can use in your preparation for your next trade show or vending event!

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Self-Presentation: Social Media For Business

Social Media

Self-Presentation: Social Media For Business

You have started your own business, that is great, now how do you go about presenting it? Today, a majority of businesses find they thrive as a result of promoting them through social media. In order to create a successful business, you will need to know how to utilize social networks that will compliment your company and services.

Use these tips and watch your business grow! Social Media

1. Brand Your Business and Facebook Business Pages

Stand out with customized photos featuring your business logo!  Promote your brand with Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth’s customized logos where your business can be visualized! Our green screen can be a great marketing tool! Enhance your business through visual aids by applying your customized logo to your Facebook Cover as well as your pages.

2.  Choose Your Target Audience 

Who do you want to offer your business to? Who do you see making up your clientele? Most importantly who do you think will want what you have to offer? Knowing your target audience enables you to better plan your approach.

3.  Offer Unique Content, Products, or Experience

A dime a dozen, run of the mill kind of business is not going to stand out. Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth offers a photo experience unlike any other! We can provide top notch photography while incorporating the element of fun for some stunningly captured moments that will last a lifetime! Be your own success story by providing unique, quality services!

More Tips On Using Social Media To Build Business Sucess

Feeling motivated, maybe even inspired? Here are some more excellent tips to help get your business out there!

Social Media For Business

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