Say Thank You With ShutterBooth!

Say Thanks Using ShutterBooth

Say Thanks Using ShutterBooth

The first week of October marks Customer Appreciation week. This year, it falls on October 2 – 6. Say thanks using Shutterbooth! There’s no greater way to reinvigorate your staff’s commitment to customer service. Spoil them with Shutterbooth fun during Customer Service Week! Call us for more information at 505-652-8999. Reserve a Shutterbooth for 1 day or the entire week! Check out our prices and packages!

Why Should You Celebrate Customer Service Week?

While it’s a good time to provide excellent customer service, it’s also important to appreciate your staff. Reward their hard work and dedication by saying thank you. A little appreciation can do a lot for your customers and staff.

  1. Boosts morale, motivation, and teamwork
  2. Rewards frontline representatives for the work they do all year long
  3. Raises company-wide awareness of the importance of customer service
  4. Shows appreciation to other departments for their support
  5. Keeps staff committed to customer service

Most of all, it shows customers your commitment to serving them!

Give Your Best The Best

Give the best your best with a Shutterbooth for Customer Service Appreciation Week! Dates are going fast. Let your staff know you value their work, dedication, and commitment. Show them you care with a little fun-filled motivation. Don’t be “that boss!”