Hot Summer Photography Ideas

Summer Photo Bucket List

Hot Summer Photography Ideas

Summer is a great time for fantastic photo ops. As the season will soon draw to a close, there is no better time to get some pictures in for your Summer Photography Bucket List. So, get creative with some of these Hot Summer Photography Ideas!

Summer Hot Spots

Pool Parties:Â Cool off and make some memories with some lasting memories by the pool side.

Outdoor Concerts: Capture your friends, family, and yourself with some of your favorite music icons.

Beaches: Â There is no better time to get sand between your toes! Turtles, sand dollars, and sea shells make for some amazing photo props!

Sailing:Â Capture the ocean depths as you set sail. Take photos of the docks, and sea life. Â Don’t forget to catch the tide with some stunning shots of the vessel!

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Hot Summer Photography Ideas

 Photography Spectacular, Fun In The Sun Moments

Sunrise and Sunsets: Summer has some of the most breathtaking sunsets. The sky also tends to have some colors an artist can appreciate in these early morning and evening hours.Â

Summa Surfing:Â Fill up some film with local talent. The waves in motion make for some spectacular shots!

Dive In:Â Let loose with some summer action, and dive into a cool body of water. Be sure to make sure you are making safe jumps first! A swan dive from the high dive can make for a breathtaking shot!

Summa Things

Refreshments:Â Cocktails and summer drinks are not only a great way to cool off, but to bring some vibrant hues into your summer photography portfolio.Â

Ice Cream:Â The ‘must have’ treat for hot summer days, capture the bright colors of an ice cream cone or a sundae for some cool, summer fun!