Photography 101: Photo Terminology

Photography 101: Photo Terminology

Photography 101: Photo Terminology

Photography has been a part of our world since the 19th century. Sometimes we struggle to understand  Basic Photography concepts and Photography Terms. Brush up on your photo jargon with photography 101: Photo Terminology from ABQ ShutterBooth!

Some Of The Basics

Here are terms you are likely to see in camera manuals, photography magazines, and beginner tutorials.

Bracketing:Â Â Taking a series of images at different exposures.

Exposure:Â The amount of light reaching the camera’s digital sensor.Â

Aperture:Â The opening in the lens that light shines through when a taking a photo.

Autofocus: Â A system that lets the camera’s sensors detect the distance of a subject and adjust the focus.

Photography Jargon

Here are more advanced terms and some made up jargon photographers use.

Gobo:Â Something used to block, cover, or remove the unwanted stray light from falling on the subject of your photos.

Shutter Lag:Â The slight delay from the time you press the shutter button to the time it fires and opens.

Panning:Â Using a slow shutter speed and moving the camera in the same direction as a moving subject during exposure to create a blurred background.

Photog:Â Photographers

Golden Hour:Â Time of day also referred to as the “Magic Hour,” the hour right before sunset or right after sunrise.

Lighting and Portrait Photography Terms

Reflector:Â A device used to reflect light generally back toward the subject.

Soft Light:Â Diffused light such as that of an overcast sky or a studio softbox.

Hard Light:Â Harsh or undiffused light such as that of bright sunlight or a camera’s on-speed flash.

Edge Transfer:Â Where light turns into shadow

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