Sunny Day Photography Tips

Sunny Day Photography Tips

Sunny Day Photography Tips

Summer vacation is a great time to make memories, and the one thing no one wants is a picture perfect moment with a glare. Sunlight can also be the guilty party when it comes to shadowed heads, and closed or squinted eyes. Here are five Sunny Day Photography Tips that will make Shooting On Bright Sunny Days breeze!

1. Chill Out

Take the frown off your face and do away with dark shadows by chillin’ in a cool spot for your summer photo shoot. Be sure to let a little light in. Umbrellas make for a fun prop and can be a great way to beat the heat!

2. Reflect

Reflectors come in handy when you need to bring in a little illumination.  A white light or surface can also do the trick as they are excellent ways to help you achieve the perfect lighting.

3. Fill-A-Flish Flash

The is harshest when at its peak, with that same dazzling brilliance comes the darkest shadows. A Fill Flash can fix all that as it casts light on those shadowed areas. Not to mention, it adds a luster to the eyes.  So, it makes those baby blues, warm browns, memorizing greens, and bedazzling hazels sparkle!

4. Overexposure

Sunscreen protects your skin preventing blistering sunburns, two simple changes to your camera do the same for your pictures. Protect your shots from being overexposed by increasing the shutter speed or decreasing the aperture.

5. Nature

Finally, be sure to capture the natural beauty around you. While there is something magical about capturing smiles on film, there is nothing more breathtaking than open fields, flora, or rushing water.  There is also no better time to work on a photo bucket list!

Trouble Shooting Portraits In Bright Sunshine will be a thing of the past!