Slice of Time: Bullet Time Photography

Bullet Time Photography

Slice of Time: Bullet Time Photography

Transform time with an out of this world, mind blowing photography experience using Albuquerque ShutterBooth Photo Booth Camera Array Bullet Time PhotographyCapture your most precious moments with top-notch photography that takes your photo experience to the next level! 

Stop time, Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth allows you to live in the moment!  In addition, you can share, print, overlay, as well as watermark these time alerting memories. We provide 180º and 360º Camera Array options!

Create your own time defying moments with us today!

What Is Bullet Time Photography? 

Do you want to live it up? Do you want to feel like you are being featured in an epic motion picture film? Bullet Time, otherwise known as Camera Array enables photographers to take gravity-defying shots looking like something right out of The Matrix.

Camera Array photography takes more than one lens. In fact, it requires the use of several cameras taking a perfectly timed shot. The experience may probably sound like another motion picture, Mission Impossible, but it is not only possible these photos appear to stop time altogether. So you can also find yourself being captured from all angles adding to the magic of the effect!

How It Works

  • Setting Up of Multiple Cameras
  • Aligning the Cameras
  • Photo Shoot
  • PlayBack

 Learn more about  The Bullet Time Effect

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, because this Shutterbooth experience is out of this world!