Standing Out: How To Shine At A Vending Event

Standing Out: How To Shine At A Vending Event

Getting others to notice you at a vending event can present a challenge. How do you make yourself stand out from the other booths? How do you compete with other vendors? There are several ways you can make yourself approachable.

1. Do Not Be Too Aggressive

Confidence is key in any business, but it can also be an Achille’s heel. Keep interactions polite, friendly, as well as exciting. Never press too hard on potential clients, give it a little too much and your efforts can leave you with an empty booth!

2. Promote The Event And Your Business Ahead Of Time

Social Media, flyers, and brochures are a great way to get both current, as well as prospective new clients, pumped up for the event. This is also an amazing way to give quality insight on what you have to offer. Albuquerque Shutterbooth photo booth is involved in a number of local activities. Follow us on facebook to see the memories we are making today!

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3. Bring A Photo Booth

The camera may not be so commonplace anymore, but selfies are a growing trend. Candid photos have never looked so clear, and photo taking has not been more fun! Break the ice and draw people in with fun props and catchy hashtags that they can use on social media sites they can use when uploading their pictures. Albuquerque Shutterbooth Photo Booth is not your typical photo booth, we pride ourselves in photographed fun as well as quality pictures that you will love a lifetime!

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