Eggcellent Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs!

Eggcellent eggs

Eggcellent Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs!

There is one egg-citing way to get everyone ready for Easter. Decorating your eggs for this festive Spring time holiday does not have to be just the dipping of eggs into pickled smelling water. This life celebrating holiday is the perfect opportunity to get creative! Here are some egg-cellent ways to bring spring color to your eggs!

Easter Eggs

Disco Ball Eggs

Get your hands dirty with some sticky fun! Dab your egg in some glue, then take your egg for a dive in some glitter to give it some spectacular edge!

Nail Polish Marble

There is only one way to obtain perfect marble painted eggs.  Put some nail polish on them! Mix some of your favorite nail polish into water. From there it is all in the dipping, so get your pedicure after the coloring.


Give your Easter eggs some personality! Paint some spring themed silhouettes on your eggs by placing stickers on them before you dye them.

Easter Eggs

Assorted Metallic

If you want more lustrous eggs for Easter all you need is a little spray paint. A little chalk pen designs can give these metallic beauties a personal touch.

Temporary Tattoos 

Tired of scrubbing temporary tattoos off your children’s skin? Apply some of those fun as well as pretty temporary tattoos onto your eggs this Easter!

Washi Tape Cut or Geometric Eggs

Symmetry, geometric shapes can have your Easter Eggs looking sharp.  A little washi tape adhered to your eggs will give them a phenomenal look!

More traditional white vinegar and nail polish remover remove dye from your skin!

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