New Year Alternatives 2017: Goodbye Resolutions

New Year Alternatives 2017

New Year Alternatives 2017: Goodbye Resolutions

Why not embrace some new year alternatives in 2017? Let’s face it, waking up January 1st, you woke up the same person. Say goodbye to the practice of making resolutions alternatives to start this year as a better year with some fresh perspective.

1. Make A Commitment To Someone

While there is nothing wrong with self improvement, it is not uncommon for new year resolutions to be self-focused. Turning that focus outward and committing some real time as well as energy to someone else can make a real difference.

2. Highlight Your Strengths and Talents

Instead of focusing on your short comings along with areas you feel you can improve upon, why not take some time to nurture the areas where you show potential?

3.  Make New Year Intentions In Place of Resolutions

Goals and ambitions are great to have. However, when you do not obtain the desired outcome it can be  a real drag.  In place of pushing yourself to lose 10 or more pounds over the next year, you can have the intention of adopting a more healthy outlook on life. It is all about your approach.

4. Make A Gratitude List

Reflecting on the previous year we tend to look at what went wrong so we can try to improve upon it. Rather than doing this, consider taking a different approach. When you look back on 2016 look for the positive.

5.  Chose A Word To Focus On

Take a word that reflects the kind of person you want to be and apply it to your daily life. Make this word the center of your universe.

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