Get With The Program: Summer Wedding Themes

Get With The Program:Summer Wedding Themes

Albuquerque Shutterbooth loves weddings! The heat is on! For brides who aim to marry between the months of June through September nothing says ‘I do’ more loud and proud than a summertime theme.

Summer Trends

Summer has some sizzling hot trends that will make for some incredible themes.

  • Beachside Theme
  • Secret Garden/Greenery Theme
  • Circus Theme
  • Vintage
  • Color/Bold and Beautiful
Beachside Wedding Theme featuring sandy beaches and bright colors

Beachside Wedding Theme featuring sandy beaches and bright colors


Bring the fun side of summer into your wedding by bringing your guests to the beach. The application of sea shells, sea glass, sand, and brightly colored flowers can transform your big day into a day at the beach or an island getaway. Pina coladas or popsicles anyone?

Arbors, greenery, and flowers make for a picture perfect secret garden summer wedding theme!

Secret Garden/Greenery Theme

Honeysuckle, roses, carnations, to calla lilies are summertime blossoms that can liven things up a bit. Make your wedding day  a romantic venue with flowers to bring a secret garden or greenery them into full bloom!

Red tents, drums, and fun filled drama. Bring in the clowns and break out the popcorn!

Circus Theme

Send in the clowns!  Wanting fun, drama, and something extraordinary all in one?Bring the big top to your big day!

Vintage Wedding Theme

Vintage Wedding Theme


Timeless and romantic more your kind of summer loving? A little lace, frill, as well as gold embellishments can give your wedding the touch of a timeless classic summer romance!

Color/Bold and Beautiful 

Love neons? Enjoy bright and bold colors? Make them the showcase of your wedding day!


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